Thursday, August 27, 2020

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!

How many people want to celebrate their birthdays? I do!! It's not a big birthday this year, but I'm just glad that I'm around one more year and I expect to celebrate many more birthdays. My grandfather lived to 100, and we seem to have great longevity in our family genes. That's my plan as well. So, no - you don't need to know how old I am. You just need to know that I'm still enjoying each and every day, and I can't wait to have some fun today.

Even my Fitbit knows it's my Birthday.

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Ronda tweaked my avatar, and I see she has red hair. Hmmm - my hair is NOT that color.

It's a total lie that I get to have fun all day. I have paperwork that HAS to be done this morning. I literally had no time the last couple of days to do that. Sure, I could work 20 hour days each day, but what's the fun in that? What I do is NOT rocket science and is certainly not life and death. So if things get delayed by a day or two, I'm OK with that.

Oh boy - I got a laugh when I was at the gym. I went to put my socks on, and guess what? Two different socks! Well, no one is going to know, and they worked just fine in my cycling shoes. I did 30K on the bike. The class seemed to be somewhat better attended than the previous week. I guess as people start to feel more comfortable, they are beginning to come back to the gym.

My socks for cycling

I've already reserved my bike for the class next week. And I'm going to try yoga as well. That's all done with reservations as well, so if I can find a slow yoga class, I'll go for that. I very much need some stretching classes.

I promised a photo of the thermometer at the gym. Well, here it is. It looks like a giant smartphone. It has a camera, something that senses your temperature, and well - I'm sure it's scanning for many other defects! Wouldn't that be awesome if you could just stand in front of something and it would diagnose your ailments? Then there's that ultraviolet bar at the bottom. Not sure what that does, but I call that the virus zapper. If you had anything, you won't after standing in front of that thing. Let's just say that this is NOT the kind of thermometer that you would pick up at the drug store.

Sophisticated thermometer at the gym

I decided to get rid of the chocolate stains on my Summer Moon blocks. Well, that turned into an adventure. After I had washed them in dish soap, I noticed that the BLUE on this block was running. BLUE???  How did that happen? Or why did it happen? Usually, it's not blue that will run. I was a bit shocked.

The blue ran

At first, I thought it was just the seam allowance showing through to the front, but nope - the seam allowance is pressed in the opposite direction.

The back of the misbehaving fabric

You would think that I would learn. Next thing I knew, I had a Nanaimo bar beside my wet blocks. Seriously???  Oh well, just goes to show that food is more important than quilting! Well, hardly, but you get the picture.

So the block went back into the sink with some Synthrapol to try and get rid of that issue.

The block is back in the sink

It looks to be OK this morning, and I'll have to wait for the block to dry. Then I'll give it a good press and back in the box with the other finished blocks.

I spent a good part of the day running around and prepping for the presentation last night. It sure pays to have everything prepared. I had lists of things and topics, I had props, I played with my cameras. And everything worked, which makes me very happy. I tried this scenario with the tripod, which was too awkward.

Too awkward with that tripod

So I used my new gooseneck camera holder, and it was PERFECT. As a matter of fact, I LOVE that new webcam that I bought. It's a breeze to set the focus USING THE COMPUTER, and then I can use it in the presentations. I paid a LOT of money for that camera, but it was worth it. The close up view I get is unbelievable. I can't wait to teach one of my classes so I can use it more. The more that I play with this stuff and the setup, the more I'm enjoying it. And each week, I get new ideas, and I've got so much flexibility for filming. Last night was all about quilting with rulers and templates.

The new set up
I even had to move my big chair out of there and use that stool. There just wasn't room with all the wires.

Speaking of wires, why do they only have USB hubs with five ports?? I could use more!!!

The USB hub is FULL

Same thing with power bars. I know Ronda is saying, "where is the new power bar tower?" Well, it's sitting on another table and the second one is being used here in the office. I do need to get that second tower moved to a new position as it has 8 places to plug things in, including USB ports. But it won't work for extra USB slots for the computer.

The power bar is full

I have several huge extension (heavy duty ones) running from various plugs so I can get power where I need it. Oh, yes - it's a high tech place, and I LOVE it!!!

And today, although I don't know that I should mess with technology today, I hope to get the software in the car upgraded. In my back pocket, I have the phone number of a mid-twenties guy who did this to his car (same car), and so I know it can be done. That's the motivation for me!!!  Why Toyota thought they could get away with just Apple Car Play is beyond me. That was the most short-sighted decision they ever made.

I did grab a few things from the pile that needs to be sorted. Found a nice pile of orange flannels. No pattern to go with it, so it's shelved in the flannel stash baskets.

Orange flannel
I found two balls of stuffing. Why? I think they were for some pincushions. I bet the pincushions got made, and this was leftover. It's going into the bag with the rest of the stuffing.

Two balls of stuffing

And then I found this. It was a bag with new fabric for a project. But look at what else I found.

A dog chew in the bag of fabric

Hmm - it's little, and I only know one little guy around here who would do that. I hope it didn't stain the fabric as the chew feels a bit greasy to the touch. I think this got put there from a previous visit as I don't remember him having those kinds of treats on this visit. This project will go into the new project bin and on the list of projects in that bin.

Speaking of the little guy and eating, look at him. He's eating a cookie ON THE COUCH!!!  I bet Lexi and especially Murphy were going crazy. Why is he eating on the couch? Why is he ON the couch? We're not allowed. Oh boy - Little Bear - watch out!

Little Bear eating on the couch

 I was hoping that I could sew all day and work on upgrading the software in the car. Alas, I have paperwork that has to be attended to. And I have that customer quilt that NEEDS to come off the long arm. So I'll be working on that this morning and then I get the afternoon and evening to do whatever I want. That's what birthdays are all about. Taking a day for yourself and doing just what you want. Who cares about anybody else? I might even buy ice cream for an afternoon treat. I'm reading another book, and I MUST finish it today. I need to know how it ends. It's a good book - it's called The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James. It's a murder/mystery and a haunted motel.

And look at what else happened yesterday?  I'm almost finished the rows on the disappearing nine-patch. There are FIVE rows left, and technically, the last one doesn't count since it's a single block. Then I need to get the setting triangles cut, and I can start sewing it together. Will I get it together by Sunday at 11 AM???

The disappearing nine-patch

Oh - and I did find the machine embroidery applique file for the little mini mats that I found in that FAll 2014 magazine. I found them on Patrick Lose's website. Check it out, there are some adorable patterns. OH MY GOD -- check out some of his other mini-mats - they are all adorable!!!! And did you hear that Northcott bought Patrick Lose fabrics? I'm not sure about the rest of Patrick's stuff. Interesting................

On that note, I'm off to enjoy my day! Hey - we need to celebrate and enjoy life. We only have one, and I'm making the best of it!!! Each and every day!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Happy Birthday Elaine, and many more! Enjoy your day.
    BTW, I think you need to make yourself an orange face mask. LOL.

    1. Thanks Rose -- and YES - you are right - I do need an orange face mask!!! I had fabric set aside and never got to it!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!!

    Wishing you a fabulous day as you begin another trip around the sun :-)

    1. Thanks Elle -- oh what a neat way of thinking about the year!!!

  3. Happy birthday and have a FABULOUS day enjoying yourself.

    1. Thanks Linda -- yes - I did have a great day!!!