Thursday, December 22, 2022

I've got mail!

It was bound to happen - I've developed a sore throat! It's been years since I've been sick, and I could feel it coming on yesterday. Well, nothing that a few throat lozenges can't cure! (I hope!) I've no plans to go anywhere, and nothing urgent to do, so the timing is right. But still -- I HATE being sick! So far, it's just a sore throat; let's hope it doesn't develop into something more. 

I accomplished more paperwork, and I'm getting things under control. I still have one distribution list that has to be created today, and then everyone will have been contacted. Then it's time to start planning! 

I got one binding done. Yep -- I slipped on that goal, but I'm not going to worry about it. 

Binding on a Project Linus quilt

I've got a couple of quilts set up to work on later today. But I also want to work on some other things. I have finished the Farmer's Wife quilt, and I needed to clean up the bits. The book has been loaned to someone, so it was the leftover scraps to deal with. There is also one extra block. I want to make a small sample that I travel with, so I started making three more blocks. 

Cutting three more blocks for Farmer's Wife

Here are the three partially finished blocks and the one finished block. Where is that missing section? How can I lose that so quickly? 

Four extra blocks for a mini Farmer's Wife quilt

I got another community project quilt back. So this got added to the stack of quilts to be quilted. It was a quilt that was supposed to go into a magazine, and then got the magazine folded, so I had fabric and a plan. Rose did a great job, considering I gave her a picture of the finished quilt without instructions! Thanks, Rose!

A community project quilt

Well, it was my lucky day - I got a lot of mail. Well, in the last two days. 

I'm going to leave out names -- the senders know when they are! A HUGE thank you to you all! 

OH --- this kit came as part of an Advent Calendar. I had seen one completed in our Out of the Box class, and it's so cute. The person who sent me this kit does not like handwork, so she forwarded it to me. THANK YOU!!! I love it -- I doubt I'll have time to finish before this Christmas, but I'll get to work on that! Will the sender be mad if I do all the work by machine? Hey -- who says you have to do what the kit says!

Redwork Tree Kit

How many of you have knitted a dishcloth? So most of us, but look at this one. OH MY -- it's hilarious! 

My FISH dishcloth

Do you see what it is? It's a FISH dishcloth! I would love to be at any dinner at this house. The maker is always making little money holders for her grown kids! It seems there is much frivolity and fun! 

I got the FQ I won while attending a Zoom meeting at a store. This was the one where I was trying to fly under the radar, and my name got called out. Oh well! 

The FQ I won

This next item did not come in the mail but was delivered to the door. These are the patterns for the 365 quilt. This is a project I'm going to tackle next year. I doubt I'll be able to finish it next year, but I will tackle it. I have about 45 blocks completed out of 365. So let's see how much I can do. I have a huge basket of scraps for this, and I'd like to get that cleaned up!

The patterns for the 365 quilt

And then this box arrived.

A big box

Oh boy --- I had this product in my hands a week ago and wasn't sure, but when someone mentioned they bought it because they saw it on my blog and that there was one left, I had to buy it! Talk about FOMO!

What is it? 

An ESCAPE Advent Calendar

Yep --- another adventure advent calendar! I'll save this one for next year. Let's hope it's easier than the one I got this year. My brain may be in a new dimension by then. 

And then, to get "free" shipping on this order, I had to buy two more puzzles. 

The ORANGE puzzle

The barn quilt puzzle

I can't believe I did that. I NEVER do that. But this all came from Puzzles Canada in Georgetown. The service was FAST, and the staff was accommodating. You can visit in person or shop online. But if you are looking for puzzles, I'd check this place out FIRST. 

Speaking of puzzles, I put the other one away, and someone asked for it, and it's gone! Now that the table was clean, I decided to open this puzzle. This is a mystery puzzle and was loaned to me by a friend. Actually, it's called an ESCAPE puzzle. I know  - just shoot me now! 

An escape puzzle

As I was positioning all the pieces, I noticed many numbers that have nothing to do with the picture. And the PICTURE on the box is NOT what the final picture will look like. Oh boy! I have never done one of these before, so it will be challenging. I'll have to go by color for most of it; the colors are muted. 

Sorting the puzzle pieces

I'm working on the border, and it's challenging since some of the pieces (who am I kidding -- MOST of them) will fit into each other. The only clue you have is color! Thankfully, I changed the lights in that corner, so I have excellent light to work by. 

Working on the border

Once I'm done with the border, I'll start picking the like colors and work from there. There is a solution to the mystery, which I have carefully put back in the box, and hopefully, I can figure out the puzzle. 

Do you consider puzzles a time waster? I don't. Yes -- they consume a ton of time, but you get HOURS of entertainment for your money. You don't have to find a home for the end result -- you simply pack it up and pass it on. And the brain power used to make these is enormous. Color and pattern recognition and a lot of cognitive skills are required to put together a puzzle. 

But how the heck did this happen? I said I did NOT need any new puzzles as I have 30 in the closet. NO MORE puzzle buying for a long time! 

OH -- a stack of puzzles

I'm still unpacking stuff that I bought a while ago. Here is a beautiful array of thick shimmery threads. 

Beautiful threads from Wonderfil

And the quest for mylar continues, but with a bit of research and some help from many who are scouring the shelves of stores across the province or doing some research, I stumbled upon a site last night that has cleared up the mystery. Once I wrap my head around it, I'll share the information with you. 

I find it fascinating to learn the WHY and the HOW instead of just taking it at face value, and trust me, some of the stuff we have seen online is NOT correct. But we all know that - right? 

So I've got a bit of paperwork this morning, and then I'll spend the afternoon sewing unless I'm out walking. Another 14+ KM day yesterday, and I still have 169 KM to walk or ride my bike before the end of this year! I WILL do it. 

Remember that we have a Virtual Retreat day on December 24. For those of you who will be spending the day at home alone. And by the sounds of the weather forecast, that could be MANY of us. Here's the Zoom link. We start sewing at Noon!

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 814 0374 6455 Passcode: 175110

On that note -- I'm out of here!

Have a super day!!!


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  1. Re: the missing quilt block piece - If it were me it is under the needle on my machine because I was chain piecing.