Monday, March 14, 2022

Puttering in the studio!

I'm enjoying my new watch face. Yep -- while I loved the Bitmoji one, this one is better. It's easier to read (PINK (gasp!) on black) than white on orange. No cute little Bitmoji is covering the time (sometimes), and the stats require just ONE touch to see everything instead of tapping numerous times. Sigh -- dare I say that change is sometimes for the better? 

Some people have mentioned that wrist movement can sometimes add steps to the FitBit. Yep -- I know that, but NOT 20 KM at once. The first time it happened, I went from standing to sitting, and BAM --- 20 KM got added. That's a computer glitch! Let's hope the factory restart will solve that problem. I see from the Virtual Challenge Facebook page and reading up online that I am not alone. 

One more class yesterday and our machine embroidery club (SUPER inspiring), and I was done for the day. I was going to sluff off and do nothing for the remainder of the day, but I was so inspired by the machine embroidery stuff that I actually puttered in Studio B for the entire rest of the day. 

This week, there'll be loads of show and tell!

Let's start off by saying that the ironing board was a disaster. Note there's a massive pile of fabric on the floor. 

The ironing board covered with bits of class material

The cutting table wasn't bad but still covered with stuff. 

The cutting table piled with more stuff

And the sewing area -- well, it was a mess. 

No room to sew!

However, it all looks a whole lot better this morning. I have zero problems making it messy -- that's why I keep it clean! So when I need the space to work (and work means mess), I have space to spread out. The critical thing in all this is to CLEAN up after. And it's mostly clean this morning. 

The half-square triangles in this grouping are trimmed. Now to figure out what to do with them, but in the meantime, they are going into the bucket with the rest of the trimmed units, and I'll deal with them at a later date. 

Half-square triangles trimmed

I had a stack of half-square triangles that needed to be pressed so they could then be sewn into hourglass blocks, and those got pressed and the sewing line marked on them. Now they can be used as enders and leaders. 

Hourglass units are prepped for sewing

I finished my audiobook. The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley. If I had to describe this book in one word -- that word would be TWISTED. And I use that word to describe the plot, the characters -- everything. It's, well, it's just twisted! But I enjoyed it, and it held my focus, and that's all that counts. I have so MANY more books I want to read, and I have 4 more waiting in the queue! I like to switch it up -- this week, it's all about audiobooks!

I went for a long walk and ended up doing 14 K or something like that. It was a beautiful day in the light, gentle snow, and mild temperature. 

Once the audiobook was done, I watched an episode of the baking show. And cleaned up the mini-design boards that had fallen to the floor the day before. This is the board for Boho Heart, and now all the pieces are back in the right spots - everything is fused in place and ready to be stitched by machine or by HAND (gasp!). Once the work on this board is done, I'll be up-to-date with the homework. Just in time, to start on the assignment for next month!

Blocks for Boho Heart

I have three things I would like to work on today, and since it's Monday sewing, I must pick ONE of them and then focus!

And now I need to get to the computer and do some follow-up from the weekend classes, so after Monday sewing ends, I'll be at the computer!

I also got a quilt done and need to trim it later today. This week is also all about quilting quilts and writing, so no rest. There is only one class this weekend, and I don't really need to prep much for it. 

Customer quilt - DONE

The birds and squirrels are having fun at the feeders in the backyard. A downy woodpecker loves my suet feeder, and I need to put a new one in as this one is almost gone. 

Downy woodpecker

There is a pair of cardinals that love the feeder as well. I can never get Mr. and Mrs. in the same photo, but they are there! There are lots of other little birds who visit the backyard buffet. 

Mr. Cardinal taking a rest

And the squirrels seem to be happy picking up the bits from the ground. There's been no attacking the feeders, and I'm not sure how that has happened, but I don't care if they clean the bits on the ground. Less for the girls to eat! Perhaps, he's lazy and thinks he's getting enough of the spilled bits that he doesn't need to climb up! Of course, those feeders are supposed to be squirrel-proof, and perhaps they are!

Squirrel enjoying the bits on the ground

And there we have it!!! I'm off to spin class This morning. Yeah! I have a love-hate relationship with spin class. I'm good when I get there, but sometimes, the thought of doing all that work isn't exciting! But the instructor (Joseph) is very motivating, the music is good, I love watching the videos he plays to distract us, and well, as long as I can get my butt out the door -- I'm good. And honestly, it's all so I can snack guilt-free!

Have a super day!!


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