Monday, August 31, 2020

UFO Club

I want to thank everyone who has stopped by to pick up stuff that I no longer need or want. I had a quick visit with France yesterday as she stopped by to pick up some stuff. There'll be more, in bits and pieces as I unearth the unwanted things. And knowing that I can make quilts tops for Quilts of Valour or Project Linus from the fabrics that I don't need or want is so freeing. The more that goes in those piles, the more I want to get rid of - OK - within reason! HUGE thanks to Diane, who is my quilt top piecing machine. I'm prepping FIVE more kits for her to pick up later today. That's good news. The bad news? There's still lots more where that came from.

It's all about using up, finding a new home, or getting it done! Today it's all about the UFO club. We had our monthly meet-up via Zoom, which is great since one of the ladies is at her cottage every weekend, and she still gets to participate. I think more and more people are getting used to this format!

And I get to sew longer to get my projects finished since we don't need to travel, no worries about the weather. It's a great thing!

Today we have Monday sewing and no need to pack up the sewing machine!

Let's get started on the show and tell because there's a lot. Even though it was summer and no money on the table, everyone was busy.

Dede got the two outer borders on this quilt. It was one of our $10 quilts from years ago. I think it was called The Patchwork Sampler. I love that black and white combination! Thankfully the recipient still is into black and white. One border left to go!

Dede's homework for August

Her homework for next month is to remove some quilting from the outer border of this next quilt and redo it. Don't you love how motivated we all are? That's a lot of work, but hey - if you're going to do something, you might as well be happy with the end result.

Dede's quilt for next month

Jane -- oh, Jane. She's like me - loads of little things to do each month. BUT instead of working on what she was supposed to, she made some placemats.

Jane's placemats

She made masks.

Jane's masks
And she worked out the calculations for a new quilt. This was actually part of her homework for the current month. Oh -- this is why I love EQ8 so much. I never have to worry about these kinds of calculations. But we all have our methods, and this works for Jane.

Quilt calculations

She even got started on some half-square triangles for the quilt.

Half-square triangles for her new quilt
Getting the binding on this quilt WAS on her list for this month.

Jane's quilt with the binding firmly attached
And it's firmly attached by machine. I love how more and more people are going that route!  It really depends on the eventual home for the quilt. A family heirloom? I'd hand-stitch the binding. But a giveaway quilt? By machine!!!

The binding is stitched in place by sewing machine

And she finished this quilt. I think the binding just needed to be put on. Now that's a lot to get done in one month. Go, Jane, GO!!!!

Another finished quilt

Linda got some blocks for the Vintage Christmas quilt done. She was a wee bit behind and is almost caught up now. The person who is behind is ME. I haven't got the homework for Friday out yet. That's a job for today or tomorrow.

Linda's Vintage Christmas blocks
Her project for next month is this quilt. It's gorgeous and definitely a Scandinavian feel for Christmas.

Scandi Christmas

I also got a lot accomplished. I'm only showing you the UFOs that were on my list. I won't bore you with all the other stuff that got done.

First up was my red/white log cabin quilt. The quilt top is together in one piece. No borders.

Red/white log cabin

The binding and backing are also made. Yeah!!!!

The binding, the backing, and the quilt top

Then I managed to get the final border on Easy Street - the mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter.

The final border on Easy Street

The binding, backing, and quilt top for Easy Street

And then there is the disappearing nine-patch. It's ALMOST together. All that's left to sew is ONE seam through the center of the quilt (the diagonal center that is) and add the four corner triangles.

The disappearing nine-patch

I'm going to add a border of some kind. I have some fat quarters, so I'll need to figure something out. But it's on my list for next month to have the top completely done.

Then there's the binding on the inside of the yoga bag. That was to be done this month - it didn't happen. I carried it over for next month.

The yoga bag that needs to be finished inside

There's also the snail's trail blocks. The blocks are all made, but it was supposed to be a quilt top by now. That's on the list for next month as well.

Snail's trail blocks

And I had to bring in a new UFO. This is PRISM squared. My goal is to get all the wedges cut for next month. The fabric strips are sewn together - the wedges just need to be cut.

My PRISM squared

Four projects - how hard can it be to get one done each week until our next UFO meeting?

Sharon got several projects completed as well. The border is on her shop hop quilt, and it's off to the quilter. I LOVE that pop of green with grey, white, and black. It's gorgeous.

Sharon's shop hop quilt

And she got some placemats finished. It honestly doesn't matter the size of the UFO - it's all about finishing.

Sharon's placemats

She'll be back working on her 2000 Piecemaker Calendar for next month. She's so close to getting that quilt done!!! I can't wait to see it done!

Last year, Ronda bought an embroidery machine and seems to be embroidering everything!! This is what she was working on this month. Onesies! The embroidery file is a new one from Kimberbell. But how cute is this, and how simple and fast to make compared to making a quilt for a new baby????

Onsie embroidered by Ronda

Lynne is also doing some machine embroidery. She got more sections of her Dream Big panel done. So hard to see in the photo, but I'm sure that it looks gorgeous. This is a fun panel to quilt or embroider. She'll be working on that this coming month as well.

Lynne's Dream Big panel

I think Laura abandoned her PRISM squared quilt for the summer. Instead, she got this quilt made. It's from flannel, and I LOVE IT!!!!

Laura's quilt

I think it's called Over and Under by Bonnie Sullivan.

Elaine is diligently working on her Stitcher's Garden. Two borders of five are now on the quilt.

Two borders on Elaine S quilt

Here are the other three borders being auditioned. We gave them the green light, and that's her goal for the coming month - get those last three borders on.

Auditioning the last three borders

Shelly is into hand embroidery these days. Her goal was to finish the stitching on this block.

Shelly's hand embroidery

She's started another block and going to try and finish TWO blocks for next month.

Diane is also working on Stitcher's Garden. She got the last set of blocks done!!!

Diane's blocks for Stitcher's Garden

More blocks

The final set of blocks

Some of those blocks are machine embroidery, and some are appliqued. It sure feels nice to get those blocks done! I know - I was in that position earlier this year.

One of the things that I love about our Zoom UFO group is that we get to ask questions like Elaine's border or, in Diane's case - how to finish off this cording.

Cording that needs to be finished off

Katheleen is also stitching up a storm with hand embroidery. This is Snow Days, and she got all her homework done and MORE. The quilt is stunning.

Katheleen's Snow Days

We have others in the group, and some of them took the summer off, but they have homework for September. Susan is going to be working on a Halloween quilt, Liz will be back with her Amy Bradley garden quilt, Diane was doing some repairs, and hopefully, Laura will be getting that PRISM squared done!

It's all fun, and the best part - we are getting those UFOs done. Some are just working on current projects to get some motivation. It doesn't matter - the point of the club is to get things DONE!!!

And it's going to be another busy day. Longarm quilting, making two magazine quilts, and well - that's probably all that I'm going to work on today. And those darn books - I'm reading a book and listening to an audiobook, and both are good! I hope to finish both today!

Hey - it's fun to sew all day, but you gotta take some time to just relax!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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