Monday, December 26, 2022


I see my camera was NOT working at all yesterday. OK -- it was working, I just didn't take many pictures, and the ONE I have to share with you today isn't even up-to-date!

I did a wee bit of sewing in the morning and went for an extra long walk in the afternoon. I met my neighbor, whom I don't often see these days, so we quickly chatted to catch up. Yes -- it was a 17+ KM day yesterday! That leaves me with 110.5 KM and 6 days to make it happen. At this rate and with the warmer weather forecasted, I'll skip the extra spin session and make it up with walking. The forecasted high here on New Year's Day is 11 above. It's a crazy world weather-wise. 

So we made it to the movie in the afternoon, and when we walked in, the attendant said Theatre 3, so I had Theatre 3 in my head. After having a light meal in the VIP restaurant, we headed to Theatre 3. The first clue should have been that the lights were off and the movie had started. This cannot be right. But ever persistent, we walked up to Row F and then proceeded across the entire row (thank goodness, in the VIP theater, the aisles are wide). All seats were taken. What? 

This can't be right -- OK -- let's go back out. Good grief -- the same movie was in theatre 3 but had started 45 minutes earlier. We were supposed to be in theatre 2, where the movie began at 4:30, and that's where our popcorn was waiting! Good grief -- how clueless can you be? I saw the movie's name but overlooked the start time at the door. I'm sure those people in Row F were wondering what the heck was happening. 

The movie was long, and I managed to stay awake. Some parts were slow, and some parts were painful. I won't mention them in case you are going to see Avatar. But there was a moral message there. The cinematography (or CGI) was beautiful! With 20 minutes of trailers (hey -- did you know there's going to be a new Indian Jones movie?), the movie started, and it was over 3 hours. For me to stay awake -- that's amazing. 

It was worth it, though; despite the moral issue, I enjoyed it. 

However, I had a situation. My throat is parched, and it's due to a lot of dehydration, dry air, allergies, and of course, this cold which has hit me ONLY in the throat. Every once in a while, I get a tickle that just won't go away and is uncomfortable. I can't stop coughing when it happens. I took my lozenges with me, and I was fine until 15 minutes before the movie's end. I quickly popped the lozenge when I felt the tickle. So far, so good, and then I got the cough. Soon I was getting hot, but I managed to hold back the worst of it and willed it to stop. That was NOT pretty. 

So throughout the day, I was glued to that puzzle instead of sewing or doing anything else. I know -- I'm like that, as I'm sure everyone else is. It was slow to start- too many similar colors and pieces. But as the puzzle went together, it got easier -- not faster, but easier. 

And this is what it looked like at some point in the day.

Progress on the puzzle


When I went to bed, I read for a bit, but I was not tired and afraid I'd have a coughing spell in the night. Sometimes, you get the sensation that your throat is so dry the sides will stick together, and you won't be able to breathe. Weird! So I got up and worked on the puzzle while drinking water. The constant comment of "just one more piece" soon had the puzzle done. OK -- so it was late into the night before it was done, and I didn't even take a picture. 

It was a challenging puzzle, but it was not super hard. Slow and steady, I have spotted about three or four things different from the box picture. Now I have to solve the mystery, the solution of which is still locked away in the box. Before going to bed, I reread the short description of the mystery to solve. Hmm -- there are eight puzzles to solve from the picture. What could they be? 

I hope this isn't one more that I'll have to "cheat" on. There is a QR code in the box. At some point in the night, I woke up with what I think is the "answer." Not the final answer, but what to do with the solution to the eight puzzles. The picture is covered with numbers; I'll need to study it to separate out what I think the eight puzzles are. They are math related, but they can't be too complicated. So I need to solve the eight puzzles, which will help me zero in on two specific items in the picture. 

Here's a link to their Escape Puzzles. 

It's Monday sewing so I hope to get a binding or two of the quilts. And to work on my pre-cut project. 

Well, I'm a few minutes behind as I slept in since I went to bed way past my bedtime. Another nap will likely be in order later today. But I also need to switch from the old phone to the new one. 

On that note, have a super day!!


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  1. I have started the fifth book of the Seven Sisters series, The Moon Sister. Elaine, I didn't like the fourth book as much in the beginning, because of the sister; however, I stayed with it. By the end, I finally was enjoying it. The Moon Sister starts off much better, in my opinion.
    I will be doing some sewing in the next few days, but not quilting until at least mid January.