Friday, March 18, 2022

Are we there yet?

 Last July 1, four of us took on a huge virtual challenge. I'm not sure why they call these things virtual challenges since we actually have to walk the distance - we just don't walk on the real trail -- I guess that's the virtual part of it! 

Anyway, four of us (none of us are runners) agreed to walk 10,000 KM from Victoria, BC, to Cartwright in Labrador. That's the more northern route of walking from one end of Canada to the other. 

Could we actually do this as we must walk 27.4 KM every day between us? I'm happy to report that we are less than 500 KM from Cartwright. We are going to make it! And we'll make it with three months to spare! We've been averaging 36.5 KM a day! Way to go, team!!! (Nancy, Shelly, and Helen)

243 teams signed up with a varying number of participants, with a maximum of 20 per team. We should cross the finish line in position 68 or thereabouts. 

It will be interesting to see how many teams actually finish by the June 30 deadline. 

The status of the Cross Canada virtual walk

There are still a LOT of teams on the road, and for some of them, well, we know they won't finish. This is a curious thing as everyone had to pay to participate. One thing I don't like about this challenge because we have already received the medal (which I haven't opened), and to me -- that defeats the purpose. If you already have the medal? Why would you actually walk the distance? Well, that's what some people say, but NOT us. 

Based on the numbers and the time left, I figure that half of the teams will make the deadline, which is disappointing! But then, I have to remember that I'm a crazy person, and I like to set a goal and achieve it! Otherwise, why set a goal if you have no intention of getting to the end. 

Of course, our team members are very motivated, and that's important that we all have the same goals. 

What bothers me about these virtual challenges is the LACK of support some people receive from their family or friends. Someone signs up for a challenge - whatever distance works for them, and they get comments from friends and family that are so derogatory you wonder what is wrong with people. Comments - like -- oh - it's not like you really walked Route 66 or the Appalachian Trail. Seriously?? Although we technically did NOT walk across Canada, we walked the SAME DISTANCE, which is more than I can say for those family members or friends. If I had friends who made comments like that, I don't think we'd be friends for too much longer. 

I get that these challenges are not for everyone. And if you disagree with your family member/friend finding some form of motivation to get them moving, then say nothing, but to outright discourage or ridicule them - well, what's that all about? We have the BEST online support group for our virtual challenges  -- The Conqueror, and those people GET IT. They have 34 different challenges now, and you can make up your own. I don't even care about the medals or the virtual postcards -- it's the goals and achieving the goals that keep me going. 

I had an excellent sleep last night. The final French presentation for the sergers is done! Somehow that task seems to get the best of me, even though I'm prepped for it, and while my French isn't always the best, it's not bad considering when I last spoke regularly in French. If only I had sewn in French before -- that would make a big difference. No worries -- my vocabulary grows by the day. 

I slacked off in the walking department yesterday with only 8.6 KM, and I had two naps - a little one and a BIG one. Today looks much better!

It was so glorious outside that well; how could you stay in the house. I was too tired to walk, with a massage at 3 PM, I didn't have the time or the energy for that second walk. I'm happy with 8.6 KM. 

Miss Murphy was so excited as she got to go in the car. Where was she going? She finally got a bath -- a real bath! And a trim. 

Fuzzy butt before

The groomer didn't cut as much back as I would have liked, but her butt looks better. He questioned why the feathers on her legs were uneven. Ah  -- that would be because I hacked some of them off when they were covered in mud and ice. Busted!!! But she smells pretty and will look pretty for about one day!


It was so nice that I put the girls on their leashes, sat on the front step, and read. We need a nice little seating area in the front, as the front steps are not comfortable. 

And as per the norm at our house, Murphy is busy investigating all the smells. 

Murphy is busy

Lexi is making an attempt to howl! Sigh...................

The howler!

The fish love this weather as well. Our pond is pretty full -- our little overflow (a low spot by the filter) doesn't seem to be working. Actually, the ground is so saturated there is no place for the water to go. But that's OK. So the fish survived another winter, and I think I only pulled one dead one out. The new aerator worked beautifully!

The fish enjoying the sun

And it's warm already this morning. The sidewalks will be dry, and I can't wait to get out! I have ONE Zoom call to attend this morning and then more writing. I didn't get much done in the writing department as I was so exhausted my brain just wouldn't function. A few more e-mails did get answered, but I'm still far behind. 

However, I'll make it -- I know I will, and with a mostly free weekend, I hope to get caught up as there are quilts to be quilted, and I'm behind! 

I see the dishwasher is acting up again -- two days in a row with the F11 error. I suspect now that something major is happening, and it might be time to call the repair person. Yeah!  I'll attempt to clean it out yet again and see what happens. I suspect it was my fault as I put something in the dishwasher that had a label on it, and the label disintegrated, and while I got some out, the rest of it is stuck somewhere! I know -- I know -- I'm not supposed to do that, and DH has been on my case to NEVER do that. 

Well, it's time to get the day started!

Have a super day!!


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