Thursday, March 10, 2022

Clean up!!!


You know how it goes -- you plan to get something done in a specific time frame, and that doesn't happen. Well, I'm happy to report that I had a homework assignment to prep, and I really wanted it done in a specific time frame, and it's DONE. The pictures are taken, edited, and in the presentation! Now how did that happen? OH -- I know -- being realistic in setting the goal! 

Well, I didn't get to bed too early yesterday, and there was NO watching of baking shows. I'm also working on two other presentations, and the plan today is to work on one more assignment. That will take care of Saturday, but what about Sunday? I'll work it out -- it always happens. 

What's hilarious about all this is that in the old days -- OK -- pre-COVID, there were plenty of times when I went to teach the in-person class, and I had never sewed the blocks. Case in point -- Dear Jane -- I made ONE block the entire time I taught that class. 

That's why I have many HUGE UFOs. The result of all those sew alongs that never got done during the class time. My goal is to NOT my history repeat itself. Although there are two sew-along projects from last year that still do not have a border on them. That's a project for July when the number of sew alongs will be significantly less. 

People are going to go through withdrawal this summer! But it's going to be a lovely summer -- I can feel it, and I think we need to get outside and do stuff away from our sewing machines! We'll all come back refreshed and ready to start something new!

Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with myself and my project. No time to languish at what is complete -- it's time to move on to what needs to be done!

I had company while I was sewing, and just in case I missed her, she made sure that I knew she was there. What a goof! Murphy is definitely an "in your face" dog. 

Murphy helping Mom iron

The French presentation is done! The prep time is still long, but not nearly as long as when I first started. I'm actually learning (and remembering) the terms in French. Yeah me! 

But what was hilarious was last night at dinner, when DH and I were discussing something. The French words came more readily than their English counterparts! HA! What a hoot! He probably thinks I've gone crazy, and yes -- it's true!

It's spring, and all the dirt and debris of spring has risen up in all its ugliness. I grew up in the country, and while I went to school in town for high school, I was mainly on the farm. There was no garbage on the ground where I lived. I'm sure there was in town, but since I wouldn't be out walking, I wouldn't have seen it. 

In all fairness, when I lived on the farm, it wasn't that we didn't have garbage per se around the house. Our garbage was different -- old tractors, scrap metal, wood, etc. Some farmyards can be pretty messy!

The first time I came to Toronto was in the spring of the late 1970s. I remember walking down the street with my friend and being shocked at the amount of dog poop and other garbage strewn on the streets. Do people not pick this up? That was in a less than desirable section of the city. 

Now I live in suburbia, and well, the situation is just as bad. I'm shocked at how much dog poop there is -- do people not care? And the garbage is unbelievable. It is disconcerting that people don't pick up what's been lying about in front of their houses. It's THEIR garbage, and since the collection people didn't pick it up (because it wasn't appropriately packaged), the homeowners just leave it. 

And then you have scenarios like this. It makes me want to knock on their door and ask them if they are lazy, not aware, or just don't care? Probably all three! It blows my mind that people only care to get the garbage out of their house or car but couldn't care less what the outside of their house looks like. 

Garbage on a residential street near me

And it's no different in other parts of the world. I've mapped out a route through Africa on my year-long challenge of 8,000 cardio KM. I'm currently in Libya (started in Cairo), and while the roads are NOT mapped on Google maps, from time to time, people have posted pictures. This was the picture this morning. 

Garbage strewn streets in Ajdabiya, Libya

What kills me is the garbage on the ground within a throwing distance of a garbage bin! Seriously??? Is it a peer pressure thing? "I'm too cool to put my garbage in the bin?" Who do they think cleans up the mess? I just don't get it. And how can we get people to be more conscientious of their surroundings? Sigh..........................

I got a chuckle on my afternoon walk. I spotted this couple across the street. It's tough to see in the photo, but they're carrying a LONG piece of baseboard. That's hilarious. It was only one piece -- too costly to arrange delivery, too awkward to put in the car, so they walked to the hardware store and walked it home. I love them!!!!  

Carrying home a piece of baseboard

OH MY --- these aprons (Thanks, Helen) were dropped on my doorstep yesterday. They must have been from a show MANY years ago! I'll have to ask my boss if she remembers these? Husqvarna wasn't called Husqvarna Viking at the time, so it was a LONG, LONG time ago. KEEP CANADA SEWING!!! I wonder what I can make with them???

Sewing apron

Something bizarre happened yesterday. I had ordered something from the US, but it couldn't be delivered to Canada, so I arranged to set up a US address, and this company then brings the shipments across the border for a small fee. 

I received notification from the company where I purchased the product that my package arrived at the warehouse but heard nothing from the border crossing company. That was the middle of November. After MUCH searching on their website, I sent them an e-mail in January asking about my package and how I get it to Canada. Nothing! 

Then yesterday, I got an e-mail saying that my package would be destroyed if I did not do the proper paperwork. Seriously???? Where was the first, second, or third notice???? So I think I have completed the paperwork, and I'll be watching that like a hawk to make sure the package gets moving. 

I now see where the package has been sitting in my account on the web, but I never saw that when I was investigating. They should make the tabs/titles more user-friendly! And, of course, it could be a total operator error as well. 

It doesn't matter -- I just want my package to be delivered, and let's hope that it will happen now. 

I was doing some research on sewing machine needles yesterday, and WOW -- there is some excellent information out there. Here's a link to Wikipedia. I have to love that site, and YES - I donate to them once a year! 

Well, there is no question that I'm way behind in quite a few things. But I can't let that get me down. I can only do one thing at a time (that took me years to figure that one out), and I'll plug away until everything is done. This weekend is the worst one to prep for. Next weekend, there is barely anything and the weekend after that is also reasonably light. It's all happening -- slow and steady. I'm a turtle!

On that note, it's time to get moving. 

Have a super day!!!


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