Saturday, February 20, 2021

Tula Pink Show and Tell

 Yep - I'm flying by the seat of my pants these days. I won't exactly call it panic sewing, but it's close. I was on track at the end of January and then I got sidetracked sewing stuff that didn't have a deadline. DUH!! I'm so much my own worst enemy, but then I love myself, and I'm OK with that. 😀😍 I think I do that intentionally because I like the adrenaline rush of working to the last minute. 

After our Tula Pink class last night, I went to finish up the blocks for the Long Time Gone class which is this morning. Oh dear - I didn't realize that I had NOT finished cutting one block. Well, I'm happy to report that all that's left are TWO seams. It'll be done for this morning's class. 

But let's have a look at the homework for Tula Pink. Oh my -- we have some interesting fabric combinations and I can't wait to see these quilts as they progress over the coming year. The best part of this project? The blocks are super easy to sew and they don't take long, even though there are some small bits. I realized after last night's class that I wanted to make two quilts. No time for that! 

Here's the book that we're using. I call the quilt Tula Pink, but it's her CITY SAMPLER quilt. It's just easier to say Tula! 

Tula Pink's City Sampler book

There are five different quilts in the book, but many of us have chosen this version and are making graduated blocks. I didn't count how many are making this one, but there are a number of us. Some are doing their own setting, others are playing the waiting game. 

The gridwork quilt

And the other thing that we're doing differently - well some of us. I'm randomly choosing blocks (in case anyone in the class was wondering if there was any rhyme or reason to the process) and I'm starting in the top left corner. So my blocks that fit in that space will NOT be the same as in the book. Others are putting their blocks in the same spot as in the quilt so their blocks look totally random at this point. 

Ok - let's have a look. And see if I can remember everyone's name!

These are Barb's blocks. She's making them according to the color in the book, so the color scheme looks out of whack at the moment. 


Carol is using the Linework collection by Tula Pink. And it includes those bold stripes and polka dots. I believe she is going to use the blocks in the same position as the quilt. Notice the labels on her blocks!! Someone is super organized and this is probably not a bad idea. 


Corrie is randomly using colors to make her blocks. Once she's done, she'll put them on a design wall and place them where they look best. I LOVE that approach!!! Sometimes, just winging the process takes a lot of stress out of the picture and I LOVE the rich color saturation in this grouping. 


Dede was going to use Tula Pink fabric but decided to go for a neutral (black and white) scrappy look instead. I know that Dede has a TON of black and white fabric so good to try and use it up. These blocks are amazing and I love the designs on some of the prints - your eye is going to go wild searching them all out!




Heather is starting off in the top corner with her red blocks. Oh my -- for not having total access to her scraps (working from home), these are amazing fabrics. Did you see that some of them are fussy cut? Might be fun to play in Heather's scrap stash!


Kathy is working with a limited palette. She's living in a temporary space at the moment so no access to her complete stash. I do love the blue/pink combination. What I love is that everyone is making do with what they have access to. Even with being shut in, quilters are very resourceful!!!


Next up is Liz with her blocks. She is also making the GRID version of the quilt and following the color scheme in the book so these blocks look very random at the moment. I LOVE the cross block!! 


Lynn is taking a different approach to making the grid version. She has decided to make the quilt in rows. What a great idea. She gets to play in a LOT of different colors each month! In case, you're wondering or missed it on the cover of the book, there are 100 blocks. 


Maryke is going for a very bold, rich coloring with these fabrics. She's making the grid version and making it one row wider and longer - so she needs 121 blocks. 


Monica is also using the Tula Pink Linework collection for her quilt. Even though several people are using the same collection, their quilts are going to be different!!! 


Morgan has a different setting in mind and is randomly selecting colors for her blocks. I laugh when I look at some of the blocks that various people have made because I think - whoa - they made a different block. Nope - it's just the coloring of the fabrics that make it different. Like the middle block in the bottom row below - that looks so different from the others, but it fits right in!


Rose is starting in the top corner with the reds. I think she was going to use a Tula Pink collection but decided it was too pretty to cut into. HEY - cut that fabric!!! While it'll keep forever, your opportunity to use it will not!! Nothing is too precious in my house to not use. And guess what? Tula will design an even prettier collection later this year or next year!


Sharon is also making her quilt neutral with blacks and white. She has a few small pops of color in her blocks. She is not making the grid quilt. 


Vicki has a very interesting color combination. She's used reds and pinks, but they are very rich and dark. This is going to make a gorgeous quilt! Just this coloring would make a stunning quilt!


Wendy is playing around with a different colorway for the grid quilt and has started with purples and may work her way into some greens. We'll have to wait to see what happens there!


WOW -- isn't that amazing!!!! These quilts are going to be stunning!! 

So what do my blocks look like?? Considering that I opened up the pink and orange scrap boxes, and randomly selected fabrics for the blocks, I LOVE THEM. And I'm getting the right color changes that I wanted. 

My first 20 blocks

There is ONE block that looks out of place. It's hard to see in the photo, but that one block is a bit too yellow so I moved it. AH - much better. 

One small change to block placement

Now, I need to dig out the orange, pink, and yellow scrap boxes to pick colors for the next 10 blocks. My goal is to get everything prepped by the end of this month so I can just sew next month. I did the same thing in January, except I'm a lot busier these days. Well, we'll see what happens. 

My immediate goal is to get the pictures loaded for Long Time Gone in the presentation and to finish those two seams by 10 AM. And I still have to walk the dogs and participate in a Zoom call. 

No judging!!!!

And I'm giving you the day off from sorting something. Make yourself a cup of tea and just enjoy the day!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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  1. Very interesting post... The quilt by Sharon in black and white looks great.