Sunday, August 28, 2022

day two

 What can I say -- this is an amazing trip and that's from someone who is NOT a hiker per se. But then I wasn't really a cyclist when I started doing those cycle trips. You mjust make it up as you go!!

So met a couple from Idaho. A nice enough couple, but I think their packing stratgies are a bit off. The lady kept saying, I want to pack like Elaine especially I told her my packback weighs about 11 pounds not including water. Hey -- I was vey diligent about as I did NOT want to carry any extra weight. So their beds were beside mine last night and I see why she had 19 pounds in her bag. She's abou the same weight as myself. 

I saw a hard covered journal that they update daily. Go rogue and do it ONLINE. I only need the internet and my folding keyboard. 

She wears contacts and has brought TWO bottles of solution which one needs for contacsts, but could she not have gone with 30 day lenses for the trip? That would have ut a huge weight from her bag. Then she has a dress - a fairly thick one and her daughter who has done the Camino recommended she bring a wrap in case its gets cold. Seriously???? 

She brought her small bag with her with it appears all her cards and crap from home. I brought my teeney fanny pack and a credit and debit card. She brought a heavy canvas tote bag to carry stuff around in I brought a very thin reusable one that folds into nothing. 

Oh -- she has an extra pair of pants for sleeping in -- -I didn't bring anything. It's easy to get undressed in your sleeping liner. They brought small sleeping bags. OH and she gets up to the washroom a zillion times in the night and then proceeds to drink more water before getting back in bed. 

Let's say that her family (and two of her four kids have walked the Camino) have let her down. Oh sand she's trying to stay in touch wih her family through Strave and two of them are not on Strava. Have you heard of What's App?  NO -- 


I will say that I'm happy with the weight of my backpack. It's just the right amount of weight to carry around in this heat (42 degrees right now) and I don't feel it's a burden. I think I did very well. I did buy ONE hiking pole which has come in extremely handy for some of those tough ascents and descents. 

I think I have already used everything I brought, except the shovel and TP and if I never use that, I'll be happy. 

Now for the squeemish among you, this next bit is all about the pee cloth so be prepared. I decided that I needed to use it this morning. I found a quiet spot which of course was littred with TP froom other hikers. Now does one take the backpack off or just attempt to do this with everything on. 

Hmm -- it was possible to do the business but then beause I was sweaty and have my backpack strap and the strap of my waist belt, it was a challenge to get everything arranged just so. Thankfully, I have a very loose fitting pair of shorts, but stili -- it was a challenge to put myself together and it wasn't until I hit a real washroom that I was back in shape. For future, I think it'll be worth it to remove the backpack. 

I had purchase a ticket for breakfast which wasn't served until 7 AM. OK -- let's not rush out of here. By 7:15, I was ready to go. I started out on my own and I walked all day by myself, although I passed some people and others passed me The trails are very well marked, so I wasn't worry about geting lost. 

For the most part, the terrain wasn bad and started out with a beautiful walk through the woods. Absolutely stunning even though it was still a bit dark. I wear my hat only when necessary and with only one pole,, I can hold my hat, or grab some water or whatever. 

We went through several villages but I didn't stop. I had everything I need. I don't drink a lot when I'm out like this. I don't know why -- I just don't. I did stop to put some libricant on my foot. I'm getting hot spots and trying to reprevent real blisters from formin. Atfter the blog, it's time to get the medical kit out and see what I can do. 

We had more climbing as well, but nothing like yesterday. It was doable. But we had some pretty amazing descents. Descents at the best of times are hard on the knees and mine did ttheir fair share of protesting. But the rocks and the pitch make it pretty treacherous an I wasnt taking chances. 

We see LOTS of people doing the trail via bicycle. Are they CRAZY????  The terrain is not fo the faint of heart. We had to cross a small stream of water than ran over some concrete. I almosy slipped twice. On the far side was one guy on his bike and an ambulance. Not sure what happened to him, but he wasn't leaving that spot on his bike. Some of them are using e-bikes and others are pedaling all the way.

It's a bit unnerving since most don's let you know they are there. You have to listen for them. And yes - they went down that steep rocky incline!

Im staying in an albergue tonight at a cost of 9 Euros. No food, so I went in search of lunch after I did my laundry. I think there is only one restaurant in town and it was amazing. I got this amazing salad, which I thought was the entire meal, then  I was served a bit plate of tuna and finally a creme caramel that was to die for. That cost 13 euros. 

It was about 1 KM away which was good as I needed to get out and walk the stiffness from my legs. I had thought about going to the next town, but decided to take it easy and do the recommended distance for today. I might start adding tomorrow. I'll see how it goes. 

I'll head to the grocery shop in a bit to get something to eat for tonight and breakfast so I can leave with something in my stomach. I don't want to start with nothing --- I won't make it. 

On that note you'll find some pictures in Facebook and IG, so hopefully you have something to keep you entertained!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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