Tuesday, January 25, 2022

We've got company!


Well, I don't seem to have a lot to show for all my work yesterday. And there are days when I think back to what I did the day before, and I have to search really hard. The days, especially when it comes to decluttering and sewing, can run endless one into the other!

I did some puttering during Monday sewing, and I had a few more hourglass units to trim. Speaking of hourglass units, here's an update in that area. 

So you saw these units that I stitched at the retreat. 

Hourglass units created at the retreat

So the story behind those units is this. When I make a border for a quilt, I join the border strips with a diagonal seam. And what do you do with those larger cutoff triangles? I keep them, of course! 

And then, from time to time, I deal with them. When I got home to put the finished units in my containers, I saw that there was quite an accumulation of big triangles, so its time to do something with them. 

Leftover triangles from making borders

I start by sorting them in their separate piles. Once they are sorted, I match them up by color and size. This doesn't always work, but one must remember that it's a scrap quilt, and so odd combinations are odd, that's OK. I mainly go for light and dark combinations or color contrast. 

Matching up the triangles

I have set the stack by the sewing machine, and it'll become my new ender and leader pile. I start by making a pair of half-square triangles and no trimming. Then they get sewn together and become two hourglass units that get trimmed. It's super easy and a great way to use up those larger triangles. 

After I do the matching game, I get oddballs, and they go back in the box to wait for the next round of triangles. 

Unmatched triangles

And now I have two boxes filled with these hourglass units. They are all sorted by size, and I'm going to start working on something. In the beginning, I used to trim the units to all different sizes, i.e., 3 3/4" and then 3¼" and well, that's a lot of extra little bits. I'm going to keep the trimming to whole or half sizes, so some of the trimmed units need to be trimmed down. And I'll be able to use multiple sizes together. Like the 5½" and the 3" ones will fit nicely together. Those sizes are the UNFINISHED sizes. I see a wild scrap quilt in the future!

Boxes of trimmed hourglass blocks

Although I say I'm going to pack light for the retreat, I still have a lot of stuff. I AM packing light compared to what I used to take. I'll aim for even less stuff next time! But you need a sewing machine, a box of food, my office backpack, a bag of clothes and of course a project bag! Don't forget the humidifier, the coffee maker, the extra clothes for winter walking! 

My retreat stuff after I unpacked the car

The heater and the aerator are doing their job nicely in the pond. There's a big open spot which is good for the birds and the fish. 

The pond is open

Not so good for Murphy. NO -- she did not go in, but I threw a stick for her the other day, and yep -- right in the water! That pond seems to be a magnet for my throwing arm! She wanted to go in, but the opening is NOT where she likes to go into the pond. It's right by the rocks, and she didn't want to just jump in. She likes to slide in. Oh yes -- cautious Murphy!

And this is Murphy when we were playing ball in the house. Don't tell MOM!! 

Ah MOM -- the ball is behind that quilt rack -- could you get it, please? 

Lexi? She just enjoys being outside in the snow. She curls up into a ball and is quite happy. She's NOT asleep. Oh no -- she lifts her head when she hears me approach INSIDE the house to snap her picture. What a silly girl!!!

Lexi enjoyed the snow

And now we have company for a couple of weeks. This is Bear, and Bear's handler (M) came with him. Of course, the girls were excited. There's someone else in the house to take the blame for all the bad things. Bear must have been tired from his flight as he NEVER Sits. 

Little Bear is here for a visit

We have a show and tell presentation every week for Monday sewing, and I start off with an unusual sewing machine. People have been sending me unique sewing machines if they find something. This is one that Carol found. It's so cute  -- it's a cardboard sewing machine for CATS!!!! The detail on it is fantastic -- someone who loves their cat! 

Sewing machine for cats

And I'll finish up the day with that house around the corner. As the homeowners, I'd be so frustrated. A bit of work gets done, and then the work stops. Then a bit more work, and then it stops. I see there is now a big yellow tape around the entire fence, and does that mean -- it's on hold once again? But look at the huge icicles hanging off the roof. 

Icicles on the roof 

I did more puttering yesterday, but nothing I can share with you! 

I have some more writing to do today, and I hope to clear a couple of projects off my plate. Maybe get back to clearing that closet and empty the current projects table. That would be awesome. Now that I'm close, I'm motivated -- I just need the time. But this week is pretty wide open (more or less), so it's doable. 

It's my week to blog about QUILTsocial!! This week I'm taking the Husqvarna Viking Opal 670 for a spin. It's a fantastic little sewing machine -- great if you're starting out and super great to take to a retreat! Check it out as not only am I reviewing the sewing machine, but I offer sewing tips along the way. 

Don't forget the Virtual Retreat this weekend. Saturday evening (January 29) from 6 PM - whenever and then Sunday starting at 11:30 AM. I'll post the links tomorrow. 

On that note, I'm off to walk THREE dogs this morning. Thankfully, Bear does NOT like the cold, so he doesn't need a long walk, but what a good boy as he asked to go outside yesterday and did all his business. He's finally growing up!

Have a great day!!!!

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