Saturday, August 29, 2020

Aviatrix Medallion

I was chatting with someone yesterday whom I knew is a teacher, and of course, she is madly getting ready for the school season. I thought she taught elementary school, but NO - she teaches at the university level. Who knew? So I had to ask what she taught. Guess what?? Archealogolgy!! Oh my - I love it! I've always thought that it would be something fun to do. Digging through the dirt to find artifacts.

That's just what I'm doing in that pile of stuff at the bottom of the stairs. I'm making progress - slow but steady and making sure everything finds a home before it leaves that pile. I've done a pretty decent job so far.

What treasures did I find yesterday?

As I mentioned that I would, I moved the quilt tops that need backing, binding, or borders to that bicycle basket. Hmm - a wee bit overflowing. That's motivation enough to keep at this. I believe that all the IKEA bags from that pile are now gone. I've got a LOT of IKEA bags.

The basket of quilt tops that need borders, bindings, and backings

Seriously??? That's crazy since most of those quilt tops just need bindings and backings. Only a few require borders. Dare I say out loud how many tops are in that basket. OK - I'll whisper it. There are thirty quilt tops in there. 

Oh boy. I have two of those big tubs that were given to me. They are now in the "to be quilted" area, so I have a place to these quilt tops when they are ready to be quilted. 

I also "found" these. I had some fabric that looked like patchwork, so I thought it would be great to make doll quilts. Oh, just shoot me now! What was I going to do with all these doll quilts? Seriously??? What was I thinking??? 

Doll quilts

Another style of a doll quilt

The backings are there for all of them. I didn't count how many were there. Let me do that.

Here's the third style

Actually, I really like those prints. BUT let's get real - do I need them? There are a total of 7 little quilts—at least two of each fabric. I also found this hunk of material in with the mini-quilts. Why?? No idea.

A hunk of fabric

Unless someone has a useful purpose for them - these will make excellent pet mats, and I can easily do stitch in the ditch quilting, get them bound, and out the door. A perfect way to use up some small batting scraps. One more thing to add to the current project baskets.

I found two bindings. They are not labeled, and I've no idea which quilt they are for. They have been homeless for quite some time, and I've been through those tubs of quilt tops many times and still never found a home for them. I'll keep them with the binding scraps and hope that one day, when I pull a quilt to out that the fabrics will trigger something in my brain.

Two bindings for what quilts?

I decided there is nothing like the present to start on that basket of quilt tops. I pulled this little one off the top. It's a small Trip Around the World quilt. And LOOK - the binding fabric is with it. It's even labeled if it got separated from the quilt. So all I have to do is make the binding and find something for the backing. How hard can that be??

Trip Around the World quilt

And this is what remains of the stuff at the bottom of the stairs. I found more pieces of fabric with no patterns, no notes, so it got shelved in the stash room. But I think I'm getting down to just UFOs now.

The archeological dig at the bottom of the stairs

I've made excellent progress. I almost forgot why I'm doing this. Oh yes - it's to clear some space to set up tables to do some journaling!

I'll have just enough tubs. I know there are still some bags of stuff upstairs, and once this is cleared up, I might bring one or two down to deal with. I'm a good packer, and if it's just finding a home for a UFO - I'm sure I can do that. Actually, I should empty out one of the closets in Studio B first. Once I rearrange that stuff, I know I'll have loads of room. Perhaps I'll do that. I'm getting so close now!!!

Yesterday was our class for Aviatrix Medallion. It's so easy to share the photos with you since I had to prep them for the class last night.

What I love is that so many members of the group are up to date. Here's what the pattern looks like in case you're not familiar with it.

Aviatrix Medallion quilt

The first one is Corrie's. She's a couple of borders behind, but that's OK. She's determined to get caught up, and I love the rich jewel tones.

Corrie's quilt

This one is Gisele's. I love the way she's mixed and matched her three color families in the blocks. And that yellow sashing - just sets everything off without being in your face.

Gisele's quilt

This one belongs to Cathy. I LOVE what she did in the latest border. She made a pattern with the various colors, and it makes your eye move around the quilt—a very creative idea.

Cathy's quilt

This is Maria's quilt. She is pretty much following the pattern with colors and placement of the colors. She was one of the brave ones who went for that intricate center block. The rest of us choose something much more manageable.

Maria's quilt

Next up is Rita's. A very MODERN version of the same quilt. I almost wouldn't believe that her quilt is from the same pattern. It's nice to break out of the box and try new things, and Rita is up for the challenge each and every month.

Rita's quilt
Dana is almost up to date as well, although this is the only picture I have for her. I'll have to get her to send me the latest version of her quilt. We did get to see it on Zoom last night, so that was good.

The blocks for Dana's quilt

We didn't see Deb last night, but I don't want to forget her. This is what she had gotten accomplished so far. I'll be getting in touch to make sure things are OK.

Deb's quilt

We actually have one other person in the class, and I've never seen anything from her. Some people are coping better with jobs, kids, family, COVID. I'll be checking on her as well.

I'm in trouble this morning. I have two more presentations this morning, and I thought - I have a couple of hours to get them together. NO - I realized not that long ago - that I only have ONE hour to do that prep. Ooops - well, it shouldn't take that long to make that happen. It's just a matter of finding all the pictures!! Once I cull them from the e-mails, it's a snap to put them in the PowerPoint presentation.

Then it's going to be a busy afternoon to try and get more stuff accomplished. I have set the classes and the dates for the fall that I'll be teaching via Zoom. I just need to do the write-ups and get it posted, so stay tuned for that.

On that note, I'm out of here!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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