Friday, February 19, 2021

The mail MUST get through

That expression was coined years ago and is mostly attributed to The Pony Express. I even found a reference to that saying. 

Why must the mail get through at my house? We had more snow yesterday. Not as much as the day before, but it was snowing and blowing, and I needed to go for a walk. And I needed to get to the post office to mail that package for M. So I grabbed the HUGE box, which was an unwieldy size, and let's just say that it wasn't light. 

The box

I took the shortcut through the forest, and before I knew it, I had arrived at the post office. As I passed the grocery store, one of the young employees collecting carts asked if I needed help! Can you believe that? I guess I could have put the package in a cart and took it the rest of the way, but I had come so far - I wasn't going to need a cart at this time. But that was very kind of him to offer. 

I wasn't sure how much this was going to cost, but I was SURPRISED that it only cost $34.62 (with tax) to send the HUGE parcel (18" by 18" by 6"), which weighed 8.65 KG and will take 5-6 business days (although they are running late) and I got a tracking number. OH -- did you notice how I mix Imperial and Metric measurements! I'm bilingual! 

We talk about the high cost of postage, but that was a bargain. At least I thought so. Then I trudged through the snow to the library to pick up a book for DH. I passed a crew working on some electrical thing, and we all exchanged "hellos". People seem to be so much more friendly these days, or they just worry about a crazy lady walking around in a snow storm. 

The empty sidewalks in a snowstorm

And when I got back from the library, DH says that he was impressed that I went out in that weather.  Seriously??? I do not understand that mentality. It wasn't cold - I didn't even wear a hat. It's snowing or raining - OH - I can't go outside. Well, why not? 

The sidewalks were empty. There was some traffic, but not much. I do NOT trust anyone, especially with the slippery streets. There are still idiots on the street, like the white SUV that rolled through the STOP sign near the elementary school. Then it SPED up through the 40 KM zone and turned into the school to drop off a child. They were late!!! SIGH.

I managed to get a bit more tidying done in my desk area. Oh yes - I've got a plan, and it isn't going to cost a single penny! Yeah!!!

My computer desk

So it's looking pretty good. I went through most of that stack of paper on the desk. I need to buy a mouse pad, and now that the office supply store is open again (or I could do curbside), that's on the list of things to buy. That's a car errand for next week. OH - why didn't I take the car to the post office? shouldn't even have to ask that question. My new rule is if the errand is within walking distance of my house - I walk unless there is some burning reason why I cannot. A heavy package and a snowstorm were NOT a good enough reason to use the car. 

There's this stack of paper on the chair beside me. As I go through the pile on the desk, I'll grab a few more pieces from that stack on the chair and work my way through it. I've got a plan. It's slow but steady. I watched a video online, and it was the perfect opportunity to mindlessly go through receipts, etc., and throw them out. 

The next pile of paperwork

Look what I found. The package for ordering grad photos for M. Well, since they have a watermark over all the photos, there's really no need to keep this. 

Grad photos

So yes - progress is being made, and that's all that counts. I had one more presentation last night, and that was good! 

One more today and then a class tonight. I'm mostly prepped for the class tonight, so that's good. I do have a couple of classes and the UFO meeting on the weekend, and let's say that I have a wee bit of work to get that stuff done. Everything is prepped - I just need to sit in front of the sewing machine. Guess where I'll be today? 

It might not appear to be happening, but I see that it's getting lighter earlier each day. Slowly! I don't care - the days are getting longer! 

My task list for today is LONG. I'll probably slide some of those over to next week, but that's OK. They are not getting lost on a piece of paper! I'm good!

How did you make out deleting old text messages yesterday? Isn't that just the most boring thing? And I wonder if there's a setting that anything older than a specific date can be dropped off? I would think such a setting exists. I guess I must ask a young person if such a thing is possible. They would know! There are so many settings for different things in our phones that it's hard to know what's all there. 

Today, we're going to pick a spot in the kitchen. How about the mugs and cups? Oh yes- you know you have too many! They practically fall out of the cupboard when you open the door. I've been through our mugs and cups several times, and I kept only the ones that we really liked and that we use. But we still seem to have too many. At least, they all fit on one shelf, but we have too many. There is no room for an extra one. 

Well, it's time to go and get the day started!! 

Have a super day!!!!


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