Thursday, January 13, 2022

I can DO it!

There is NO danger of those bananas going bad. Good grief -- they were purchased four days ago, and they are still not ripe. They aren't bitter, but well, I hope tomorrow they will taste like ripe bananas. I should have just gone and bought some different ones. 

I'm happy to report that one quilt is gone. I took it to the UPS store yesterday, as I didn't dare chance sending it from the house. I had to laugh because, after almost 2 years, the owner remembered me and all the necessary paperwork details! And I got there at the right time because a line developed behind me. Phew!!

But it was not a happy day with the second quilt. I did some of it, and it didn't work, so that is all ripped out and ready to start anew today. Why? No idea -- but it was a mess, so using a different pattern today. OK -- I know why. There was a total lack of knowledge on how to work outside my comfort zone. I know that's harsh, but it is what it is. I know how to do one thing and do it well (sort of), but I have a ton of learning to do on that long arm. 

I've learned a ton from our Facebook support group. They have been most helpful, and I have another friend with a long arm who has provided advice! 

Let's hope today goes better. I'm running out of time, and I have homework to prep for the weekend, and well -- I just don't have a lot of time to fiddle, but who thought I would run into all these issues? 

To make matters worse, two other things happened yesterday that put my low blood pressure through the roof. I had a presentation last night, and when I went to open the link -- it was INVALID. Good grief -- I have 30 people waiting to attend, and it took 20 minutes to get the new link to everyone, but we did it. We started 15 minutes late, but it worked. Nothing like adding a little adrenaline rush to the day!

And then, when I was in a rush to get to the UPS store, I couldn't get into my car. I had noticed that the key fob battery was low and well -- it died! I was on the phone with Margaret at the time, and she said, "don't panic!" and she told me I could fix this myself." I found the manual key,  which opened the door, and the push-button start worked. Phew!!!!

Back home and at dinner, DH and I discussed how to get the battery changed. He, like myself, was under the impression that we had to get it done at the dealer. Nope, Margaret and Ronda both informed me that it's super easy. I took a quick peek at a YouTube video to figure out how to access the battery, and I even had a spare battery in the house! If I were keeping a gratitude jar, this would have been one for the jar. 

Changing the key fob battery

In a matter of a minute, the battery was changed. Then DH had the gall to suggest that it wouldn't work. Seriously? Has he no faith in my tinkering abilities?? Of course, it works!  

I also think that anything that needs to be repaired should be left on the kitchen table. As DH tells me that I can't do it, I'm determined to make it work, and I get it done. Hmm -- I have a picture that needs to be switched in a frame, and I might put that on the table for tonight! 

After my little episode with the long arm, I needed to go for a walk. I also happened to be on a call with someone, and before I knew it, I had walked almost 16 KM yesterday. 

I listened to an audiobook while I ripped -- and what's the point of getting angry. Just get it fixed! 

Speaking of walking, I set an ambitious goal of 8,000 cardio miles this year, including outdoor cycling, spin class, and walking. Well, it's not quite the weather to ride outdoors, and gyms are closed, so I'm a bit behind. I also set a route on the map to give me a goal. I started in Cairo, Egypt, and I'm currently in Alexandria. The Google car has not been there, but people have posted pictures in some parts. Imagine my surprise this morning when I opened some photos to find this. 

I can relate to this -- it's a sewing store!!! Those boxes in the background are boxes of THREAD, and a cone of each color in the box is attached to the front. On the right are all sorts of trim. 

Inside a sewing shop in Alexandria, Egypt

And on the left are TONS of zippers in all colors. 

A vast supply of zippers

Life is sure different in other countries. Look at all the garbage in the street. For them, this is normal. I suspect that's why some newcomers to our neighborhood are not up to snuff with our waste management systems. But you think they would notice and ask questions?  

Anyway -- that put a smile on my face! You just do not know what you'll find on those Google pictures. The other day, I was in an animal reserve with zebras! And there are resorts - I saw some guy cleaning the swimming pool. 

I'll get back on track, but it'll take a while to catch up. I'm 263 KM behind at this point. I'll make up some of that when I get back to the gym, and some will have to be done with outside cycling. That was the point of making this an aggressive goal. I'm losing 60 KM a week due to the gyms being closed. Sigh................

OK -- another set of pictures for the sewing room. 

This is Morgan's space. And while that sewing/cutting area is messy, this is her current project, and honestly, we should not have to work neatly when we're actually working on something. The messier, the better!! Did you see the coloring pages on the wall under the window? How fun to look at the artwork. 

Morgan's sewing table in action

This secondary cutting area is a bit messy and ACK -- there's a cup of coffee sitting there. This doesn't get used much - good thing, there's no room! I believe she is waiting for a new steam press to tidy up some of the projects in this area. 

A secondary cutting area

There's her pressing area on the left-hand side. I believe this was a cabinet made by her grandfather, and it's a fantastic place to store fabric! I've seen it with the doors open! The easel is great for a mini design board beside the sewing machine! The dark grey boxes in that little cabinet are for storing current projects. If she needs to switch projects, the current project goes in one of those bins. What a super idea -- I really need to cut down the number of current projects to have something neat like this. Much easier to focus on as well. And her rulers are attached to the side of her table. 

Morgan's pressing area

Lately, there have been many days when I wish my sewing room looked like this. There is enough stuff to keep one busy and well-equipped, but not a lot to deal with. The amount of time I have "wasted" managing my stuff would probably boggle my mind, and I do not want to go there. 

At the rate I'm emptying Pandora's Closet (imagine someone's surprise to find my blog when they search for that in the future!), I'll be able to take stuff from the current project table and put it in the closet. That would be amazing and make that space much neater. 

When I first saw this picture, I had to laugh! I thought she had a box of candies under her acrylic table. Nope -- that is a cute little heart-shaped box that she's had since she was a child, and it's filled with colorful bobbins!!! DRAT -- I wanted candies! It's a two-tier box that swivels open. 

A heart-shaped box for bobbins

But this is an excellent place to store those filled bobbins if you don't have a second spool holder! 

WOW -- we've got some super amazing ideas from others!! I hope you've found something that intrigued you to make some changes in your sewing space. Have you started making lists? Hopefully, everyone has had a chance to do some tidying, and what about those dead pens? Are they gone? 

I think that's all the pictures I received. If you've sent me something and I haven't posted it, let me know. My e-mail just seems to be exploding each day, and I can't keep on top of it!

The other day DH and I were chatting about why are we working so hard? I know I'll feel a whole lot better once this second quilt is in the mail, but lately? I'm seriously questioning why I'm doing all this! I love it, but do I need to do it? Sigh................   I'm praying to the quilting gods this morning that the quilting will go right on this next quilt. I must say that I feel very insecure right now! And that never happens. I'll get over it! I just need this quilt out the door. 

While eating dinner last night, I went shopping with Murphy and Lexi in mind. I think I have found what I need and I have a carpenter in mind to finish the job. DH thinks I've lost it! Yes -- there is always lots happening at the dinner table at our house! You have to wait to see that project come together. 

On that note, I'm out of here! It's another busy day. 

Have a super day!!!


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