Saturday, August 20, 2022

What's your Plan B?

How often do we laugh and joke about Plan B, and let's face it -- how often do we actually have a Plan B? Well, the story of my life seems to be - find Plan B! DH ordered those three things from Amazon, but I'm very skeptical that they will arrive in time. I'm watching the order, and if I don't see movement by Monday, I'm canceling the order, and I have to find Plan B for those three items. All of them are critical to my trip. Yep -- that's me -- leave it to the last minute. I didn't -- I've been searching for the right product! OK -- I could have started that process a bit earlier as well. Maybe I can find it in Europe before I start. 

Then while I'm away, DH will likely have to be away for a couple of days. I had a plan for someone to come in. However, a family emergency may not make that possible, so now I have to find a Plan B for that. Sigh.............. I don't have time to make Plan B's, but I don't have a choice!

However, life goes on, and I'll find a solution! 

I'm happy to report that several more items got crossed off the to-do list, so that is good, and I made significant steps toward completing the writing assignment. Three rough drafts were created, and one has been finalized and sent. That leaves two rough drafts to write and four to edit. I will get there! I still have four Zoom sessions to prepare, but those won't take that long, and I try to double-dip on what I do, so some of the preparation can be used for the writing samples! Yep -- I've got a Plan A! 

I moved upstairs to Studio U to do the writing. OK -- that was a bit distracting as the wind was blowing, and I wanted to see what was happening outside, but I did get a lot accomplished, so I can't complain. However, I need to figure out a better internet solution as the internet is extremely slow in that room. I've tried boosters -- nope -- I need a new zone for the internet, and I think that's possible -- I just have to call and see how to make that happen. 

Writing in Studio U

I was keeping an eye on the weather. It was spitting rain, but should I go for a walk, or will it clear? I decided to go for a walk and took my umbrella. Things were fine until they weren't. 

It started to rain a bit harder, and that's OK -- I have an umbrella. Then it started to POUR. OH -- well, I have an umbrella. Let's just focus on keeping the phone dry! 

It's pouring!

Let's just say that it poured buckets. But seriously? It's a bit of rain. I was laughing because I thought -- this is excellent training for my trip. When it rains -- you just keep going. I did that on the bike trips - what will you do? Stop? How long will you wait for the rain to subside, and where will you seek shelter? It's best to just keep going!

It was freaky because there was lightning and thunder, and I imagine the sky looked angry! But I wasn't looking up and just hoped lightning wouldn't strike any trees as I walked beside them. I was on a residential street, so the likelihood of that happening was slim. The trees weren't tall, so they were not a magnet -- at least that's what I told myself as I walked beside them!

I passed this cool vehicle. I think it's a covered scooter for seniors. I want one!! It looks like a toy car! 

A covered scooter

Speaking of which - have you noticed how many motorized "things" there are on the roads these days? Yes -- there are cars and trucks, but now we have e-bikes, and some of those resemble small motorcycles with fat tires. You have those e-skateboards, e-scooters (they whiz along at incredible speeds, sometimes with two people on board), one-wheel devices, and hoverboards. And let's not forget the mini-bikes that people ride on the path. 

It's a crazy world and as I've mentioned, trust NO ONE. Not even other pedestrians. That's why you shouldn't be on your phone when you are outside, as you are putting your life in danger of being hit or hitting someone. 

Let's just say that there was NO one else walking yesterday. Just me. And by this time, my shoes were soaked. Then I realized that the sun was shining and there was my shadow, but it was still raining pretty hard. A bizarre situation, to say the least. I'm sure there's some fancy weather term for that phenomenon. 

Rain and shadow all at the same time

Then shortly before I made it home, the rain stopped, and I snapped this picture of the angry sky! The sky in the opposite direction was blue with clouds, and the sun was madly shining. Weird, but I'll take the rain! 

A stormy sky

Then on the way through the forest to get back to the house, I spied a puddle of water, and how could I resist taking a picture in it when my feet were already soaked? I remembered to stuff the shoes with newspaper, so hopefully, they are dry this morning. My blister was split wide open by the time I arrived home, well, not as wide open as I would like. It didn't hurt, but at least there's a large gap to try and dry the darn thing out. And no, my skin is not jaundiced! That is the effect of the trees in the forest. 

A puddle of water

Yep -- more threads last night. DH asked me if I was sewing my foot, and since he doesn't walk, what would he know about blisters? Hopefully, with some more TLC, it'll be mostly cleared up in a couple of days. 

Oh, Murphy -- what a funny girl. She likes to stretch out and relax, and it was too hot to sleep in her bed, so she stretched out by my paperwork on the floor. Which, if you noticed -- is smaller than yesterday. 

Murphy sleeping

And here's a rare shot of Mr. Bear with no evil eye! I don't like his looks when he first gets groomed, but his hair is about the right length here and looks so cute!!!

Mr. Bear

OH -- and I checked the e-mail widget on my blog as I was going to reinstall it. I couldn't find the widget, so I don't know if that feature has been removed. The link I was trying to remember yesterday is called So go there, and you'll find my blog, and then you'll get a daily e-mail like before. I HATE change! You can add a whole of anything you want to follow through that link. But my blog is the most important - of course! You can also bookmark the link, but I like getting an e-mail! 

So we had our Tula Pink Butterfly class last night. Can it be that the end is near? OK -- that's not true. I gave them a big assignment to accomplish over the next two months. I was hoping to get my homework up to date, but I didn't quite make it, and the quilt will have to sit like this until I'm back. But the first picture is what the quilt looked like when I returned from the retreat a couple of weeks ago. 

Butterfly blocks on the wall at last

And this is what it looks like now. I swear I made so MANY mistakes in that first layout. I had things all over the place and upside down. Instead of sewing a left and a right, I sewed two lefts. I should have you spot the differences! Most of it is sewn together, but a few sections in the bottom are not entirely together.  

The butterfly quilt now

However, there's a mistake in the original quilt design. Katheleen spotted it, but it was too late to change it. OK -- so it's never too late, but I wasn't going to change it. However, I can make a couple of other changes as well. 

OK -- so what's the mistake? Keep in mind that the left is a mirror image of the right, and that's the only clue I'm going to give you today. The designer did NOT mention this, so most people won't notice, but that mirror imaging has a design flaw! 

On that note, I'm on a roll with paperwork this morning. And by now, you should NEVER look at the time I send e-mails! It reflects poorly on me. No -- it doesn't. I just have a nap or two if needed to get through the day, and I like that! 

I have all the information to finish off the post with the classes, so I might get that done for tomorrow or Monday. 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. I think you should run a Timely Techniques on how you schedule to keep all of your projects and writing organized and up to date and finished on time! I have tried paper lists, electronic lists, calendars, Bullet Journals etc., and find I spend much more time trying to organize and than actually making anything LOL.

  2. But most importantly-have a great, safe trip! Wendy