Thursday, February 25, 2021

Do NOT panic!


Things have been going smoothly. It's a little bit hectic, but that's OK - it's a pace of life that I seem to thrive on. I grew up on a farm - where did this need for chaos come from? 

My presentations got prepped; the last one slid in at the last minute (not entirely my fault), so that was good. And let's just say that I'm becoming an EXPERT (OK - that might be stretching the truth a wee bit), but I'm learning a ton, and well, that's a good thing. I've learned that the more you know, the faster and more efficient you can work!

Accept that you don't know everything and either avoid that or learn it! I found this quote in the magazine from our local gym, which is so appropriate for me. "We should never stop learning because life never stops teaching." Bahram Akradi - he's the founder, chairman, and CEO of Life Time. I see the other two Life Time gyms in Ontario are going to open. Meanwhile, in our LOCKED down region, we're not able to get to the gym yet. But it's coming!!

There was no need to panic with all the prep - the timing was on, things were working fine. I like to start my presentations 30 minutes early to allow people to get logged in. I chat with them; they chat with the store owner and each other. I was 10 minutes into that preamble when Zoom decided to update! WAIT A MINUTE!! I'm on a call here, and you can't update, but update it did! 

It booted me out of the call, but the call didn't drop, so that was good. When I got logged back in, the interface had changed! WAIT!! What is this?? My screen looks different, the icons are in different spots, screen sharing is different, and I literally had to learn it as I went through the presentation. I didn't have time to investigate yesterday, but I think I need to go in and make a few changes to the settings. 

Thank goodness, I think quick on my feet and have the technological know-how to fudge the issue. I have a relaxed group this morning, so I'll test the screen sharing and other settings on that call.  

Needless to say, I didn't get any sewing done yesterday. Well, that's not true - I did, but it's all samples for the presentations. 

And Studio B? Oh my - it looks like a tornado went through there. The cutting table was heaped with an embroidery arm, sewing machine accessories, feet, some fabric, and gosh knows what else got tossed there. I'll confess that Studio U looks pretty much in the same shape as I opened a couple of boxes of samples and winger things around the room. 

The cutting table

I cleared most of it off this morning, so I could cut some fabric. But amazing how quickly the mess can accumulate. Of course, when you are whipping around the house, pulling bits and pieces from here and there and no time to put them back - well, you can see what happens. 

The ironing board and my sewing table were a total disaster! Happily, most of that is all back in its right spot. Just in time to make another mess today! I only have ONE presentation to prep for today, although I have three Zoom sessions. 

Studio B - after the tornado

And look what I found! I finally discovered this mini design board! Those scrap blocks have been sitting on this for MONTHS. And now - I can use it for another project. Don't worry - it's already got something on it. 

The design board is finally clear

Here are the final two blocks for the scrap quilt. DONE!!!!  I do not even remember how long ago I cut these blocks, but I'm going to say 15 years?? Yep - it's been a while. Now that the blocks are done, I can work on sewing them together. But first, I have to get that Summer Moon quilt off the wall. 

The last two scrap blocks

That is so exciting! 

I have a class to teach tomorrow night, and I was a bit worried as I hadn't started to cut and prep the blocks, and why wasn't that done? I opened the box this morning and had a good laugh. Oh, that prep was done weeks ago. The completed blocks are in the box. Now I remember! I just have to find the pictures on my phone and make the presentation. I love when I'm ahead of the game!!!

I hope the weather where you live was as glorious as it was here yesterday. The sun was out, the temperature was the highest it's been for a while. I didn't get to walk my normal distance because of the prep work and the fact that it was treacherous in the morning with ice, so I shortened the walks with the girls, but I still walked over 10 KM - I'm not complaining. 

I ended up with a lump on my leg from that fall. Not sure what I hit - my other leg? But it's gone today, and there's only slight bruising. 

Look who was watching me yesterday when I was blogging. I swear the little guy was watching me as he twitched his tail. He doesn't look like he's starving!

A peeping tom

"Hey, lady - WAIT - this is my best side because you can see the brown fur on my tummy. Take a picture of me NOW!!" I swear those squirrels intentionally taunt my girls! This is probably the ring leader!!

My better side - you can see the brown fur on my tummy

I keep a heater in the pond over the winter. I'm supposed to have a bubbler as well, but ours died, and with the shut-down, I didn't have a chance to get a new one, so I took my chances. Well, those darn fish were up yesterday. I swear, everyone thought that spring is right around the corner. I guess they are attracted by the warm water, but they should still be sleeping. 

I saw two dead fish, and by the time I could get back to the pond with the fishnet, I only saw one. The other one probably went under the ice. Thankfully, they were not my big fish - these ones were the small-medium guys. My pond is overpopulated, so a few less is actually a good thing. 

The fish at the surface

I hope they all went to the bottom last night when the sun went down. It will be warm over the next couple of weeks but not warm enough for them to be at the surface. Silly fish. 

I've got a bunch of e-mail to send out this morning, quilts to design, a presentation to prep, and well - it's going to be a busy day. But the good news is that I have two more crazy weeks, and then most of the prep work is DONE for a long, long time. I'll probably tweak the presentations and add a few things, but the schedule will be much more relaxed! Yeah!!!!

Don't forget the VIRTUAL RETREAT this weekend. Here are the Zoom links and the times. If you get a chance to stop in and say HI, that would be awesome. Or you can stay and chat, stay and sew, whatever you like!! Stay all day or just five minutes—your choice. A great way to meet new people, catch up on quilting news and just stay connected as most of us stay home. 

Saturday, February 27 -  6 PM - 9 PM   EST

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Sunday, February 28  - 10 AM  - 8 PM   EST

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 872 4663 5892 Passcode: 440473

On that note, I'm out of here! 

Have a super day!!!!


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