Friday, March 25, 2022

A HAT trick

Where is the time going? It's almost the end of March! It seems like it was January 1 just a few days ago! 

So, I didn't get to answer e-mails yesterday. Oh, I think I may have responded to one or two, but hopefully, today is the day. Well, that's a lie because I'm madly prepping for the three classes and one lecture this weekend. 

If you're in one of my classes, you know about it and will get the Zoom link later today or tomorrow. The lecture is a free lecture on TOOLS -- quilting tools, of course! If you are on The Hobby Horse newsletter, you got the Zoom link in an e-mail yesterday. If not, go to their website and wait a few seconds; you'll get a pop-up message to join their mailing list. It might be too late for this month, but you'll be able to access that Zoom link for future demos. I have a whole box of interesting tools to chat about, so don't miss that. 

I have some IN-PERSON classes coming up at K&A Quilt Studio in Ingersol. So keep that in mind  -- they are fast approaching. There is a paper piecing class (including those pesky ANGLED pieces), a serger class geared to beginners (threading, tension, etc.), and an applique class using decorative stitches. So watch for that -- get on their newsletter list, and you'll get the list when it comes out. It's super easy to get on newsletter lists these days - -most websites have a pop-up message asking you to subscribe. 

There's also a HANDS-ON (virtual) software class for the mySewnet Embroidery Software (through K&A). If you do NOT have this software, you could always get a three-month subscription (well -- subscribe month to month for three months) to evaluate the software, and if you want -- you can continue your subscription. If you don't, then unsubscribe. This class is geared to new users of the software!

Check out the details on the website, which should be updated very soon -- my fault for being late!

I got lots of prep work done for the classes tomorrow, but I didn't get to where I wanted to be when I shut things down. I have to say that I LOVE having a space where I don't need to pack up. At 7 PM last night, I was done. I shut off the sewing machine, turned the lights off, and came upstairs to enjoy some cake! That makes life so much easier than having to pack stuff away. 

I would have gone mad years ago if I didn't have a little space carved out for myself. Even if I lived in a tiny apartment, some space would be devoted to sewing. I wouldn't care if I didn't have a couch (don't use the ones we have!), and that would be where my sewing stuff would go! HEY -- I have my priorities right!

Since I can't show you the homework I sewed yesterday, I can show you the quilts I quilted. It was all about the quilting yesterday, and this is what happened. 

I got this quilt quilted for a customer. It's a fairly large one at 85" square. 

Customer quilt - DONE

Here's what they did for the backing. A great way to use up the bits!! Pieced backings for the quilt can be a challenge, but this was not bad. A tip for the future -- cut the lengths of fabric all the same length and then sew them together! 

The backing of the quilt

As I was buzzing around and sewing and listening to my audiobook, I came to the long arm, saw the machine had finished the row, and started to advance the quilt. It was only then that I realized it had run out of bobbin thread a little way before it finished the row. ACK!!!!  Well, not to worry -- I'll just come back to it when I'm done. 

Thank goodness for positioning tools on the long arm computer and that I know how to use them. Well, I mostly know how to use them. The first row in this pattern had the top cropped off (the way it fit on the quilt), and I tried to use that row to do the repair. OH - DUH -- you need to advance to the correct row! After I got that straightened out, I was good. 

But with the tools  -- nudging, closest stitch, tracing -- you can literally get right on top of your previous stitching line. It's amazing!!! 

Design positioning tools on the long arm

And can you see where I matched up the pattern? If you look closely, you can see a double thread thickness, but it was bang on!! This is the kind of stuff that my dad loves -- the CNC aspect of it, and that is where life is going. The long arm, embroidery machines, anything that moves like that is all related to CNC  -- Computerized Numerical Control. I don't care HOW it works; I just know how to make it work. My Dad would know how it works, as he's a geek! 

A perfect match on the stitching

Once that one came off the long arm, I put this small one on, which didn't take too long. 

Customer quilt - DONE

And then I finished up with this small one. That was it for me with the long arm. The next quilt is lying on the machine, waiting to be loaded. I was hoping to get it quilted today, but I'm going to aim for loading it, and I'll quilt it tomorrow. I really need to finish prepping for the weekend. 

Customer quilt - DONE

Then I'm away all next week, and when I'm back, I need to be nose to the long arm and get the rest of the quilts done. I'm a wee bit behind -- not much, but behind. 

I see e-mails coming in with homework pictures and UFO pictures, so I must get those presentations together. All in a day's work. Nothing is ever normal or the same around here! 

On that note, I"m out of here. Lots to do, and I have to take my car back to the dealer today for the BIG repair on the brakes. Sigh...................

Don't forget to mark these dates on your calendar and that there's a Virtual Retreat this weekend. Yeah!!!!

Here are the quilt shows that I'm aware of in my area. 

The Textile Show at the Gerrard Art Space (Toronto)  --- show runs until April 3!!!  (better hurry on that one!)

Colour with a U  -- a quilt show at the Orillia Museum of Art & History -- runs until April 9 

Common Thread Quilt Guild Ottawa) is hosting its show on May 6,7,8. 

Hamilton Quilt Guild -- June 3, 4


Don't forget the Virtual Retreat this weekend. 

Saturday, March 26 --- starts at 6 PM. 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

And Sunday, March 27 -- starts at NOON.

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 816 9371 7518 Passcode: 579285

And lastly, here's the link to another QUILTsocial post. Lots of great tips and information for everyone. 

Have a super day!!!


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