Friday, January 28, 2022

Storage containers for quilting

 Let's start with a wee bit of math. Don't worry -- it's easy! 

The other day, I had to gas in my car. It's a RARE occurrence these days, and this was the first time this year. Don't worry -- I'm driving it enough to not seize up the brakes, but there are not many places to go that I can't walk. 

When I had filled up, I glanced at the screen, and WOW -- I saved $1.32 because my credit card is linked to my bank. I saved THREE CENTS a liter, which got me thinking about the price fluctuations. 

So let's just contemplate that for one second. We moan and groan when the prices go up -- yep -- me included. And we all know that in my neck of the woods and probably everywhere else, the gas price is always higher first thing in the morning than it is later in the day. And then, from time to time, there's a big price jump, and we usually get notification of it, and then the gas stations become gridlocked. The big question is - is it worth your time waiting in line when you get a notice that the prices are going to increase at midnight? 

Let's imagine a worst-case scenario, and you have a 100-liter tank on your vehicle. OK -- I just checked, and the average gas tank on a car/van is between 40 and 70 liters. So let's say our gas tank is 70 liters. And for the sake of argument, let's assume that your tank is absolutely EMPTY when you get a notification that the gas is going to increase by TEN cents at midnight. That's a very rare occurrence that it increases by that much. 

So, if my 70-liter gas tank was empty and I could save TEN cents per liter, I would save a MAXIMUM of $7.00 by waiting in line to get gas. Is that worth it to you? It's not worth it for me - the tank in my car is about 45 L, so the cost savings is even less. 

The next time you fret over missing the increase and decrease in gas prices, think about this! However, I did note last week on our way home that the difference in gas from where we were to the price in the city was a whopping TEN cents difference. That's totally insane!!!!

OK -- so let's look at the storage containers. 

This is the scrapbook box. I LOVE these containers, and as mentioned yesterday, they can be purchased at Micheals. I'm sure you can get them somewhere else, but that's where I've always bought mine. 

Scrapbook box makes good storage for quilt projects

Here's the label - the brand is IRIS. 

The label on the scrapbook box

And if you want to know the size --- here's a close-up so you can see. A 12½" block fits beautifully into these boxes, as well as books and oversized patterns, and I LOVE them. 

Dimensions of the scrapbook boxes

I started off with pizza boxes that I purchased by the case at a packaging company. As they wear out or the plastic ones get empty, I'm replacing the pizza boxes with the plastic ones. OK -- that hasn't happened yet, but my plan is to eventually eliminate the pizza boxes. OK -- to be realistic about that -- I'll be downsizing in 20 years, and then I'll be forced to get rid of the pizza boxes! But I'm making progress!!!

Here are the plastic shoe boxes. They literally are the size of an average shoebox, and they are 13" long, 8" wide, and 5" high - more or less as they can vary by brand. 

Plastic shoeboxes

This particular one is by Sterilite, but there are many other brands. I noticed Rose mentioned that you can purchase them at some dollar stores. 

Plastic shoebox brand

They are great for storing my fabric scraps, projects, and supplies.

I would be totally lost without my storage containers. And I much prefer a rigid container rather than a plastic bag as they don't stack well. BUT if you don't have enough things to put in a shoebox, put the items in a plastic bag and buddy up several plastic bags into the shoe box. Label it, and it will sit much better on the shelf. 

And here's another container that I've been searching for. A spray bottle! I could only find giant ones, but yesterday at the mall, I found these ones in the garden center for $1. Yeah -- it's now filled with coffee, and I'm going to use it for journal making. 

Coffee in the spray bottle

I had some errands to do in the car, and one of them was a stop at Chapter's, and I don't think I showed you this before. This is the current issue of A Needle Pulling Thread. 

The current issue of A Needle Pulling Thread

And there's my table runner! I created it with the mySewnet Embroidery Software! I LOVE working with words, and I love how the words became the center motif for the table runner. 

My project for A Needle Pulling Thread

Diane is sewing up a storm, and I got back FOUR quilt tops the other day. OK -- I MUST get my act together and start quilting some of these. I have a couple of customer quilts to do first - I needed a break after that intense session a couple of weeks ago. Time to get back in the groove. 

Four quilt tops for community projects

Good grief -- I also saw this at Chapters. An inflatable toboggan. I bet that thing is super stable and what happens to it when you go over a rock? They had pink and blue ones, and I thought we were over the pink and blue thing? 

Inflatable toboggan

OK -- I'll finish up with a couple pictures of Little Bear. He is a good boy -- I put him out and tell him to do his business, and he does. But it's cold out there for the little guy with not much fur. He wanders around a wee bit, does his business, and comes back in. No lingering!

Bear exploring the deck

He's learning BAD things from the girls. He's sniffing in the trees where that darn rabbit runs. 

Bear's butt in the trees

And running along the paths created by the girls as they attempt to chase the rabbit from its hideyholes. 

Sniffing the rabbit trail

It was a bit day for him as he got a new sweater and a treat and kept me company while I sewed. 

My sewing companion

He's pretty darn cute and looks so sophisticated in his new sweater. Oh boy -- what a crazy dog!!! A little guy with a BIG attitude!

Little Bear in his new sweater

I've got four classes and one lecture this weekend besides the Virtual Retreat, and I guess I'll be on Zoom the entire weekend! But most of the homework is prepped - or at least the sewing part. I just have to throw the pictures into the presentations, and away we go. I need to send out some confirmation as well -- that's a job for this morning!

Check out the QUILTsocial post. It's all about applique today. Some AMAZING tips on machine applique - raw edge using a blanket stitch, as well as a satin stitch. 

Here are the links to the Virtual Retreat

Saturday, January 29 starting at 6 PM 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Sunday, January 30, starting at 11:30 AM

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 816 9371 7518 Passcode: 579285

Well, it's time to get the day started -- so much to do, so little time!!!

Have a super day!!!



  1. I have 5 project boxes like your blue one and I'm working to empty those this year! I aim to empty at least 4 before something new goes in-we shall see if I keep my word on that ;)

    I have 5 larger bins 6inch deep, 15 wide and 28 long. 1) contains any strip remainder I might have that doesn't have a "friend pile" in my stash. 2) contains my Happy Blocks strips/centers (an onoing year after year project). 3) is my travel project bin 4) contains all the odds/ends from projects that don't have a "friend pile" in my stash. 5) contains all the fabric and instructions for Jacqueline DeJonge's class I took back in 2014. I didn't keep going and I've been afraid to pull it out but it's on my mind.

    I have 1 bin that is 6x 12x 10. It contains a project not yet started-the Hungry Caterpillar. I received this kit from a friend several years ago and there it sits.

    I do have a shoesize bin that is filled with waste HSTs cut and trimmed and awaiting their project. I am the person in my online group that gets envelopes and boxes filled with waste HSTs. I use them as Leader/Enders and have several longterm projects they go into periodically when the mood strikes.

    I hope your organizing and sharing moves your readers to organize themselves, try some different methods and get going on their quilting instead of spending time searching.

    Happy Friday!!!!!!

  2. I also use the Iris boxes like yours; however, I have found that I prefer the way that Creative Options latch shut. They stack perfectly with the Iris boxes, which is important to me, as I see no reason to replace the Iris ones I already have.
    I also use the Iris project cases that are 13 X 12 3/16 X 1 9/16 in. I store my thread in these.
    I buy a lot of my cases at thrift stores, so they cost a lot less than even the sales at other stores.
    I do a lot of sewing that is not quilt related, so I have some of the big project boxes filled with things like velcro and elastic.
    Thanks for answering my question!