Saturday, August 13, 2022

The work on Green Tea continues

The clock is ticking, and I wrote a list of everything I must do before leaving. I'm in good shape, although as much as I'm trying to be ahead of the game, I'm sure I'll be running around on the last day like an idiot! 

I still haven't bought all my clothes! And certainly haven't packed - I mean, what's to pack? Someone asked about my backpack's weight and where I came up with the 10 lbs limit. 

So here's the theory -- I'm NOT doing what they call a thru-hike, so there is no need to carry a tent and other camping necessities. I'm walking through a very populated area of Spain, and the villages are often only several KMs apart. The longest stretch with no villages is 17 KM. 

While thru-hikes carry heavier packs (god bless them!), day hikers like myself carry about 10% of your body weight. Now, I weigh more than 100 lbs, of course. But I'm taking 10 lbs of gear, including the weight of my backpack, leaving several pounds for food and water. But again, except for that 17 KM stretch, there's no need to stock up on tons of water because there are many fountains along the way or shops to buy something if you need it. 

I'm not big on first-aid stuff, so I'll take the basics. A bandaid or two, some moleskin, but I don't use that stuff at home when I get a blister (which has been rare), and I don't expect to carry or use that while I'm on the road. Toiletries will be sparse - bar of soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste, and that's about it! 

The one thing I want to take and am not sure it'll fit in the weight limit is something to do! I might sneak in a book (GASP!) or a crossword puzzle book (tiny) if I need something to do in the afternoon once I arrive. Although this is my first time day-hiking, it's not my first time doing this sort of thing. I've made numerous cycling trips (the longest was ten weeks), and once you arrive at camp, there's nothing to do, so a book to read was handy. But I wasn't carrying my stuff on my bike, so the weight didn't matter. I'll see how it goes once all the gear is assembled. You'll be the first to know how heavy that pack is!

The one thing that comes up in many discussions is how many sets of clothes to take. Most people take two, and sometimes people take three - the third being what to wear once you arrive. I thought of a sarong and happened to have one, so I dug it out, and I'll be weighing the options. Oh my god -- can you see me wearing a sarong in the evening? Someone who never wears a dress? Like all trips, modesty will go out the window -- I'm going for weight and comfort! Plus the sarong can double as a blanket, a coverup for shorts in a church, and I'm sure there are several other uses for it. 

My sarong

Poor Mani is naked as she has been wearing the sarong for a long time. 

Mani (the mannequin) wearing the sarong

Anyway -- I'll be going through all that on the blog, but first, I need to get out and get the rest of the gear I'm missing. I should make that a priority instead of sewing!

Someone asked if I'm taking a flat Elaine with me. Nope -- nothing that does not have a purpose is going in the backpack. NOTHING! Flat Elaine gets to stay home in Studio B and keep things under control! 

Flat Elaine stays home

OK -- so instead of working on the new homework for Green Tea, I'm still playing catch-up. That has to stop today because the new class is tomorrow. But look at that invisible applique. WOW!!! Looks awesome. 

Invisible applique

We had to make two of these blocks, and for whatever reason, I had only made the pieces for one, and when I put them onto the background, they were a smidgen too large. So I made two more blocks using slightly smaller pieces. All three are stitched down, and the larger one went into the orphan block box! 

Three blocks of invisible machine applique

And one of the Garden Path blocks was too small when I was working out the measurements, so that center is also appliqued in place and in the orphan block box. 

Extra blocks for the orphan block box

Then yesterday, when I was bored (LOL), I decided to forge ahead with two more applique blocks. I need them for one of my writing assignments this coming week, so why not get double use out of the situation? 

Raw edge applique block

Second raw edge applique block

I may add a few more leaves to the blocks and replace the red leaves on the second one. Not sure how my fussy placement of the fusible ended up with red leaves! I still have the stitching to do, but that'll happen this week. 

So if I finish the homework today and stitch those blocks this coming week, I'll only be behind by TWO blocks. Can that be true?? I never thought that would happen since I was very far behind! Perseverance and dedication can make anything happen!

I also got another customer quilt done. 

Customer quilt - DONE

And I'm still poking around the piles of stuff in Studio U when I get a free moment here and there. I found this book. 

A book of winning quilts

Notice what it says -- Store Copy. Ooops -- which store? Oh boy -- I stole someone's book! 


And I spotted this quote yesterday, which I think explains our sewing groups -- Zoom sewing sessions, Virtual retreats, etc. 

There is one more line to that quote that I think is important "without a loss of esteem.". 

Speaking of Virtual Retreats, even though I will be away for two of them, the Virtual Retreats will go on. I'll post the links, so they publish on the appropriate days, and I don't need to be around for them to open. You have to love technology!!

I hope to pop into the retreats if I can (got to factor in time zones). But here's the thing -- I'll be getting a Spanish sim card for my phone as it's much cheaper than roaming. That means I will have to log into everything from a "new" phone, and you know me and passwords! If I can log into Google, I'm good -- I probably don't need the other stuff. But it means I must log into Google or create a new account. I'll see how it goes. NO -- I have to log into Google, or there will be no blogs! 

It might be a frustrating day when that changeover happens. I WILL make it work! But I will have ZERO access to e-mail -- don't worry -- I'm taking care of everything before I leave! OH, and if you get a message from me or someone pretending to be me asking for money -- it's probably not me! I won't be asking anyone for money - at least not you!

On that note, I'm out of here! I've got to get o work on that LONG list of things to do. 

Have a super day!!!



  1. I have hand friends who recommend taking a washcloth. Also, churches may require covering your head. Just a couple of things to think about.

  2. Sounds like an exciting adventure ! I agree with the above comment, Spanish churches do not allow shorts or even bare arms in most cases. Covered heads are also required. If they are on your agenda, your sarong may need to stretch ! Love your new applique flowers, they are so bright and sunny,