Monday, December 5, 2022

Cutting it close!

What an AMAZING day yesterday! Some great discussions on tools that quilters buy but never seem to use to their fullest extent! Things like digital cutters, EQ8, and embroidery software! We have enough interest to form clubs for all of them, and I want these groups to be manageable, or we lose the ability for everyone to chat. So we'll see how many people sign up! 

I now have a bit of paperwork to prep for each of them, and I have this afternoon and tomorrow to do so.

The minute that we were done, I was out the door as I had 20 points (I said 10 yesterday, but it was really 20) that I needed to close off the geocaching goal for this session. The clock reset last night, and I made it. 

I got 500+ points! 

It was a much nicer day than the previous day. Somewhere in that parking lot is a geocache! I was going for easy ones. It was a perfect day of the week to get them in an industrial-type parking lot. Not such a good idea to hit a mall on Sunday afternoon. 

A geocache in this parking lot

Then I walked to the second location and had to laugh when I arrived. You are supposed to sign the log book when you find the cache, which comes in ALL sizes and shapes. So the second cache was here. Was one supposed to sign the BIG, very obvious book? No, but I thought it funny that someone left a notebook right by the cache. Intentional or accident? 

Is that the logbook? 

Then I made a quick stop at Micheal's (more on that another day) and spotted this giant ball of yarn. It's HUGE. And huge thick chenille-type yarn seems to be very popular. So you can make an afghan in a day? 

A big ball of yarn!

Two long phone calls, and on those two calls, my phone did not cut out once! I will save money if I pay the penalty and get a new phone, but the current offerings could be more spectacular. It doesn't make sense to get the same phone, and the next one from what I have (S21) is the S22, and all they did more or less is slightly change the size. Why is that? That's the most ridiculous thing EVER! Then your cases don't fit. A MONEY GRAB if ever I saw! I don't want a flip or folding phone, and I don't want a huge note. The only option would be to change the brand. Hmmm!! A bit more research needs to happen. 

Then it was off to the long arm. Another smaller quilt and so much fun to do. OK -- it's not like I don't like the large ones, but nice to change it up. The one for today is small, so I'll load that during Monday's sewing and quilt it when we're done.

Customer quilt - DONE

I dealt with the papers from my screen print design yesterday, and I cut them up into 8 1/2" by 11 and used them to take notes during the discussions. I hate to see things go to waste! 

I spotted this in one of the tubs. MORE designs that I prepped for screen printing, and this was one of my favorites - a  smattering of maple leaves. 

Another design for screen printing

There were three different screens for this one, and I layered them -- just like when the fabric companies print their fabric. Did you know that with conventional methods, you can go as high as 18 screens (each screen is one color)? But with digital printing, there are no screens and no color limit. That's why digital printing is more realistic than traditional screen printing. 

My three designs

Anyway -- the inspiration for this design came from the forest floor in the fall. I printed two different colorways for it. One was on tan fabric with gold and burgundy. Not sure what the third color was. And the second colorway was black with grey and two other colors. I still have the black one, but I didn't want to dig through the fabric pile last night to get it. I will try to locate it today. The original colorway was made into a quilt that got sold. I sure wish I could locate the pictures for that. I might try that because I thought it was a pretty unique quilt. 

I cut four T-shirts in those laundry baskets and stowed them away with other cycling T-shirts to make a memory quilt. 

The start of a T-shirt quilt

I dug out a couple of other things to deal with today, and they are sitting on the cutting table, but I forgot to take pictures last night, so you'll see them tomorrow. A little bit at a time! While it would likely take only a few minutes to empty the bag and put everything away, this is fun. It's like my own advent calendar! Even opening those rolls of paper in the bins is kind of fun. It's bringing back loads of memories. I'm taking pictures and then dealing with the pieces! 

I think there are many rolls of BRAND new paper in those tubs, so I'll have to find a home for those as I haven't touched them in how many years? Do I really need a massive roll of tracing paper? I might look through the supplies and take them to the textile studio to see if any students want them. And there are at least three rolls of brown wrapping paper. Do I need all that? I don't think so. 

I haven't been posting what's in my advent calendars. I just opened two of them this morning. It's been a busy week, and it hasn't been on my radar. This is going to be another busy week. Not stupid busy, just busy. Lots of stuff to prep, which means writing, but not deadline writing, so that's good. And we're going to have a big show and tell of our advent calendars this morning, so I can't wait. 

However, the adventure advent calendar that I bought? It's HARD!! After looking at all three clues to solve Day One, I'm still on Day Two. I've already looked at the first clue for Day Two. OK -- so that part was OK, but now what? This is the clue --- how do I get three numbers from this? 

The clues for Day Two

I'm going to take it downstairs to think in peace and quiet and see what happens. But at this rate, I'll finish it by Christmas next year!

Well, I'm off to spin class. Last Monday, there was an issue with the sound system, but we all love Joseph so much that no one left. Although I did the same distance I normally do, I have to admit that music is a huge motivator. I wasn't there on Wednesday, but I bet it's fixed now. Yikes --- you could hear every heavy breath and cough! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Honestly, I love my Note! It fits in my pocket easily and my small purse. I don't even notice I have a bigger phone than others until I see their tiny phones.

    I've had terrific luck over the decades with Samsung.

  2. You are one busy lady!!! Do you have any of that energy to spare?? LOL