Friday, February 12, 2021

Baby - it's COLD!!!!

 I confess that my mornings are so routine, you could set the clock by me. Well, almost. But once 9:00 AM arrives and the chores are done for the morning, the rest of the day is crazy! 

Yesterday, I presented my Group Quilts presentation to the Kanata Quilt Guild. What a fun guild, and they are HUGE - there were over 160 people on the call! They seem to have taken to Zoom, like a duck to water. They were great!!! So much fun, and I've got an excellent record of ALL of the group quilts I own. There is probably a raffle quilt or two that didn't make the presentation, but that's OK. 

Next week, I'm doing two presentations for scrap quilts. I'll have to dig out the information so you could sign up as a guest if you're not a member, or you could pass my name to your guild, and they could hire me to do the presentation for your guild. 

OH -- I forgot to mention that the latest issue of A Needle Pulling Thread is now available, and I've got an amazing article in the magazine. Can you tell by looking at the pictures which face I used?? 

Table of Contents for the current issue of A Needle Pulling Thread

Here's the link to the magazine webpage so you can see a preview of the magazine. It's not expensive to buy, loads of great ideas. 

Speaking of pianos, look what I found online. An idea to convert your old piano to a sewing desk. I'd change it up a wee bit more, but it's a start. 

A piano made into a sewing desk

I sorted through that pile of paper from the box. Oh boy --- what treasures I'm finding. There's that darn blood pressure card that I lost so long ago. I put it in my purse so whenever I can get back, I can use it again! I don't have high blood pressure - quite the opposite. I'm on the very bottom of normal. 

My blood pressure monitoring card

I found the receipt for an order I placed for novelty fabric from That was my thing for a while - I NEEDED to buy all kinds of novelty fabric. I have boxes of the darn stuff. I need some material with keys on it, and well, I have to dig the boxes out and sort through them to find that. I'm sure there is fabric in there. At least, it's all in one spot, and it's neat and tidy, and I no longer have to jump over the baskets in the stash room. 

An old order for novelty fabric

Oh boy - a notice from the library for an overdue fine for M. How can one accumulate a fine that high?? 

An overdue notice from the library

A receipt from a local running store (now closed or moved). I tried to take up running at one point but didn't remember the date. Look - that was in 2006. I'm not a runner, so I didn't last too long, and I gave all my running stuff to someone. 

Receipt for running gear

My boarding pass from when I flew home after my cross Canada cycle trip. 

An old boarding pass

An order for pizza for the group on the cross Canada cycle trip. I know -- why??? 

Pages and pages of a group pizza order

And there's Mator!!! I found him on a shelf. Sadly, he's in the garbage. Do I need this? No - it seemed like a cute idea at the time, but I'm over it. OK - I might move him to the giveaway box. They do sell bags of this stuff at the thrift stores. He's happier now that he's moved. 


I even dug out a second handful of paper and went through part of that yesterday. And there's a new stack on the floor for this morning. I hope that M appreciates all that I'm doing for her. She may not realize the mess that she's not going to have to deal with. 

Someone commented yesterday on the blog about finding "treasures" in old estates. Drawers filled with old, rusted, twisted bread ties. Why?? My Mom used to save them. She probably still saves the plastic clips. Even though they are in a lovely apartment, she has managed to make it junky. And I'm sure the drawers are filled with stuff. Thankfully, she can't reach the top shelves in the kitchen, and they are totally free of stuff!!! 

Right after my presentation, I was off on a long meeting for work. And then prepping for another presentation in the evening. So I didn't get too much sewing done. I did manage to get a bit more paper piecing done. Slow and steady - that's me these days - I'm the turtle. Remember what happened to the hare - that used to be me!  

My paper piecing station

Here's another reason I love Zoom. Last night my presentation was in Northern Ontario, where the temperate was COLD. Look at that: -24 without the wind chill. BRRRRRR!!!!

The group laughed when I told them what the temperature was here. Positively balmy in comparison!!!

And when I finished the presentation, I didn't have to pack up the suitcase of samples and head out to a cold car. That was a nice feeling!!  I know what -24 is, and it's cold!

I see it's going to be another day for flannel lined pants! 

On that note, I'm out of here. WAIT!!  What's your assignment for today? Let's get back to the sewing room. What about your scissors? Are they all in one place? If not - that's your mission today. Find a home for them and get them all together! You must have a nice container/box of some sort. 

Have a super day and stay warm!!!


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