Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Scraps and more scraps

We had an excellent Zoom sewing session yesterday. We got to see two people that we hadn't seen in quite a while, so that was good to catch up with them. I was ripping something out, and now it's ripped out completely. That was a bit of a nasty job, but it's done.

I did spend some time puttering to try and get a handle on the stuff in Studio B. I got everything from the retreat put away, except those baskets of work that need to be done. They are still sitting in the middle of the floor.

Rita sent me a picture of her Lilla quilt that we worked on last year. This was the class at Oh Look Fabric. I LOVE the colors! Rita made it totally random with her fabrics, and she used up her scraps to make some of the blocks, so I don't think she has anything left over. That was a brilliant idea as there were a lot of small scraps because of the curved seams and the way the quilt was constructed.

Rita's version of Lilla 

What I love is that she persevered even after the class finished getting her quilt top done!

Well, I could NOT find the project box for one of the quilts that I'm working on. I knew it was in the studio, but where? I checked several times. Nothing. Then I actually opened my eyes when I searched and look at what I found.
Do you see what I see?

Yep - if I fold back those blocks, guess what's hiding beneath them.

The project box

Phew -- so now I'm going to finish off that homework and get it out today and start working on the next blocks for the next project. It keeps me hopping to stay ahead with the five projects. It's not hard, I just can't let my guard down!

Then I decided it was time to get some pet mats done. I'll be meeting with the person I give them to on Friday, and well, I'd like to get more out of my house.

I managed to get 10 more mats made. Some of them just needed to be sewn shut. But they are now packed and ready to leave the house.

Pet mats ready to go

The best part of that? I was able to empty quite a few bags of scraps. I did find quite a bit of batting scraps, and those went into another bag as I have someone who'll take the smallish sizes cut off from quilts. That bag is almost full.

I still have seven bags, so I don't need to rush out and make more at the moment, but I'll have to make more for the next pet mat making session. 

Bags for pet mats

The bags of scraps that I used up yesterday, were sitting on the window seat in Studio U. Now, look at the window seat.

A few more scraps on the window seat

There is one big box of scraps that people gave to me. The tub is mostly larger pieces of fabric and will likely all go to community projects. The other small bags and basket are my own stuff, and there are all kinds of things in there that I need to sort through.

I'm not entirely out of the woods yet with scraps. There are still there four IKEA bags to deal with. But huge progress is being made. Compared to what I started with, this is nothing!

The last of the donated scraps

I've no idea what's in any of them. On top is more of the upholstery samples that I make the bags from. Depending on what's in the bags, I might be able to deal with one per session. That means I'm about 6 sessions away from being done with these darn scraps. And that exercise is NEVER to be repeated. Oh, the things we learn - the hard way!!!

I did pull some fabric from the bags I emptied yesterday. It's incredible what I received in the bags. Bit of baby clothes still with snaps and zippers that had been cut up for a memory quilt. Those went in the garbage. People obviously didn't appreciate what I was doing with the scraps and did not respect what I asked for. Which is why I would NEVER do this again.

But this is what I pulled. There were lots of other smaller pieces, but I let them go. These strips are all sorted and in the appropriate bag of strings waiting for the next round of sewing on the string quilts.

Strings from the scrap bags

I emptied my loot bag from the birthday party. Oh - a unicorn cookie. That'll make a tasty snack this morning.

Unicorn cookie

 And here's a great pack of buttons. Those would have been perfect for that Summer Quilt for my Mom. Oh well, they'll be suitable for another project.

A package of flower buttons

I got one more thing that I ordered, which was the Kimberbell mystery quilt. I got the embroidery version and the embellishment kit.

The pattern for Love Notes

The embellishment kit

The mystery takes place over August, so I'm one week behind as it started last week. I did not buy the fabric kit, so I'll have to pull some fabric for that. I really don't have the coloring that they show in the pattern, so I'll get creative and come up with something else. That's a job for later today. OH -- I could do black and white and a touch of red????

I forgot to post all the links last week for my QUILTsocial blogs. So here they are.

Monday - Features of the Husqvarna Viking DESIGNER Brilliance 80 sewing and embroidery machine

Tuesday - Tips for working with terry cloth and monograms

Wednesday - Word Sculpt

Thursday - Yarn Couching and the Majestic hoop

Friday - Personalizing Christmas stockings with embroidery

There are loads of tips throughout the posts, and I created a Christmas Wish List as well, so check the posts out as I'm sure there's something among those tips and items that you'll want to add to your Christmas list or that you'll want to do. I love the Word Sculpt project.

If you've ever wondered about copyright, here's a video I found yesterday that is very good at explaining what you can and can't do with a pattern that you buy. I bet you didn't know some of this stuff.

Well, there's loads of stuff to get done today. A wee bit of paperwork, but thankfully there's not much. I do have a Zoom presentation tomorrow evening, and I have to get my film studio set up today. And make sure that I have all the samples, etc. in place. I don't think that'll take too long to do and then I can do whatever I want! Except that I have to pick up my library books at 5:12. All 13 of them.

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day!!!!


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