Monday, August 15, 2022

Did I miss summer?

I dug out all my camping gear to see if there was anything I could use on this trip. I got the sleeping bag liner -- it's going to be too hot for the sleeping bag, and if I'm cold -- I'll use my sarong as an extra blanket, and wear my down jacket, which I still need to dig out. I loaded a book and my crossword book into the backpack and got the scale. 

Only 7.5 pounds!

Yippeee --- only 7.5 pounds. So I still have to add the jacket, another set of clothes, my toiletries and first-aid supplies, a hat, and a rain jacket. Wait -- I still have to add in the electronics which are coming. But I should be able to stay within the 10 lbs. Then I'll revisit the contents and determine if they need to be there. 

I went to the drugstore yesterday to get a toothbrush cover and a small tube of toothpaste and forgot to look at diaper pins. CRAP -- well, I must have some large safety pins here that I can use to pin things to my backpack if they aren't dry -- like my clothes that were washed the night before. They are just handy to have. Most of what I have is quick dry, but you never know. It was recommended to have a few. 

I didn't take the 7.5 pounds for a test walk -- I'll make it 8 pounds today, and then I'll go for another walk. This is where you start to measure everything in ounces and think about one or two extra ounces! It's now the question, do I want to carry that extra weight for 6 hours every day for 30 days?  I will NOT be surprised by the weight of my pack like the girl in Wild! But then she was really backpacking and I'm really day hiking. There's a huge difference. 

And if I can find a system to carry the water on my front -- that will help to offload the back. Mary mentioned a fanny pack with water bottle holders, and I might investigate that. I plan to get the rest of my gear on Wednesday, which gives me a week to sort it all out. 

Here's one of my favorite memories of a vacation. When M and I went to Europe several years ago, she used our photos and made this collage. We had so much fun on that trip, and I LOVE the collage! I might have to make one for this trip!

My favorite vacation memento

I grabbed this from Studio U to sort through a couple of days ago. A TON of business cards that I collected from trade shows. Seriously??? While I'm in the business, I'm not really in the industry that deep anymore. I don't need any of these cards. 

Business cards to sort

I did keep about 10 that I want to investigate their website further or send them a note or whatever. The rest? They got recycled. 

MORE business cards

I also had to pop to the grocery store and I spied this. Seriously??? What date is it today? Did I miss my vacation? 

Let's get ready for Halloween in August!

Need I say more? We have supply chain issues around the globe, but let's get that Halloween stuff out early because we know that if people buy this to be ready for Halloween, they will eat it now and have to buy more. Sigh........... Or maybe, it's used as a snack for school, in which case, it should be available all year round. But that's a pretty expensive snack for what you get!

We had two great classes yesterday. I'll have some show and tell on Green Tea tomorrow and hopefully a wee bit more done that I plan to do during Monday Sewing today. Oh my gosh -- could the end be near for this quilt? I probably shocked them when they received all the links, videos, and homework within 40 minutes of the class ending! But it's done and crossed OFF my list. 

I managed to get a GIANT quilt loaded on the longarm, ready to work on later today. I have a couple more to do before I leave, and I want the quilts quilted by Thursday, so they are off my plate. I haven't started that writing assignment, which needs to be done before I leave and write a pattern! 

The next quilt is loaded 

But it was so beautiful yesterday that I did sit and nap in the gazebo. Hey --- when I get back -- summer will be over! 

And here's one more Wanderer's Wife quilt from our class, completely done! That's amazing, and I'm so excited to see so many of these quilts done. Quilted, bound, and DONE!

Linda's Wanderer's Wife

I need to add this picture to the final show and tell, and I still have to add Maryke's. You saw that last week. 

And this is what summer is all about! That Lexi -- you would think with all that fur that she'd prefer the shade, but nope-- she likes to sunbath on the deck. I guess that is her way of saying she needs sunshine, just like me! Good dog -- Princess Lexi!

Soaking up the sun! 

I've been to spin class and cranked out my 30 KM. Yeah!! And now it's time to walk the dogs after my breakfast and get to Monday Sewing!

Have a super day!!!


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  1. Come on over to the NorthWest USA. We're going back into the 100s this week here in the high desert. We will likely break the record for the most days over 100 which is currently 20. Ugh......most mornings we cannot open doors and windows :-(

    Happy packing :-)