Saturday, January 22, 2022


And so another day at the retreat is over. Sadly, the end of the week is coming, and I'm not even looking forward to going home! We are an amazing group, and they are great to hang around with. OH -- wait -- we had one incident where someone (not going to mention any names) closed the door to the sewing room, which is an add-on to the house. Now in these frigid temperatures, that room became like an icebox overnight, and it took a long time to warm up. So we got that problem resolved, and it won't happen again, or that person gets voted OFF the island!!!

I've got to know these ladies a bit better, and all around, we've had oodles of fun. I did manage to get some work done for a writing assignment, so I don't have much to share with you, but you'll get to see it next week. 

I have LOADS to share with you as we worked on our journals in the morning. Not before I went to the grocery store and made a Tims run. I wasn't sure my car was going to start - it took a long time before the engine actually turned over because of the cold. This is a push-button start, and you don't really have the same control as with a key. I wondered if it would keep going and run the battery down, but after a few seconds of whirring, it kicked in. Then I had a wee bit of shoveling to do, and the snow was hard-packed. But I managed to get out, and everything was OK. 

Except when I got back to the house and distributed the drinks, only to find that they made a decaf coffee, not a tea for me. Sigh...................

At least we are getting some beautiful sunrises in the morning - cold but beautiful. It's cold again this morning, but the house is quite toasty - I was a bit worried about the sewing room, but it seems to be just fine as long as SOMEONE doesn't shut that door. Not even going to go there. 

The sunrise

Katheleen is just the best -- she brought a TON of journaling-making supplies for us. She was so organized; I can see why she was loved at her job before she retired. Anyway, we had loads of fun. THANK YOU, Katheleen!!! 

The calm before the storm

We got to sew our journal covers (made from paper) on the sewing machine. 

Sewing the journal cover on the sewing machine

Katheleen demonstrated how to put the pamphlet seam in the book to hold it together. A whole new vocabulary to learn and neve remind the new words that we made up to accommodate our feelings of the world around us. That way, we can talk and not offend anyone!!!! 

Katheleen demoing a journal making technique

Here's just a sampling of the paper that she made for us. Well, she didn't make the paper, but she created the vintage look, and WOW -- I have so many ideas now - I can't wait to get started using my own supplies. 

Paper to make our journals

I had fun with the sewing machine, creating little pockets to put writing tags in. I didn't finish mine as I'm going to add the tags as I write in the journal. This is going to become my gratitude journal. I need a good writing instrument to get started. Katheleen suggested a pencil, and that might just do the trick. 

My journal

After the journals were assembled, it was time to decorate the covers. This is what Helen Anne's looked like. So cute, and Tish had brought some supplies along, and she shared those with us. Helen Anne found a button with the letter H on it beside her little love owls. So adorable!!!!!

The cover of Helen Anne's journal

This is the cover of my journal. I kept it simple -- like me!1! And I got a little dog charm from Tish. I may add something more to my cover, but for the moment, it's done. 

My journal cover

This is one of Katheleen's journals. She brought a few to show us what she does, and she made one while we were here. Notice how the pages are falling out the bottom. 

Katheleen's journal cover

This is another one of Katheleen's journals. It is stunning and made from NOTHING, just ordinary paper supplies she has dressed up. Very clever. I felt like I was back in kindergarten, and there were NO rules. 

Katheleen's journal cover

And one more of Katheleen's where she has added lace to the book's spine. 

Another of Katheleen's journal covers

This one is Kathi's with birds and flowers adorning the cover. 

The front of Kathi's journal 

The back has lace and more flowers. Oh my -- we had fun with punches, paper, putting in grommets - the whole thing!

The back of Kathi's journal

This one is Tish's -- lots of little extras on that one. 

Tish's journal cover

Here are the little charm things she put on hers. She'll have to remove them to write in the journal, but they are easy enough to take off with a little clip!

The trinkets on Tish's journal

Here's the back cover of Tish's.  
The back cover of Tish's journal

OH MY GOSH  -- we had so much fun. Yep - this little merry band of quilters and journal makers had a blast, and it's not over yet. But look at the table. What a disaster !!!!!!  You know how it is, though -- the messier the space, the happier we are!

The table during the journal making process

Speaking of messy spaces, this is what my table looked like last night. Not too bad, if I may say so myself. That pile of hourglass blocks is diminishing -- I forgot to take a picture of my trimmed units -- that's for tomorrow.  And what???  What's in that glass at the bottom of the table? 

My sewing space last night

Yes -- that is a glass of wine. Kathi, Helen Anne, and I had a few glasses of wine, and then we all ended up in the living room chatting, and well, we solved the problems of the universe last night. So just call us if you need anything! 

My glass of wine

But it was awesome for all to sit and participate in ONE conversation, and the topics were varied. I can't believe how well we have gelled. It's been so much fun, and I was able to brainstorm about some quilting problems, and I got two excellent solutions. I'm ready to go home and try them out because this problem has been sitting in Pandora's closet, and I might just be able to advance it enough that I don't have a huge tub of fabric sitting there. 

Helen Anne and I went out for our walk, and it was a glorious day. Cool, but glorious as the sun was out, and we were dressed for it. But then Helen Anne and Katheleen went out for a walk to the end of the drive, and I snapped this picture of them. I love the silhouette effect!!!!

Helene Anne and Katheleen out for a walk

And on that note, it's time to get the day started. I made good progress yesterday, but I still have a lot of sewing to finish today. No writing today -- I'll finish it up at home tomorrow, but I want the pictures to be done. 

And if you ever have the opportunity to go on a retreat -- DO IT!!!!  Just pick your retreat people wisely, and you'll have a blast. 

Have a super day1!!!


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