Sunday, March 13, 2022

Mini design boards are the best!

Yesterday, with all the Zoom calls and the prep for those calls, just about did me in! 

By the time I was finished at 4 PM, I was wiped. I did NOT go for a second walk. It was late, the sidewalks were treacherous from the weather, it was cold. I wimped out and said, "NO -- I'm not budging." I even asked DH to order pizza (we were going to go out). It was just one of those days, and I'm OK with it. I did feel a twinge of guilt, not going for that second walk, and then I said, "screw it! I'm allowed to miss a day here and there!"

I couldn't even walk to the grocery store to get bananas for my oatmeal this morning. So my oatmeal is sad, but I was prepared for it since I didn't want to brave the wind. That's how badly I didn't want to go for a walk -- I was ready to sacrifice not having bananas for breakfast. Mostly, it was because I was tired. Both of the sessions in the afternoon lasted almost a half-hour longer than planned, and well, it just wiped me out. 

I have two presentations today, and well, I'm prepped, but not nearly as much as I would have liked to be. That happens, and I'm OK with it. 

However, I did a minor repair job last night that needed to be done, and I watched the first episode of Season 10 of The Great British baking show. A just reward. There are only 11 seasons online, and what will I watch when I'm done? Oh --- I have tons of episodes of The Quilt Show to watch. Somehow, that's nearly as much fun as the baking show. 

I had two technical issues to resolve yesterday. One is mainly resolved, and the other -- is a mystery. I had to do a factory reboot on my Fitbit. Did I need to go that drastic? I don't know, but I was tired of it adding those extra steps. So I rebooted. Of course, that means you need to redo all the connections, which wasn't a problem. Several years ago, Ronda set up my clockface as a Bitmoji, and I loved it. 

I had all my stats available on the screen. Most people count steps on their FitBit; I like to see the KM. After the reboot, I had difficulty getting the darn thing set up. 

Ah -- where are the numbers?

It got stuck in this mode for a day! I've gone back in and linked my accounts made a new avatar for Bitmoji, but do you think I can sync it with my Fitbit? Nope. 

So I had to go through all the clock faces to find something that had the stats I wanted. Isn't that amazing that we can choose the style of watch face??? Well, I was so used to the other one that this just feels wrong. But I'll learn to live with it. 

My new watch face

So all I have to do is tap on the numbers in the bottom right, and this next screen pops up with all the stats. Actually, I think I like this one much better as it's easier to read and actually easier to access ALL the stats at one time. OK -- I'm going to call this technology challenge over, and I will STOP trying to get my Bitmoji back on my Fitbit. 

My stats

The second issue is strange, and it involves the printer, which is wireless and sits in DH's office. I've had trouble with it in the past, but once I installed the program (years ago), I've been good with it. Then one day, it stopped printing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, but nothing. However, my computer can see the printer, and it tells me that it's in READY status. I can even scan from my computer using that printer, but it won't print. 

I can print from my laptop and phone, but not the computer. Now can you tell me why that one is? It is a tad annoying, mainly because I needed something for today, and well -- I wasn't sure how to get it. After complaining at dinner, I realized that I could print the same document from my laptop, and that's what I did. So I have a workaround, but I'd really like the convenience of printing from my computer. OH -- I was even able to print a test page after I ran some Printer Doctor program, but nothing from any of my programs. And it's not just Microsoft -- I couldn't print from EQ8. Very weird. 

I've lived with that one for a while; I'm going to ignore it for the moment. I don't have time to mess with it. 

I'll start showing you homework pictures tomorrow, but today -- well, what would we do without those mini design boards? 

These are about 18" square -- a foam core base with industrial felt glued to the surface. 

I was cutting strips for my Wanderer's Wife quilt, and they were perfect for laying out the strips so I could easily find one that worked. It was a bit of a random process -- I mostly went by the total length of the strips rather than figure out if this color worked best beside another. 

Choosing the strips

 The leftovers went onto another board in case I needed more strips, and I did, so this was a good idea to lay them out rather than throwing them in a heap. 

The leftovers were prepped for the next round of cutting 

And then the strips were all laid out. And LABELED!

The strips are laid out and labeled

And I could stack the mini design boards on top of each other, which was great!!!

Three boards stacked

My homework for Boho Heart was stacked neatly on another board. 

Boho Heart homework

To save a bit of space, I decided to stack them all on top of each other. I placed it in a bit of precarious place, and of course, I whizzed by, and CRASH, they all fell to the floor. They don't look so neat now! Thank goodness the blue ones were labeled, or I would be in a huge mess. 

This is what happens when they fall to the floor

I'll try to straighten that out later today - or not. 

I had a couple of blocks laid out on another board. Those blocks are now sewn together and safely in the project box. 

Blocks are laid out on a mini design board

And there is more stuff piled on this one. 

YES -- there is a mini design board underneath all that

Whew!!! What a day, and well, today will be much quieter from a Zoom perspective. Only two sessions, and none of them should go over the time. Yeah!! But it's still cold outside! Not as cold as in some other parts of the world, but cold. I think I'm feeling the cold more because I'm a bit tired? Or perhaps, I'm just fed up. That's more likely the reason. But that PLUS ONE --- that's what keeps me going. It will be warmer! Tomorrow! 

Actually, if I look at Thursday, the temperature will be 34 degrees WARMER than our current windchill. That's just nuts! Average out the temperature, and I'll be fine! Of course, the girls couldn't care less. As a matter of fact, I think they like this weather better than the warm weather. 

On that note, I'm out of here! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Has your IP address changed? It has to be static to send to a remote printer. I learned this the hard way...

  2. I don't think this is just a FitBit problem.My Garmin Vivomove also logs extra steps. The only thing I can think of is that I sometimes rest my left arm on my sew steady table. I am almost convinced the vibration is being registered or the start & stops maybe?

  3. I have this problem from time to time with my wireless HP printer....

    You might want to power down both the printer and the computer and reboot. And...with some of the updates (if you are a Windows User), the printer drivers can become incompatible sans update. It is very frustrating. But, a couple of peanut gallery comments that may or may not have merit in your circumstance.