Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Positively Pineapple quilts


Let's start with some follow-up. You are all the best out there. I've got suggestions for acquiring book series to read and "approval" to keep the mistake in the blue string quilt! And I'm now the proud owner of the instructions for the Pineapple Rule. Remember that??

Pineapple Rule

Thanks to Jane for that. I should have contacted her first. For whatever reason, and we won't go there, but Jane seems to acquired EVERY ruler that was ever made. At a guild garage sale a few years back, I remember that she sold a few of those rulers and templates, but it appears that she still has quite a few of them left. 

Here's her ruler, the INSTRUCTIONS, and a block. Thank you, Jane!!!!  You are the best!

Jane's Pineapple Rule

Now, as I read the instructions, I see that there was, in fact, a book about pineapple quilts. And I may own that book. I just need to see the cover of the book. I may not remember the title, but I'll remember the cover. I've got a very visual memory. 

Oh god - I just Googled it. YEP - I have that book. So I'm sure I will find all kinds of instructions for using this ruler. No wonder I bought it. Now to locate the book on the shelf. It's on the shelf - the big question is which one? But once I know what I'm looking for - I'm good. 

Positively Pineapple

Here's the fancy notice I get for my mileage this month! Yeah me!!!

My formal January mileage marker

I wanted to finish prepping the applique for Quilter's Patch. I dug out my bias supply box. It used to be a total disaster. All kinds of supplies just jumbled in one spot. But a couple of months ago, I cleaned it up. I put similar things into plastic bags, and it was a breeze to find exactly what I was looking for this morning. I'm still missing a few bias tape makers, but the size I needed was in the box. 

The neatly organized project box for bias making supplies

So while listening to an audiobook, I got all the bias stems made. Yeah - that was easy!!!! Then the supplies got put back neatly, and the box is back on the shelf. 

Making bias strips

I still have two circles left to make. I just ran out of time this morning. That won't take long, and then all the applique is prepped and ready to sew on. Holy - I am FOCUSED these days. That would have taken forever before. 

The applique pieces are almost finished

It's a bit hard to see, but this bush was FILLED with birds yesterday. They weren't chattering as I see on some days. But they were happy to be in the bush and enjoying the sun. It was a morning for the flannel-lined pants again. The problem is that I leave the house at 7:30 and finish up close to 9:00 AM. During that time and with the walking, I'm a bit overheated when I get back! But that's OK. 

Birds in a bush

You've seen me quilt a few of these flannel quilts for customers. I absolutely love the quilt and have wanted to make one forever. I didn't like the size - it's something like 56" square, which is a stupid size for a flannel quilt. This is an example of a designer (both the pattern and the fabric) who designed a quilt to fit the fabric (40 SKUs in the collection) and NOT a useable or appropriately sized quilt for the fabric type.  

Over & Down Under pattern

It takes ONE jelly roll, and let me tell you that those jelly rolls are NOT cheap, and they are several years old. I bought one to make a quilt for myself. Then a friend bought a jelly roll, and we both wanted a larger quilt, so we bought an extra jelly roll to figure out how to make it larger. Did she pay me for that??? By the way - it was MY job to figure out how to make it larger. I should CHARGE her for that! But she's a good friend. 

Supplies to make the Over & Down Under quilt

Anyway, I spent some time yesterday morning in EQ8 figuring out how to make it larger. That's why it's been sitting here, not done. But after MANY attempts at making it happen, I managed to get EQ8 to do what I wanted. And NO - you don't get to see it until the quilt is done. 

We have to consider a few things as we do this, but after loading it into EQ8, I think I worked out all the logistics. That was a job and a half to make it work in EQ8, and I think I overloaded the program because it - well, it couldn't handle part of what I put in, so the final picture looks bizarre but close enough to determine how to move forward. 

So while I'm vowing to NOT start anything new - it looks like I might just forge ahead on this one since it's now in my head, and I don't want to figure that out again. And I didn't buy it - I'm pulling from Chez Elaine. 

I also managed some paperwork yesterday, and that's good. I need to get back to my paperwork routine in the morning and then studio work in the afternoon. I'm good with that as it provides a good balance. 

I haven't dealt with the mess on the office floor, but that might be part of my paperwork today. 

OH - before I go - I must give you something to do today. I KNOW that you've been diligently sorting through stuff in your studios and putting similar things together. So - here's what you're going to do today. Pick ONE of those things - rulers? Bias tape supplies? Glue??? thread? Whatever - you pick. You should go through it and decide what (if anything) is no longer needed. Is something broken - can it be fixed? If not, it should probably go in the garbage/recycling. If it can be repaired or needs to be replaced, then make that happen! Use ziplock baggies or whatever to make the supplies neat and tidy, so, like my bias box, it'll be a snap to find what you want and what you need to restock. 

Speaking of flannel -- I'm looking for a bundle of RED fat Quarters in FLANNEL. I really want the Maywood flannel as it has a huge variety. I did a quick search and didn't see anything. Does anyone know of a store that stocks a lot of Maywood Flannel??? 

On that note, I'm out of here!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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