Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Bob is back in town!

Oh my --- I've got a taker for the brown paper! Yeah --- I'm so glad to find a home for it. I didn't get a chance to go through any more of the bins and didn't touch much on the cutting table. Where are the days going? But it's time to get things organized for 2023 and I spent some time (a lot of time) with my calendar yesterday. Dates are organized  at last! And now it's time to get that information out to you! 

Everyone who expressed an interest in the embroidery software club, digital cutters, and EQ8 should have received an e-mail last night. Yeah -- I will get through this stuff. 

A productive meeting in the morning, which consumed a LOT of time, but was well worth it. Then I got to work - that's a lie. I had a nap! Then I went for a walk and then I got to work. 

I changed all the lights. Elle sent me a comment, but I need to digest what she said first and I'm behind in responding to the comments. ACK!! What I could do with ONE more hour in the day. 

The box of dead lights

Everything went smoothly with changing the lights, except when I tried to force one of the dead ones into this box. 


I picked up the larger pieces, but need to get the Swifter out and get the rest. Oh my -- those baseboards are a wee bit dusty! I tell you, it's a constant job to keep that room clear!

But the lights are in and it's a LOT brighter, especially in the corner where I do my Zoom and now will do my puzzles. I'll take the box of dead bulbs off to the hazardarous waste depot on Friday, when I have a number of errands to do. It's hard to tell in the photo, but it's much brighter! 

It's much brighter!

I walked to Diane's and picked up some scraps which Iwill have fun reassembling into squares and then it goes back to Diane for assembly. We have a good system working! As a matter of fact, I need some scraps for this coming weekend, so that was timely. OK -- so I have tons of scraps at my house, but this was still good timing!

A bag of scraps

Here's the item from my "shopping" advent calendar. This time it's a roll of faux fur. Notice how we say faux instead of fake? It sounds nicer. This should be good for some applique. I did NOT touch my advent calendars yesterday. Hopelessly behind with the puzzle one! At this point, I'm almost tempted to set it aside for next year. I just don't have time! And I want the easier one!! Customer quilts and class set-up is taking priority these days. 

A roll of faux fur

And here is the customer quilt of the day. I have a few that need to be trimmed and that will be the goal for today. We (Murphy, Lexi, and I) have company today, so I don't expect to get too much done. And that's OK -- I have planned for this day! 

Customer quilt

And one quilt got bound. So I'm making progress -- just not fast enough or so it seems. No worries. It'll all work out. 

One quilt bound

That Lexi --- she has ZERO qualms about jumping up now when she feels like it. However, I do NOT move the table and she quickly jumped down when her pleading eyes did not change my resolve. Dad would likely have caved, but Mom won't!

MOM -- a little help here! 

And Bob is back in town! Bob? That would be my challenge piece for the Bob Ross Cherrywood Challenge. I haven't opened it, but look at the cool box they returned it. I might just keep that box in hoping that my Monarch butterfly piece would be accepted. Bob left home about four years ago and now he's back. More on that another day.

My Cherrywood challenge has returned home

So what do you think? I've been doing some research on the internet (where else does one do research these days?) and look what I found. An ORANGE Sonos speaker. Sadly, my black one is working just fine and I cannot justify buying the orange one, but it's pretty sharp!

Orange Sonos speaker

For those of you in the machine embroidery world, you'll love this. This is from an ad in a 1993 quilt magazine. It's the LATEST and BIGGEST embroidery space on the market. Look at the size! 70 mm by 125 mm. For those of you who prefer inches - that's 2 5/8" by 5".

A "massive" embroidery space

It's hilarious as the largest our brand does now is 360 by 350 mm. A few changes have happened in the industry. But how much bigger can they realistically go on the home machine? Has the limit been reached? How big can the machines go before no one could lift them. Unless you get into a frame system, like a long arm frame and then you're not talking about a domestic sewing machine any longer. But watch -- that type of system will come. It's actually possible today, but I'm not going there right now. 

Well, it's time for spin class. There is so much paperwork to do and I SUCK at paperwork! But I'm getting better -- I'm tackling it, not ignoring it. But that is life! While exercising the brain is important, it's also important to get out of the houoe and do some exercise. I NEED to stretch more! 

Have a super day!!!


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