Tuesday, July 28, 2020

UFO Show n Tell

I thought I'd share the UFO show and tell with you today.

Last year, I started a UFO club. Each person paid a fee to join the club and then put some money in the kitty that they would get back once they finished their assignment for the month. Each person gets to choose how much or how little they do, depending on their schedule for that month. I think that at least half of the group members work full time - some at home and some at their actual place of work.  It's a small amount - $10 per month, but that's enough to get people fired up!

I don't think that it's just the money. I think many of us are sitting on a bunch of UFOs and well - we know that if we don't come home one night, who is going to clean up our studios? Many of those UFOs will get tossed as no one will be able to figure out what was supposed to happen - some parts might be missing or the pattern.

The purpose of the club is to get everyone on track. And that's what has happened. Everyone who signed up for the first year resigned up for year two, and we added a couple of people. We've been doing the show and tell on Zoom, so anyone can participate! Watch for the sign-up for next year. That'll be coming in the fall. I'll keep the groups small (in case we need another group), so we can get our show n tell covered in one hour.

Now we had not planned to work through the summer, and so there was no money in the kitty for July or August, but the group really wanted to have a deadline and to "meet." So I made that happen. Even with NO money on the table, the amount of work that got done was crazy. Let's have a look.

Katheleen is working on Snow Days - a pattern by Crabapple Hill. She now has Sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 together with all the embroideries done. There are something like 14 sections in the quilt - I didn't remember that there were that many. The blocks for the center are done as well, and that's her goal for the upcoming month - sew the center together and join a few more sections. Oh yes - there's no stopping these guys! They wanted to meet in August as well!

Katheleen's Snow Days UFO
Thankfully, there wasn't money on the table this month because I didn't get my homework completed. I did, however, start to sew the red and white log cabin blocks together. It shouldn't take that long to finish this off as I now have 16 larger blocks and that one row to sew together.  That's ONE of my goals for August. This quilt top, the binding, and the batting need to be organized.

My red and white log cabin quilt

I was very ambitious and wanted to have the Snail's Trails blocks completed as well. As you can see, that didn't happen. However, the good news is that all the components for the remaining blocks are cut out. I was lamenting that I still had TWELVE blocks to sew together. Then when we were sewing for Monday yesterday, I realized that I only have SIX blocks to sew together.

My Snail's Trails blocks

I'm happy to report that I got four of the remaining six blocks sewn yesterday, so that leaves TWO blocks left to sew. Then each block needs to be trimmed and then to sew the quilt top together. That's on my list to finish in August as well.

Those two items are the LAST two items on my 2017 UFO list. I will get that list done by the end of August, even if it kills me!!!

This is my yoga bag, and it needs the end seam allowances to be finished. That's on the goal for this month as well. This project is on my 2020 UFO list. 

The yoga bag is almost done

AND - I have one border to add to finish this project. That's also on the list of goals for this month. None of those jobs should take more than an hour or two. This quilt is also on the 2019 UFO list. I'm determined to get as many of those projects off the lists as I can. There are four still on the 2018 list, so those will become a priority for the remainder of the year.

The Easy Street quilt needs one last border sewn on

I also pulled a project from the 2020 UFO list that has to be sewn together. It's a quilt, and all the blocks are done. So that will be a bonus. And there's no money on the table so if I don't get it all done, that's OK. But I WANT it done.

Technically, Shelly didn't put anything on her list for this month. But that doesn't mean that she was slacking. Her son got married, and he wanted her to refurbish this wagon that I believe had been made by her son's grandfather. It's adorable and so yes - she finished something!

Shelly refurbished the wagon

Her goal for next month is to work on the embroidery on two blocks for Winter Wonderland. This is another Crabapple Hill pattern.
Block one for Shelly to finish

Block two for Shelly to start
Dede's goal was to get 124 half square triangles completed, and here they are!!  Dede will now be working on adding a border to the Patchwork Sampler quilt, and then these half-square triangles make the next border.

Dede's half-square triangles - DONE

Diane had these three peacock embroideries done and didn't know what to do with them. So over the last couple of months, she's been turning them into cushions for her sofa. The last one was completed this month! They look awesome!!!

Diane's three peacock cushions

Lynne wanted to get ONE of the 52 designs on her Dream Big panel stitched out. That was a bit dicey since she got the thread days before we met. But she did get the stitching done. This is tricky because the placement of the design is critical. I think she did a great job!!  She's going to be working on this project for August and wants to get at least 4 more designs stitched out.

Lynne's first design stitched out on the Dream Big panel

This is the layout of the Dream Big pattern

Diane P. is working on Stitcher's Garden. This is the FOURTH of these quilts that we've worked on in the UFO club. The other three are done, and this one is close.

She had three blocks to finish off, and all three got done.

The first block

The second block (which is actually two blocks)

The third block (which is actually 6 blocks)

Her goal for next month is to finish the last section of the quilt, which equals seven blocks. I know she can do it!!!!

I swear that Jane was looking for a gold star this month. Her goal was to get two borders on a quilt. That got done, and I believe the quilt is at her long arm quilter to be quilted.

Two borders added to this quilt

She wanted to get the binding on this quilt - one that she was working on throughout the UFO sessions. 

Jane's starry purple quilt
The binding is half on. She was experimenting with thread colors and stitches, and so it's not quite finished, but it's very close.

Working on the binding
She got the batting and backing together for another one of the quilts that she worked on during our UFO sessions, and that one is also with the long arm quilter to get quilted.

Off to the long arm quilter

She finished quilting this Christmas quilt and got the binding on it as well. See - what I mean about that gold star???? 

Jane's Christmas quilt is done

WAIT - there's more. She was also working on this quilt during our UFO sessions. It went to the long arm quilter, and now the binding is on, and this one is ready to gift!!!! I LOVE the picture - it's a perfect setting for that photo. Way to go - Jane!!! And YES - you get a gold star.

Jane's sailboat quilt

Linda was also on a roll this month. She's been quilting her own quilts and went gangbusters. This is a panel that she added a border to. Then quilted it and got the binding on. This one will go to the local guild's community projects.

Linda's child's quilt -- DONE

Another panel that's quilted and bound.

Another panel quilt - DONE

This was a top belonging to the community projects at the local guild. It's now quilted and bound.

Community projects quilt - DONE

BUT this is what her real homework was. To get this Christmas quilt done, and it's done!!!  I love it when we get on a roll and get one thing done and then keep going. That's called motivation. I LOVE IT!!!

Linda's Christmas quilt - DONE

Isn't that exciting to see the progress made on some quilts and see so many finished quilts? There are others in the club, but they didn't have anything on their plate for the month, or I didn't get the homework pictures. A few of them set a goal for the summer, so their work isn't really due until September!!!

It's all about moving forward, however slowly.

Great job to everyone, and so today, I'm scheduling ONE DAY where I can work on those UFO projects and get them done for this month. I want to move on to something else.

Have a super day!


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