Thursday, July 9, 2020

Fireside Retreat - Day One

OK -- so I'm totally spoiled and totally loving it. But yes - we're back at Fireside Retreat. With the whole pandemic thing going on, we had to move some dates around, and well, this retreat and the last one ended up being very close to each other. Couldn't be helped and well - I don't care.

We're a much smaller group than usual, so we're all spaced out in the house, and loving the extra room.

I wasn't sure if I was going to get everything into the car. Not that I had a lot, but when you have a bike, a laundry basket of projects, a bag of food, clothes, a portable office (in my backpack), a projector in case we can arrange an outdoor movie night, and some stuff for the bike. OH - and my big sewing machine, which is hidden under the sweatshirt. God forbid that the bike would shift during the drive and kill the screen or scratch the machine. OH - I forgot - I brought a Keurig coffee maker as well. See - there is LOADS of room still.

Packed for retreat

I'm happy to report that it all fit into the car, and I'm sure I could have easily squeezed more stuff in if I wanted. The laundry basket thing is working out very well. However, I looked in it last night and had a small panic attack. There doesn't seem to be a lot of stuff in it, but the stuff that is in there will take a couple of days. There's no danger that I'm going to run out of stuff to do. It's all a mindset.

The laundry basket

So what did I get done? I finished off my tote bag made with Oh Canada fabric. I had brought this to the last retreat and wasn't able to finish it because I had no Decor-Bond for the handles. The handles got made, the insert to support the bottom got made, the button got sewn on, and the bag was assembled. Project Number One - DONE.

Tote bag made with Northcott Oh Canada fabric

I have to say that because all the projects are safely stored in their own containers, it makes it a whole lot easier to pull a new project. The supplies (thread and other stuff) are also stored in bags within the project bag, so when I pull something out, everything is there. So that's only taken me how many years to figure out?  It doesn't matter - I've got it down to a science now, and that's all that counts.

Then I got to "shop" in the laundry basket for the next project. Hmm - this next one has a due date, so I'd better get to work on that. It's my Trendtex challenge. It was supposed to be done sometime in May, but with Quilt Canada being canceled this year, that project got shelved. It was half completed. I had forgotten to bring my applique scissors (I'm not perfect), but I managed to borrow a pair from Claudette, and I was good to go.

I didn't bring the threads I need to finish this off, so that will have to wait until I'm home. But the bottom line, it's pretty much together. I LOVE it, and I'm considering NOT sending it in because I like it so much. I could always send it in and then buy it back. I might do that just because I really like it and the money would go to a good cause. I'll see how I feel once it's completely done. It has to arrive at its destination by July 22, so that might be a bit tight. But that's just for getting it into the judging. I don't think it's prize-worthy, but still, it would be nice to get it in. So that becomes a priority this coming week.

Back to the laundry basket to pull out the next project. I seem to have brought a LOT of zippered pouches with me. I had some leftover fabric bits when I was cutting out my backpack, so I decided to work on those. I had to quilt the outside of this one, but the lining was prepped with the Decor-Bond, and so that took all of a few minutes to do the quilting. I know - I shouldn't have cut the bottom quite so large as the bicycle is sitting a wee bit low. Doesn't matter - the zipper pouch is now done, and that's one more project off the list.

A zippered pouch made with Banyan Batik Ride On fabric

Zippered pouches ready for the last part of the assembly

Then I had some pre-quilted bits and some extra zippers. So I proceeded with these two small zippered pouches until they both look like this. Because the seams will be exposed on the inside, I want to finish them off with the serger. I could have brought one with me, but I didn't. No big deal - those can easily and quickly be finished off when I get back home. I know - I know - a lot to do when I get home. Worse case, I'll bring a serger to the next retreat and get them done then.

That was it for the day!  We were very laid back and sat outside for quite a bit in the afternoon, just relaxing and chatting. That's what retreats are all about. Just taking it easy - it's like a vacation after all and no sense killing oneself to get stuff done. Besides, if I work too fast - what if I finish all the projects in the laundry basket? HA - that would be the day!!!!

At one point, there wasn't anyone sewing. Can you believe that? That's because we do have other interests (chatting) than sewing.
The sewing space with no one sewing

Or we could be having a nap. I did have a nap outside in the deck chairs. Not as comfortable as my lounge chair at home, but hey - I didn't care. I was tired.

The relaxing side of the great room at Fireside Retreat

After dinner, I went for a walk. It wasn't as hot as I was anticipating, and most of the walk was in the shade. I call it a walk, most would call it a forced march. Four miles in one hour, and that included going up a large hill. But I'm OK with that. I should have stopped along the way to fix my sock as I could feel that something wasn't right, and of course, when I arrived at the house, I've got a hot spot on the underside of one toe. Well, a bit of a blister. I knew that was going o happen, but do I listen to my body? It appears not!!!!

I did stop to snap this photo on the walk. Dare I call it a Black Eyed Susan? Since my knowledge of flowers isn't great.

Black eyed Susan 

I had a great sleep, and I'm all set for today. It's relatively cool outside this morning, so I think a bike ride is in order. That way, my callused and blistered toe (it's not that bad - I'm just a drama queen) doesn't have to endure the pounding of my feet.

Have a super day!!!


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