Friday, January 21, 2022

Solving world problems

So the temperature has dropped, and it's a tad cool outside. Helen Anne and I bundled up and went for a walk, but we only went for one. It was chilly on the face walking in one direction, and on the way home, it was beautiful. If we could have walked in only ONE direction, we could have walked for hours. I know I didn't meet my daily goal of 11.5 KM, but I'm OK with that. I have cranked out a few extra KM over the past couple of days, so that took care of the weekly total, and this afternoon is supposed to be warmer, so we can go for a long walk today. 

We made a little side trip yesterday. We popped up to Thimbles and Things in Orillia. Yep -- it was a hike to get there, but well worth it. Some of the group had to drop stuff off or pick things up. I was looking for something in particular but didn't find it - it wasn't quilt-related, so I didn't suspect that I would find it, but it was worth a try. And it's been a long time since I haven't been to the store. 

I did buy a few things - some white fabric to restock my white stash, a black and white for my BOHO heart, and a few other small things. That "little" errand took up most of the morning! Yikes -- I'm NOT getting a lot of sewing done while I'm here, but I also have to do some writing, and that writing takes up a lot of time, but I'm OK with that. It's just nice to get away, although I notice how routine-oriented I am. 

I'm doing the same things here as I would when I'm at home. Only the location has changed, and I'm OK with that. I've got friends to chat with here - no watching the baking shows!

Here's what the sunrise looked like yesterday. 

Sunrise at Retreat at the Farm

At one point in the day, I ran into the cutting/pressing room and caught Helen Anne in the act. I don't think she even knew I took the picture. I'm not going to say much about her project until she's done, but it's amazing!!!!

Helen Anne taking a picture of her project

I did manage to get some of the hourglass blocks trimmed. The rest of them are still sitting behind the sewing machine, and when I have a few free moments, I sew and trim a couple of them. I doubt I'll finish them here, but if I don't, I'm OK with that. I've advanced them significantly, and that's all I care about. Steady progress forward doesn't have to be fast progress, but steady progress is good enough for me. 

My trimmed hourglass blocks

I have them all laid out by size on the window sill behind me. 

I also did some major cleaning of my table, and look how much neater it looks. Gosh -- I sure love having the same amount of space as I would at home, and it's set up pretty much the same as if I were at home. That's hilarious -- you can't change me and my habits!!!!

My sewing table at the retreat

I have shoved all my junk into the corner, but it's pretty organized; however, I have NOT touched much in the project bag!! Thank goodness I only brought one bag and one extra with the urgent project I'm using for the writing. It all works out. 

My project bag(s) under the table

What can I say, but sewing retreats are the best! We have an excellent group of people, and we all get along just fine. Thank goodness for that! And while we all keep in touch via our weekly Zoom calls, it's really nice to be able to chat with them in person. 

I need to get to the grocery store today, and I have a wee bit of shoveling to do to make that happen. That darn car is so low, and if I go through the hard-packed snow in front of my car, well, there likely won't be much left of my car. But I hope to make that a quick trip as I have LOTS that I need and want to get done today!!!!

Another thing of being at the retreat is just the plain silliness that goes on and unfortunately, what happens at the retreat, stays at the retreat, but let's just say that we've made up new words, solved the world's problem, and a whole lot more. How come we're not in charge of the world?

On that note, this is short and sweet - I'm on a roll with editing my other document, and I really want that done by 8:30 when I have to listen in on a Zoom call. 

Have a super day!!!!


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