Saturday, March 5, 2022

Who will you call?

What a super productive day! I put my headphones on and listened away to that book about a world without ANY modern conveniences and sewed and pressed and cut. And this is what happened. 

The status of Farmer's Wife

Yep -- I got over half of the top together, and I love it!! The photo does not do justice to the richness of these fabrics. It's amazing what can happen when you are totally distracted from the process of sewing! Thankfully, the battery died in the headphones when they did. The subject matter of that book is very challenging. There is little food to eat, and the leaders have to decide who gets to eat and who doesn't. Your kid needs medication to live, and it is running out. I hope to finish in the next couple of days, and there's a sequel -- two sequels, and I'm not sure I want to read them. I'll see how this one ends. OK -- I bet both dogs and one child belonging to the main character will be gone.  

After getting that far yesterday on my quilt, I decided to dig out my basket of Kansas Trouble fabrics. Yep -- I love this stuff, and it has its own basket. It seems that I liked it a lot as I bought tons of it. Why? This is one of those lines that keep producing the fabric, and whatever they sell today would go with what I bought years ago. 

There are jelly rolls in the bottom of the basket, and I think there's a pattern or two that I would like to make someday? But I should be able to find something for the border(s) and also the backing. How many quilts do you think I could make from this basket of fabric? Why or why did I buy so much?

My basket of Kansas Troubles fabric

I think I will push through on this quilt and try to get it completely ready to be quilted. I'll see how it goes. I need to start doing the homework assignments for March, and some will be quite a lot of work and will sneak up very quickly. 

Since today and tomorrow are "free" days, I need to use my time wisely. But I need to get the quilt that's on the long arm done to get back to customer quilts. 

I had done a bit of shopping the past couple of days, and this is what the ironing board looked like yesterday morning. Everything got put away! 

Stuff to put away

I broke down and bought this bicycle fabric. I DO NOT need more, but there were two in the store -- I only bought one, so that was a positive!

A bicycle fabric

And look what I found -- two OLD books on Pictogram Embroidery from Husqvarna Viking. This is how machine embroidery used to be done before we had embroidery machines, and I'm fascinated by the history. So when the books became available, I got them. 

Pictogram Embroidery book

Here's the second book. GOSH -- the apple didn't fall from the tree for historical books. My Mom has tons of stuff that she collected over the years -- at least for me, it's only sewing machine techniques. 

A second book on Pictogram Embroidery

I also found two hard copies of my Tech Tip book. If anyone wants one, they are $15, and you need to pick up or pay for shipping. 

Two hard copies of my Tech Tip book


That's the other thing about me -- I love TECHNIQUES more than patterns, although I somehow ended up with tons of patterns!

I see the weather is relatively balmy this morning - only minus 2, and tomorrow, it's going to be shorts weather! I would just like those blocks of ice at the end of my driveway to melt. I tried to remove some of them yesterday and scooped a bit off the top. But the rest? It's solid ice!

For those of you who want to get better at your free motion quilting, here's the link to Whirls n Swirls. It's a long arm rental shop in our area. What Tracy is showing you for designs can be worked for a domestic sewing machine or long arm, so check it out -- one of her videos is on feathers which a lot of people like. 

I did break down and watch a couple episodes of the baking show after my headphones for the audiobook died. Such fun and OK -- I need to bake a cake  -- just for the fun of it. Can I bake a genoise sponge? Doesn't that sound fascinating? 

So there's a perilous intersection in our neighborhood. M had an accident at that corner; this is where we found the skunk and that truck fire I saw last year. As well, there have been other accidents. It's a wide-open intersection, so not sure why all the negative vibes. 

So yesterday, Miss Lexi and I were approaching the intersection and debating on waiting for the light - I NEVER start across the street even if the hand has just begun to flash. It's taking your life into your hands. We were contemplating life when BANG -- two cars collided. One of them obviously ran the yellow/red light. To be honest, I was right there on the corner of the street and saw NOTHING. 

I glanced up to see all the radiator fluid come gushing out of the one vehicle. Who do you call? What do you do? Well, I learned something yesterday. The first thing is to check if anyone needs medical assistance. If so, then you call 911. If NOT, it's up to the drivers to call a tow truck. No cops are needed. WOW -- that's crazy!! Yep -- I did call 911, and that's what the operator explained to me. I did NOT know that. 

I felt bad for the one driver -- no, I don't because she is likely the one that caused the accident. A young girl who goes to the local high school. I know because she had her uniform on. Probably borrowed Dad's big vehicle to be cool at school. It wasn't seconds before she had her phone in her hand to call him, and when we walked past later, the dad was on the corner with her as they watched the vehicle being towed away. Not a good way to start off your driving history! 

Sigh --- why are people so in a hurry that they just need to RUN those yellow or red lights. OR so distracted that they didn't see the light, the person, the child, the dog, or whatever. 

Well, on that happy note, we're off to risk our lives as we go for our walk! Hey -- it's not that bad. 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. My guess on that basket (I'm assuming it's a large laundry basket size), is at least 12 quilts IF you also piece the backings from the longer yardage. If only tops? Hmmmm, 20.