Wednesday, July 1, 2020

How much is too much?

Happy Canada Day!!!

Today is also the first day of our virtual walk across Canada in the opposite direction from my current walk. It's a team effort, so that'll make us go much faster. I did some calculations, and if I add up all the mileage that we've walked on Route 66, together, the four of us have walked over 5,200 KM in 6 months. Can you believe that??? The four of us will have no problem to walk 8,000 in 12 months.  The goal for today is to collectively (all the registrants) to walk enough KM to walk across the country. I don't think that'll be a problem. I'm all set!

I've noticed that virtual walks are popping up all over the place. Some of them are "runs," but seriously? If you're not a runner, you don't need to run them - walk them! I'm not a runner.

I had a wee bit of a panic attack this morning. Last week, I put off some of my meetings for my ongoing sewing clubs. We had one of the sessions last night. I'll share all the homework with you tomorrow. What fun that we still get to meet even if we don't meet in person. So that was good - one down. There's another Zoom presentation scheduled for tomorrow evening. Hmm - still a wee bit of work to get that one ready. The last presentation for June is on Friday, and that one is all set - I mean, the homework is done. That'll take care of all the June stuff.

BUT then I realized that both of the strictly online classes also are due on FRIDAY!! Oh boy - thankfully, some of the blocks are already cut. Let's just say that it's going to be a busy week!

I managed to get the magazine quilt top pretty much completed yesterday. I added two of the four border pieces this morning, and the other two will go on when I start "working" at 9 AM. Then to switch out the customer quilt on the long arm and get this quilted. I'll make the binding today, and there should be no problem to get it out the door by 5 PM tomorrow. Don't you just love that these deadlines are mine and not yours?

This one was totally NOT my fault. I now have two more quilts to make for the magazines, and both of them are pretty exciting. Something new to play with and new is always exciting. You'll have to wait for that.

Thanks to Ronda, I got a copy of the latest issue of Quiltmaker that has one of my quilts in it.

July/August issue of Quiltmaker

And here's my quilt. Oh - that picture doesn't show the quilt very well. Well - you have to buy the magazine to see the quilt.
My quilt

I took a few minutes to prep another project for the retreat laundry basket. The missing stabilizer for the yoga bag handles is now included in the project.

The yoga bag is ready to go
My chalk marker ran out of chalk, and so the refill is also in the supply box. Oh, yes - I'm super ready for this next retreat.

Here's the laundry basket, which is getting full. But there's a HUGE hole in the middle. I did add a couple of zippered pouches to the basket this morning. The pieces are all prepped and ready to sew together. There's just enough room for my backpack and the supply box. And it's barely overflowing!!!

The retreat laundry basket

I wanted to put the projects into those giant plastic bags that I have. It seemed like a good idea to put each project in a separate bag rather than have the bits and pieces all over as I've done before. That meant getting into the cupboard where the plastic bag supply is stored.

Of course, this cupboard was filled with stuff. BUT all the plastic bag supplies are in ONE spot. I ended up pulling all the plastic bags out of the cupboard. Hmmm - just a "few" bags in there. It was so bad that I could barely keep the door shut. I had to hold the stuff in place and then whack the door shut.

Upon searching through everything, I decided that I did NOT need 20 partial boxes of plastic bags. I don't know that there were 20, but there were a lot.

The plastic bag situation AFTER I cleaned it up

I removed this many boxes of plastic bags. Most of these are freezer bags, and the personal grocery shopper in our house was commenting that we needed to buy more freezer bags. OH NO - we do NOT!!!

Excess freezer bags

 Now - can you tell me why this happened? How the heck, or why did I end up with so many? No idea, but it must have seemed like a good idea at the time! I know we did a lot of exchanges and whatnot, but why I needed so many is beyond me.

I doubt that I'll ever have to buy another plastic bag in my life. Either for the kitchen or the sewing room. Should anyone need a few extra bags for a project, I'm sure I can help you. I also have a TON of those giant plastic bags as well. I don't get how my mind works.

Guess what else I found this morning? Oh yes - another gold thread. And I saw a big piece of it on the deck yesterday. I guess that thread will be around for a LONG, long time.

A gold thread

I think I mentioned that I had books to pick up at the library. The scheduled pick up was at the same time as my Zoom presentation. I pushed the presentation by 15 minutes, and the timing worked fine. I took the long way to the library to get in some extra steps since I was going to be missing my usual long walk after dinner.

It was a pretty slick setup. The librarian had some tables set up outside the library in a protected area in case it rained. The books were bagged with the pickup time on them. No need to check them out - that had already been done.

I grabbed my huge pile of books, said hello to Jennifer, and then I was off home. Let's just say that SIX books weigh a lot when you have to carry them home, but I was okay.

NEW reading material 

I'd better get busy as I'm currently reading, not one, BUT two physical books and one audiobook!! I know - how did that happen? I went from not reading anything to three books with six on deck? Oh well.

I did sneak out to the gazebo yesterday as well. Yes - I had a nap! And I read some as well.

Thankfully, it'll be a quiet day today - no wild celebrations to attend as if I was going to. But I'll be quilting and sewing as if it's a regular day. A super busy regular day!!!

Have a great day!!!!



  1. I love that you're filling your retreat laundry basket as things come to your mind! All organized, bagged and ready to roll. I may have to replace my bin with a basket ;-)

    Hope you have a terrific Wednesday!

    1. Thanks -- it actually feels good (in my brain) to do this exercise!!!