Friday, August 19, 2022

Amazon to the rescue

Choke! GASP! 

Did I actually write that? Yes, I did, and as I've said all along, I have zero problem buying from them, but I MINDFULLY buy from them. 

I bought my quick dry undies -- thanks to Lulu Lemon, those should arrive by Monday. I needed the water bottle holder for the backpack -- could ONLY find those on Amazon as well, as a clip to use with any disposable water bottle. And the last thing I need, which I could have bought at MEC but totally forgot was a holder for my cell phone. DUH!!! It was on the list, but I was more focused on water bottle options and fanny packs than I was thinking about my phone. 

I didn't want to drive out once more to MEC, so I broke down, and it'll be ordered today on Amazon with Monday delivery. Just in time to get packed for the trip!

I got my SIM card yesterday -- thanks so much, and you know who you are! That just needs to be topped up when I arrive. 

There are no changes to the flight, although do I want to pay $1,000 for a bed? I think not! 

So -- I think I'm all set. Everything is taken care of as far as what I need. The paperwork and the sewing? HA!

This is what's sitting on the floor beside me. I've been up early, prepping e-mails and presentations. So things are coming off the list, and I'm sure I could clear up a lot if I spend a couple of hours focusing. I HAVE to start on that major writing assignment - it now has to be the focus of the next couple of days. And today is FRIDAY -- I can't forget that! 

My pile of paperwork

Why can't I forget that it's Friday? Because that means there are only five days left, and there is NO TIME for messing around! 

I will spare you the photo of the blister on my heel. Let's say that I think I have finally conquered it. I was busy with needle and thread last night, and when I was done, it almost looked like I had darned the darn thing! Threads were hanging out everywhere, but all the liquid seems to be gone. Let's hope. There is still a hard part to the mess, which almost appears to be a callus. I've no idea. But I got out the Tea Tree ointment, and I'm trying to get rid of this blasted thing. 

What a hoot to START the Camino with a  blister. NOT! I swear, I've been good for years with NO blisters or very few, and then wham! Now when I need to be blister free -- I get a beautiful one!

I'll be slathering that thing up with my Solarcaine as I walk to help keep it lubricated! 

I got some major sewing done yesterday -- slow and steady! I need to stop what I was working on and focus on what needs to be done- that magazine quilt! But this is par for the course, so I'm good with it all. 

The good news is that all the customer quilts are now done. I still have to trim and may do that this morning while participating in a Zoom call. 

Customer quilt - DONE

So these are the girls during the day. Murphy is always at the ready. "Are we going somewhere? Can I come? Is there a treat for me? I'm ready!"

MOM -- I'm ready for whatever you want to do!

Lexi, on the other hand, is pretty relaxed. "Call me if something is going on. I'm busy!"

Relaxed Lexi

But she can be quite the tease. She likes to hang out in the living room when I'm reading. "MOM - I'm smarter than you think, and I am NOT getting close enough that you can touch me!" 

Lexi - at leg's length, so I can't touch her! What a tease!

Oh, those girls. I'm going to miss them, and they will miss me! But it'll all be good! I'll get lots of hugs and love when I get back home. 

And for some reason, the link seemed to have stopped for those getting my blog via e-mail daily. I will have to uninstall the widget and reinstall it to see if that makes a difference. WOW  -- I hate when changes happen, and no one tells you about it.  

However, my blog is registered with Bloglovin' so you can always go there and click on my blog, and then Bloglovin' will e-mail you the link daily. SHOOT -- Bloglovin'.com seems to be down at the moment. What is going on in the blog world? 

Hmm -- here's a Youtube video to help you. I think this only helps you if you have a Blogger account yourself. But you can become a FOLLOWER, so I think you will get an e-mail. I'll have to check it out a bit more. 

Shoot --- it seems the Bloglovin isn't working this month, and there was one more app that you could use, but I don't remember it for the life of me. If someone knows, let me know. 

OK -- I need to get moving! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. I read you on It's a very good platform for reading everyone but I don't blog so don't know how that end is.

  2. Several quilters with blogs that I follow have been leaving Bloglovin' - it's been a royal pain to use lately.

    1. Yes -- I seem to be having trouble with Bloglovin. seems to be working. Keeping fingers crossed. Thanks for the information as I wasn't aware of that.