Sunday, March 3, 2019

Back to normal - almost..

Things are almost back to normal. Two computer things left that I can think of. My email contact list is gone so I have to remake my groups and contacts. Shoot - I must remember in future to make a copy of that file and have it save on the external hard disk That's a bit of a bummer, but it can be recreated. That means that I have NO autofill for e-mail addresses. As I send out notices, the autofill will be recreated, but right now - it's a pain to send out e-mails!

The second thing - I tried to download EQ8, but they are sticklers on the license so I have to get them to deactivate the version on the old hard disk so I can reactivate it on the new hard disk. I've sent a notice and they're very good - that'll happen tomorrow as they do not have support on the weekend.

Feels good to sit at the computer and have all the stuff in ONE spot and using one mouse, one screen, one keyboard. It all takes time, but thank god for the external hard disks. I'd be dead in the water without those.

Yesterday was a super productive day. I puttered in the studio for most of the day and just had a blast. I actually got stuff done that needed to get done. Now how did that happen? Focusing!!

I started off at the long arm and got a customer quilt done. Yeah!!!!

Customer quilt - DONE

The next one is loaded and I hope to work on it later today. Here I was thinking that I have a full day today with a quilt group event in one city and then a meeting in another and to drop off something in another. Only to realize this morning that the meeting was yesterday! Oh boy - messed up my dates in the calendar. That means that I'll be home in the early afternoon and then I can get some work done! Well more work!

I got the binding on the panel that I quilted up the other day. This is going to be donated to my local guild and they can do what they like with it. That makes SIX charity quilts that I've completed this year.

Charity quilt - DONE

Then it was onto some more stuff of mine that needed to be done. While none of these look like huge projects, they required fiddly techniques to finish some of them.

First up was this little pouch. It was done in a class a while ago but I didn't like the way the zipper was inserted. I was trying to be nice and follow the teacher's instructions, but once the pouch was completed, I just couldn't live with it. A while back I took the whole thing apart. I made the new zipper insert (not quite a 100% perfect) but much better than it was. The pouch demonstrates several sewing machine techniques. I should have shortened the zipper by another ¼" and it would have been perfect!! Live and learn!

Side one of the completed pouch

Side two of the completed ouch
I worked on a journal cover as well. So this wasn't fiddly to sew. The darn thing was cut, trimmed and even pinned in place. It required one seam to go around the perimeter of the cover. The fiddly part was the pressing. There was a second journal cover with the unfinished one. Both are now in the pile of finished things.

Two journal covers - DONE

Next up was this little needle case. I had made one a long time ago and I use it all the time to store my partially used needles. The cover for the second one was done but just needed the insert "pages" to be made. So I got off my butt, easily found the felt in the stash room (now that some stuff has been moved out) and made the insert for this second one and even made another insert for a third needlecase that I'm making.

Two needlecases - DONE

I also got two more blocks done for the Corn and Beans project.

Two blocks for the scrap quilt

I also finished the item that I was making for the magazine and I'm thrilled with it. It turned out exactly how I envisioned it. I love when that happens. I learned a couple of new things and now all that remains is to write the pattern.

Let's see - I'm counting all FOUR of those projects as finished items on my list of 100 items for the year. That makes 9 things for me that are finished and 6 charity quilts finished for a total of 15 so far. I'm good with that. I need about 8 or 9 a month in order to meet the challenge. So far - so good and there are LOTS more half-finished items that will help to make up the total.

I had to zip out to the dollar store to find one small thing to finish off the project for the magazine. It was a beautiful walk in the light snow. But I had to laugh as I was getting ready as DH asks "you're going to walk in the snow?"  Seriously?  He asked that question? What does he think I am? A sugar puff?

It was great to get out and take a walk. I can't wait until the weather is a wee bit better and no danger of slipping on the ice. While the sidewalks are for the most part very good in our area, you never know.

I try to spend my evenings reading and currently, I have two novels on the go in paperback, one on the audiobook and a non-fiction book. The novels are all quite different so easy to keep them separate.

I did it - I've been meaning to get to work on some videos for a while. I even have some videos that were taken a while back and sitting here waiting to be edited and posted. Yesterday I decided that it was time to get the ball rolling. I posted my first video and it's all about the basement studio and the mess that is there. If you haven't seen it, you must check it out. And subscribe to my YouTube channel while you're there so you won't miss future episodes of the leaky basement. The demolition crew from ServiceMaster Restore were very thoughtful when they rearranged the furniture/stuff in the basement so I could have access to it all. I couldn't have done it better myself.

The only thing - I did NOT show the contents of the stash room. OK - that's going to be video number two. You won't believe it and you'll see why I do NOT need to buy anything else for the rest of my life.

I was having a look at my calendar for the week. Hmm - I have some classes that I have to get ready for. I guess prepping for those classes will be next on the list. I also notice that on Wednesday, I made myself a note (it seemed like so long ago). HOUSE CLEAN UP - DO NOT RESCHEDULE.  Yep - I wrote it in bold letters. Guess what I'll be doing on Wednesday. Yes - it must be done - I might not last the entire day, but I'm going to do what I can. I keep talking about it and I do sort and tidy up in small bits - it's time for some major efforts here! Perhaps I'll take some video as hopefully that'll inspire you as well. Spring is coming - time to get ourselves in order.

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day!!!


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