Saturday, August 8, 2020

Fireside Retreat - Day Three

What a glorious day! The temperature was perfect for sitting on the deck, riding a bike, or going for a walk. It was also perfect for sewing; however, I didn't get much sewing done! But I'm on vacation, and I'm OK with that. I know that when I get home, I'll be sitting at the sewing machine, and so a little break is well deserved.

So first off, Ronda was messing with my new FitBit - the Versa 2. And guess what? I now see myself every time I look at my watch. Yep - that's my Emoji that I had created a while back, and Ronda gave me a new shirt, and I think she changed my hair! But it's kind of cute - I'm not sure that I'm going to keep it—the Versa 2 - YES, but not the Emoji.

That's me on my Versa 2

Then I was off for another bike ride. I went back to the rail trail and decided to go the other way. So I rode all the way to Coldwater. It's about 20 KM as the crow flies since the rail trail is straight. That looks like a cute little town to explore, but I have a feeling that it's very tourist-oriented.

But the path varied quite a bit. I had spots with gravel, and the trail was wide open, and then there were single lanes of the track.

A single lane on the bike path

I'm getting good at taking photos on the fly. Notice that it's blurry at the bottom of the picture. I even took some video while I was riding!

The wide-open trail

And then rather than heading up the hills on the road, I took the rail trail to Division Road so I could avoid the big hills. What a wimp! But I'm OK with that. I ended up doing 41 KM, and it was a fabulous ride. I'm going out again this morning.

I did go for a long walk later in the afternoon instead of after dinner as I knew we had activities planned and so I wouldn't be able to go then.

This was us in the afternoon. We grabbed a cup of tea and some goodies, and we had a great chat on the deck. At this point, Tish and Shelly had arrived, and when we were on the deck, Katheleen arrived. Laura arrived just before dinner, and now we are eight!

Chatting on the deck

So it was Ronda's birthday yesterday. She wanted to prepare her own dinner and plan her own party. HEY - we're OK with that. We had hotdogs, which I love.

Ronda cooking the hotdogs

It was quite the birthday party - we even got loot bags. If you can't tell, the theme of the party was unicorns.

Our loot bags
 It's always fun to eat inside the screened-in porch. It's my favorite place to eat. We don't have a screened-in porch at home, but we eat outside as often as we can. Why not - I'm out as much as I can be these days. I love being outside. Although I guess a screened-in porch isn't quite being outside, close enough.

Eating dinner

The birthday girl had a lovely tiara to wear, which I found the other day, and it was perfect, even though it's as far from Ronda's tastes as possible. Notice the pink (closest to purple we could find) and the tulle.
The birthday girl

After dinner, there was a bingo!!! What a hoot that was. My lucky little unicorn wasn't so lucky, but I did manage to win one game almost at the end. So much for lucky charms!

Playing bingo

There was a glorious chocolate and caramel cake with loads of icing. We did not have candles, and we hummed Happy Birthday in case you're wondering.

The birthday cake

Of course, the unicorn theme ran to the plates and napkins.

The plates and napkins

Did I get any sewing done??? Well - I did get the binding on a quilt that I brought up for someone.

The binding on a quilt

I did get ONE block done for Christmas Fig, and the second one is almost done. I'll finish that this morning.

I"ve got to get out on the bike, so I can be back as Tish is leaving this morning, and we need to get our picture of the group!!!

Have a super day!!!


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