Thursday, July 2, 2020


Yes - it was Canada Day yesterday, and it was a great day (well, any day is a great day) to be a Canadian. My only beef and it's a little one. Can the neighbors not coordinate the darn fireworks? One group would stop, and then someone else would start their display. It went on for over an hour! But if that is the worse of my concerns, then life is pretty darn good!  OH -- we more than made up for it as Murphy barked like mad at 6:50 AM this morning. Oopsy!!!!

I should mention one thing about that retreat laundry basket. I think there is only one more project to add to it. I've got a bit of work to do before that one gets added. I've also included stuff that I'm taking to give to someone, so hopefully, the basket will come home with less stuff than what it goes with. The supply box is ready to put in as well.

However, there are some tools (mostly rulers) that I want to take, and if I put them in the basket, I will continuously be digging them out. So I made a LIST of tools to pack just before I leave. Now, how easy was that? I just have to consult the list and put those items in the basket, and then I'm ready to go. I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to get that organized. But it doesn't matter - I've got it down to a science now, and that's all that counts!!!

We had a great start to our Big Canada Run. This is the team walk, and we need to walk at least 22 KM every day (as a team) to finish the race in the year-long time frame. I walked over 14 KM, and Shelly walked over 9 KM, so we're more than covered for day one, although I do know that Laura and Ronda walked as well. I think we're good for the first two days! As someone mentioned in the Facebook group, it was easy to run because the weather was beautiful - what about the winter? Well, I'm good in any weather! Go, team go!!!!

I made great progress with my magazine quilt. The binding is cut and ready to be made. The quilt is quilted and needs to be trimmed. My goal is to have it ready for a 5 PM pick-up today. I was chatting to a friend of mine who works for a Canadian courtier company, and he gave me some suggestions to save money on shipping. I'm going to try that today. If it works, I'll share the tips with you.

I also made great progress on the homework that is due tonight for our Summer Moon class. I should have no problem getting it all completed and the homework written up by 7 PM tonight. There are a TON of flying geese in this month's homework assignment. BUT with the laser guidance system on the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2, it's a snap to make the flying geese. No drawing lines - I just use the laser to stitch the seam, and these are the most accurate flying geese I've ever made.

The laser guidance system

We had a discussion the other day about whether you should leave your machine on or off if you need to pop out for a bit. I tend to turn my sewing machine on, and if I'm just going for lunch, I leave it on. If I'm going to be gone for several hours, then I turn it off. While I was standing at the long arm, I looked over to the other side of Studio B, which hadn't had the lights turned on yet. That Designer EPIC 2 sure has a BRIGHT light.

Bright LED lights on the Designer EPIC 2

I do love that sewing machine. It's a LOT of sewing machine but has so many bells and whistles that make sewing that much easier. It's not that you can't do most of the same stuff on a regular machine, but it's just easier.

OK - so let's look at the Celebration class homework. Honestly, looking at this pattern, I'm surprised that anyone signed up for the class. The coloring on the pattern is not the best. Even the alternate in solid colors is not very attractive.

Celebration pattern

However, we had some adventurous quilters sign up, and we've got some great colorways happening. Let's take a look.

These blocks belong to Catherine. Love those blue batiks and the little pop of purple. And high contrast, which I think is missing in the original.

Catherine's blocks
I should mention that so far, we've only worked on two blocks - the one for the center and the 12 that you'll see in some of the other pictures. They just got assigned another block this month.

Kathi is working with batiks as well. She's got some nice contrasts happening.

Kathi's blocks
These blocks belong to Linda, and this is how the center block and the 12 other blocks that we've worked on fit within the quilt. It's going to be interesting to see how the different colorways work. Some have darker fabric in different spots. That's the exciting part of these kinds of projects - we get to see so many options. The colors in this version are grey/black/white and red. Love it!!

Linda's blocks
These blocks belong to Lynne. That little pop of dark in the corners of those blocks is going to make this very interesting!! One thing I love about doing our homework show and tell this way is that we get to see the quilts as they progress instead of just seeing a block or two at the store.

Lynne's blocks
These next two blocks belong to Marilyn. It looks like she's using a mix of batiks, and maybe a regular fabric is thrown in as well. Here's the thing - MANY of the members are working with their stashes! There hasn't been a great opportunity to shop for fabric. These quilts are going to have a super story behind them when we're done!!!  This look is softer than the others, but it's going to be great.

Marilyn's block
Marilyn's center block

This set of blocks belongs to Grace. I love that WARM colorway. Can't wait to see the rest of the quilt!

Grace's blocks
These blocks belong to Wendy. It's interesting how so many people (myself included) went to the cool colors when the original is done in warm tones. Lots of high contrast and a beautiful color combination with the purple/blue/turquoise and pink!

Wendy's blocks

These blocks belong to Diane. We've got a very different colorway here - burgundy and green with some cream thrown in. Love those burgundy fabrics.

Diane's blocks
This last set of blocks belongs to Val. I love those outer blocks. In keeping with the picture of the quilt, her center block is light. The colors will tie it all together. I LOVE that color combination, though!

Val's blocks

This is what mine looks like. So you can see what the class has for homework this coming month. We're working from the center out. I'm still not convinced that I have the correct colors in that center block, but there are more greens to come in the quilt.

My quilt

We had others who shared their homework on the Zoom call, but I didn't get pictures of their blocks.

It's so exciting to watch the quilts come together like this. As I said, it's even harder as we don't have easy access to a quilt store if we need to match something up. I think some of the group members are running out of fabrics, and that's where creativity is going to kick in. I'll be using bits and pieces of stuff as I work through the next set of blocks.

Don't forget the Virtual Retreat, which takes place on July 18 and 19th. So far, I've been keeping booked events on my calendar. At the beginning of the month, I review the calendar, evaluate the current situation, and then start deleting. July is looking pretty empty at the moment. I can't say that I'm too upset. It's kind of fun to have all this time to sew and quilt and not feel the least bit guilty! And of course, that's a good thing since once this quilt gets in the mail today, there are a "few" others that have deadlines this month, and I'm working my way through the customer quilts as well.

Well, another busy day on the schedule so I'd better get started.

Have a super day!!!!


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