Saturday, August 17, 2019

Perfect timing

It was another great day! When you’re an optimist, every day is a great day! I was at The Sewing Machine Store bright and early and got all my stuff organized for the classes.

We had loads of fun making cards with the sewing machine. I know it sounds like a silly thing to make, but it was a great way to learn different aspects of the sewing machine. We used a lot of different stitches, we learned how to program sequences of stitches, how to mirror the stitches and inserting various commands and where best to use them. And a whole lot as we made three different cards.

Then we moved onto embroidery in the afternoon where we did a small embroidery for the pocket of a reading pillow which used different stitches in the assembly.

I took pictures of the cards and posted them on social media, but I completely forgot about taking pictures of the bags in the second class. DUH!

I cleaned up stuff and then I was off to the airport to pick up M. I finished my class at 4:45 and I think her plane landed at 4:46 or something like that. The store isn’t far from the airport so I drove right over and didn’t wait long until she had arrived at the front with her luggage.

Oh my - so nice to see your kid!!!  Big hugs! We had to make a couple of stops before we headed out. One of them was to put gas in the car. I pulled up to the Co-op gas station and got out, only to be greeted by the attendant who proceeded to put gas in the car and clean our windshield. Well, that’s nice service. But then we didn't realize that you have to go in to pay so we sat there for a few minutes before I got out and asked. Oh - so popped in to pay.

On the way to North Battleford, the skies were amazing. Lots of cloud formation that were constantly changing so M was in the passenger seat and taking pictures. Something I want to do every time I come but a tad hard to take pictures and drive at the same time. Thanks M!!

First time to have this many family members together in quite a few years and it was nice. Could I live that close to that much family all the time? I’m not sure!!!!

I have a feeling when I get home that I’m going to sleep for a week. What about my early bedtime?? Totally thrown out the window and I’m on a different time zone- I’m ready for bed at dinner time (they call it supper here). Oh well - I’ll manage.

I’m up early this morning and will be out of the house shortly as I have to be back in Saskatoon for the last day of events. We’re making some very cute projects today so I’ll try to remember to take pictures.

Have a super day!!!


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