Monday, August 3, 2020

Let's go to a quilt show

Yikes - it would appear that I may need to change those running (walking) shoes more often than I am. Thanks to Barbara for this link.

Hmmm - replacing anywhere from 150 miles (I think that's a bit too soon) to 1,000 miles. OH - I walked over 1,500 miles in mine. I hadn't experienced any problem other than the heels were breaking down. Anyway - I've moved onto the new pair, but it sounds like I should buy those extra pairs and rotate them. But if they are the same shoe - how will I know which is which? I'm sure I'll figure it out.

I got a question - how did I make the 60-degree triangles out of the paper of the Yellow Pages? Here are some pictures so you can see how I used them.

The front and the back of a string pieced 60-degree triangle

I sew fabric strips to the paper. They are slightly longer than the paper. Once the paper is covered, I flip the block over and trim along the edges of the triangle. Once I get my 31 extra blocks completed, then I get to sew them together. And then the fun job of ripping out all that paper begins!

The front and back of one block

Hopefully, that answers your question, Lynda!

I finished the custom quilting on my quilt. Yeah! It's off the long arm, trimmed and the binding is half sewn on. That's a job for first thing this morning, then to make the sleeve and get that sewn on as well. It should be done by noon. And even though it's a holiday here, we still have Monday sewing. Those that come are so excited about the Zoom sewing that no one wants to miss a single Monday. Personally, I love the format, and if we ever get to go back in person, well - that might take some serious discussions.

Thankfully, this week starts with a much smaller "to do" list than last week, and there's NOTHING huge on it. I've been doing a pretty good job of scheduling things, but there's no room for SNAFUs, which is what happened last week, and that set me back a couple of days.

I'm going to load this video for you to appreciate the wind in the backyard yesterday. I was sitting in the gazebo, reading my book, surrounded by three pups who were not thrilled with the wind. Remember that wind chime is in the gazebo which is fairly sheltered.

We had a fun walk in the rain in the morning. It had been pouring rain, and I certainly wasn't going out at that point. Even Murphy didn't want to go out in the backyard. We managed to get the two walks in with minimal rain. I got to wear my new rain boots, and I love them. Then shortly after we arrived back at the house, it started to pour again. I timed it perfectly.

I went for another walk later in the day, but no need to go for as long a walk as I had been doing. With the two walks in the morning, I almost get my 10,000 steps in just with that. So anything else is gravy. Although I do aim for 17,000 steps a day.

So do you want to go to a quilt show? Have a look at this show. There are some amazing quilts. It's going to take you quite a while to flip through them all. It's the Festival of Quilts - the big show that takes place in Birmingham, England. They put the show online, and it's a fantastic show. I see a couple of Canadians amongst the entrees. And it appears that Kathy K. Wylie won Best of Show. Way to go, Kathy.

Don't worry about me and my crazy schedule. I most certainly take time for myself. As mentioned, I walk for several hours each day, and I finished another novel yesterday. And over 1/4 of the way through the next one. Which is interesting because it's about a virus that has basically shut down the world. I don't mean like what we have today. 99% of the world's population died from that virus! They have no electricity, no running water, no gas, etc. And many of the small "cities" are governed by a cult leader. There is NO central government.

It's interesting to note that when one guy went to the grocery store to stock up on the advice of a doctor friend of his, that he bought a LOT of toilet paper!  Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, was written in 2014.

And I'm working my way through the next audiobook, which is about Melanie Trump. An interesting read.

Oh, and here are the two blocks for the Vintage Christmas sew along that I completed yesterday.

Vintage Christmas block one for last week

Vintage Christmas block two for last week

Both adorable blocks. I'm now up to date with all the ongoing projects as far as getting the homework out. But it starts all over again with Christmas Fig due this coming Friday. My blocks are already cut out and hope to be sewn today!!

I've got to run!!

Have a super day!!!!


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