Thursday, March 21, 2019

Where in the world is Maryann?

I started to write my post about book buying, but I don't have time this morning to give it the justice it deserves. So stay tuned for that.

I spent the last two days playing the role of the freelance educator for SVP Canada. One day was all about the Husqvarna Viking machines and the next was PFAFF. I taught the project on both days. I was a little nervous - not "oh my god - I can't sleep" nervous, but just trying to get all the proper names and functions in my mind so I would appear confidently knowledgeable in front of my potential customers. Remember machine bits are different than quilting!

I think I did pretty well all things considered. Yes, I know that I have a lot of experience to draw on. Certainly speaking in front of a group isn't a problem. So the worst two presentations are over - the first two! It's just like machine quilting - the more you do, the better you get.

But what it did bring forward is that there's a lot of behind the scenes work for me to do. More samples to be made - everyone loves looking at samples. So I need to make myself a list and when I go to the retreat next week, I'll be packing a couple of sewing machines in the car and loads of threads and fabric and I'll be sample making.

I also have inventory lists to make to see what products I'm missing and I've got loads of reading material to catch up on. Oh yes - I'm going to be so knowledgeable - until they change it! Fortunately, in this business, everything that comes out builds on what is already in existence so it's not so bad.

But it does become a challenge as you switch between different brands - while the functions are very similar, they have different names and different icons and different placement on the machines so it's hard to keep track. Even within the same family of machines, some buttons are in different places! ACK!!! That's what keeps one on their toes I suppose.

So the first day at the break, this lady comes over to my table. OH MY GOODNESS - it's Maryann.

Here's a picture of the two of us.

Me and Maryann

Maryann and I both started quilting about the same time and we found each other on an online chat group for quilters. It was called the CanadianQuiltSwappers. It was a Yahoo chat group that operated via e-mail. There was no Instagram or Facebook in those days.

Oh my gosh - we had so much fun in that group. We went to retreats, we did swaps (many of which I still have in the house and waiting to be done). We did group quilts for charity and well - we did a huge amount of fun stuff. I think you can see why I'm reluctant to participate in swap things today because I already did years of swapping and I still have loads that haven't been finished.

We had a wonderful group leader by the name of Judith. We had so many laughs and cries and well just a wonderful sharing of talents on that group. It did get moved to Facebook, but it was never the same.

While Maryann and I do not keep in direct contact with each other, we seem to run into each other in the weirdest of places. The last time we bumped into each other - it was at Missouri Star Quilting Company in Missouri! And this time, at a dealer meeting in Toronto. Go figure!!!!

Always nice to run into old friends and brings back a ton of memories!!!

Thank god I don't share my calendar with you all - you'd die if you saw what the next four weeks are going to bring. Let's just say that there's going to be loads of blogging material!

Speaking of books though, I seem to be missing my book for the class on Saturday. Not that huge of a deal, except that all my prepared notes are in that book! It's around here somewhere. The question is where?

That will be on the agenda for today as well as a few other things. I'm off to the Clarington Quilt Guild in Courtice tonight to speak on Scrap Quilts. If you're in that neighborhood - drop by and say hi.

On that note, I'm out of here to get the day started!!!

Have a great day and stay dry!


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