Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Time marches on

Have you noticed a difference when you wake up in the morning? Oh yes - it's not nearly as light as it used to be. Well, if you get up as early as I do, that is. But for the night owls, you'll notice the same thing in the evening. I was reading outside last night, and it got too dark to read before I was tired. NOOOOOOO 

And what's with the temperature? It's positively chilly this morning, and just two days ago, we were in a heatwave! It's weird. I'm not complaining in the least. I had to shut the window in the office this morning, and yes - I have my sweatshirt on.

Despite my good intentions, I didn't get a stitch of sewing done yesterday. As a matter of fact, the sewing machine is still sitting on the floor.

I did get some tidying done, though, and that's all good. There has been stuff strewn on the surfaces in Studio U, and now that place is nice and tidy once again, and I'm working on Studio B. Although I was also getting my "film studio" set up, so there's no way that place is going to be neat and tidy for quite some time!

The cameras are set up - that's easy. I'm in the process of connecting them all to seamlessly (or so I hope) to switch from one to the other. That's a job for today. I have my first "official" presentation this evening. It's going to be exciting. Other than the camera switch, I'm ready! And I can switch the cameras manually if I have to - no big deal.

I also sat at the computer for most of the morning and worked on e-mails. ICK! But that has to be done. I'm making significant progress with the paperwork stuff, and I even pulled out some older stuff to sort through. I just have to keep at it, and it'll all go away - someday.

I have a new toy to play with. Did you know that Singer makes irons? Well, yes, they do. There are two different ones. This is the SteamLogic Plus.

The NEW Singer SteamLogic Plus

It's pretty impressive. OH -- while I didn't get any sewing done, I did finish some applique prep, and I needed an iron. This was sitting on the ironing board, and so I unpacked it.  Oh - there are lots of great features on it.

Great features on the iron

Look at these great features - a LOT of watts and a lot of steam vents.

Lots of steam vents

And look at that TWELVE-foot cord. That's exciting.

Twelve-foot cord

So I plugged it in and turned it on. I love the running lights for different temperatures.

Running lights for the new iron

I was waiting for the iron to heat up when I heard a PING. WAIT a minute. I just plugged the darn thing in - it CANNOT be hot already. But it was. I didn't check the time exactly, but it didn't take long to get it to the hottest setting. WOW. Then it was the real test. I was ironing a freezer paper template to some fabric. With my other iron, I had to have it at the absolute hottest setting, which took forever, and even then, it took several passes to get the template to stick.

Nope - the FIRST pass and the template was stuck in place. And the template had been used numerous times previously. WOW!!!  OK - I think I'm going to like this iron. I was very impressed. It has a slider for the level of steam that you want. And the color is pretty awesome as well.

Yeah, SINGER!!!! Thanks for the great product, and I do love the NEW Ironing board as well.

Well, it was my appointment to pick up books from the library. I also had to stop at the grocery store and pick up a quilt from Diane. I could have walked, but there were 13 books at the library. I wasn't carrying all those home. I could have taken the car, but seriously - where's the fun in that?

Nope - I got my townie bike out. I attached the orange saddle bag to the rack on the back, and I was off. I did make two trips - I stopped at Diane's' on the way to the library and then got to the library to get the books. I was excited when I arrived as a family was picking up their books on their bikes. YES - we need to get out on our bikes more!!!

Unpacking the bike 

I brought that stuff in the house and then headed off to the grocery store. I took my orange saddlebag into the store and put my groceries in the bag, and then headed home. I didn't time myself, but it really took no time at all to do those errands. Because I didn't need to find a parking space, I swear that it didn't take much longer than if I drove. And way less stressful. Yeah, for the bike!!!

I see that we're going to be getting more bike lanes in our city as well and that's excellent news. But we really need to be teaching kids, especially teenagers, to ride ON THE ROAD. The more bikes on the road, the more drivers will be aware of them. We have to start!!!!

I love the new temporary bike lanes, and I use them almost every day - mostly for walking. But I must take a picture of the sign they posted on these new lanes last week. It's hilarious! Well, it's not hilarious - it's so sad that they had to post. Wait for that tomorrow.

There's my library haul!!

My haul of library books

Yikes -- I'd better be cautious with the due dates of these books! The big question will be what order to read them in. I've got a plan. I'm going to pick the most current ones first, as I think they'll be in higher demand than the older books.

On that note, I'm out of here to play with some video equipment and to get myself organized and well - if I'm lucky, I'll actually get some sewing done. I doubt it, though.

Have a great day!!!



  1. That iron sounds great! Just wondering where you bought it as I'm in need of a new one. Thanks! Marianne

    1. The iron is available at any Husqvarna Viking or PFAFF dealer.

  2. Replies
    1. The iron is available at any PFAFF or Husqvarna Viking dealer.