Monday, July 27, 2020

Celebration Show and Tell

The beauty of doing the Zoom presentations is that I can usually get a picture from everyone, and they are edited for the class, so obviously, they are edited for posting after the class.

One of the quilts we're working on at The Hobby Horse is Celebration by Quilted Moments (Marilyn Foreman). It's a block of the month pattern, but I wasn't that thrilled with it. Let me rephrase that - I like the quilt, but the coloring on the cover is not my favorite.

Celebration pattern

Some courageous souls signed up for the class, and we were off. Well, no, we weren't. We got hit by a pandemic, and everything shut down. I decided to forge ahead with the class on Zoom. Now, this meant that a few people were stuck with NO fabric and had to use only their stash. The quilt is large - (80" square), so people have had to get creative with what they are using.

I have to say that everyone is doing a fantastic job. Not only did the class have to deal with the lack of fabric or not enough of a particular one, but the coloring of the pattern was a challenge to work with.

I did provide some guidance to help them along. Keep in mind, we've not had a face to face class. We started on Zoom, although that wasn't the plan when the students signed up!

This is the result of our show n tell on Saturday.

Let's start with Mary. She redrew the quilt on graph paper and colored it in with pencil crayons. That's awesome!! Hey - if you don't have EQ8 - this is the way to go, although I do know some that just winged it.

Mary's drawing of her Celebration quilt

Mary's version of Celebration

I just love everyone's spirit. This belongs to Marilyn, who informed us that this is so far out of her comfort zone, but it's what she had in her stash. She wasn't sure about the hot pink and orange. That combination is a big thing these days.

Marilyn's version of Celebration

 The next one is Judi's quilt. Keep in mind that we do not always see the colors as they truly appear. We did learn that over the course of the Zoom presentations. What I love about this version is how the center star just pops out at your, and so does that pink frame around it. Nicely done!

Judi's version of Celebration

This one belongs to Wendy. That star can be seen from everywhere. The color combinations are gorgeous. Notice how the dominant frame is different in each version. Some have the outer frame as the dominant one, and others have the second frame as the dominant one.

Wendy's version of Celebration
This quilt belongs to Grace, who is using batiks. A great combo of colors with the orangey/reds in the center, the yellows, and the brown. Love it!!!

Grace's version of Celebration

This one belongs to Kathi, who is also using batiks. All I can say about this one is HOT, HOT, HOT. Those colors are bright, and I LOVE it.

Kathi's version of Celebration
This one is Val's. HEY - what's with all those orange or red stars in the center? I love them all, and I love the color contrast with the turquoise and the reds/oranges. This is such an exciting exercise in color and value.

Val's version of Celebration

This quilt is Lynne's. It's a much softer version than some of the others that we've seen. Nothing wrong with soft - she loves the colors, and I have to say that it's looking awesome. The value contrast of that center star isn't as great as some of the others that we've seen, but those dark squares really help to lift the star off the background.

Lynne's version of Celebration

The next one belongs to Susan. WOW  - the effect of all those greens almost makes me think we're talking about a totally different quilt! That center star is truly the center of the quilt. LOVE the subtlety in this one.

Susan's version of Celebration

This quilt belongs to Cindy. She is going for a masculine look as it's for her husband. The colors are ideally suited to a man and are so different from the rest. Notice, like Susan's above, that the star is very light compared to the rest of the quilt. It still shines through and looks fantastic.

Cindy's version of Celebration

This version is Diane's. We discussed the star points during the class. It's tough to tell in a photo if the star points are a bit too dark. They seem to be too dark in the picture. The best news? They will be easy to change if she decides to do that. We haven't sewn anything together, so lots of time to make a decision. I love the fact that this quilt has a much darker feel to it than the others. We have such a fantastic range of colors and values.

Diane's version of Celebration
This quilt belongs to Catherine. WOW - looks at that contrast and look at that pink star. That's BOLD!! I believe she is also using batiks. It's amazing what you can find in your stash when you have no other choice! Can you imagine looking online to find a match to some of this stuff?

Catherine's version of Celebration
This quilt belongs to Nancy. This one is subtle, and yet it's not. I seem to be totally drawn to these watery colors lately. It looks gorgeous!!

Nancy's version of the quilt

The next one is Patti's. I should mention that we are working in a totally random fashion through the blocks. So in some pictures, you see blocks out into the corners. We had to make 12 of those. This is also looking great with that gold border surrounding the gold star. I love it!

Patti's version of Celebration

This is Linda's quilt. A completely different colorway in greys/white/black and red. She's also using a busy print, and that's going to add a lot of interest to the borders.

Linda's version of Celebration

WOW - can you believe it?  That's so much fun to see all those quilts and the different colorways.

This is my quilt with the next set of blocks done for the homework. I don't have a ton of contrast in my blocks - well, the round outside the center star. I'm OK with that. I really wanted to use that OLD Paula Nadelstern fabric. I've had it for years, and it's the focus fabric for this quilt. You can't tell in the picture, but the center block is VERY bright compared to the rest of the blocks. That center block is going to be remade. That's one of the little tasks I have ahead of me this coming week. And YES - I know that one of the star point blocks is turned around. I never even noticed that until Diane mentioned it during our Zoom call. Thankfully, it's not stitched in place!!!!

My version of Celebration


 We still have a couple of months to go before we're done this project. But the quilts are looking fantastic. It's hard to believe that we are working under less than ideal conditions, but the group is soldering along, and I'm happy with everything that they have created.

I happened to be browsing the latest issue of Keepsake Quilting catalog the other day and guess what I found??? 

Wait a minute!!!!!!!!  That quilt looks like Celebration, but it's not Celebration. It's the same designer - but she's remade the quilt - made the corners symmetrical (yeah) and added borders, so it's much larger. Oh my - she also has two versions - 6" blocks (our blocks are 10" finished).  Hmmm - I should get in touch with her. She also changed the center block. Hmm - maybe this is the time to completely change my center block since I do have to remake it. OH WAIT - the fabrics are already cut to make the new one.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Another super busy day - a bit more writing, and then I'll have the week "off." I can hardly wait.

Have a super day!!!!



  1. These are all fantastic versions of one pattern. It's a great quilt show ladies :-)