Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Feels like a Monday!!!!

I did a LOT of cutting and trimming yesterday - it really felt like  Monday except that I was all by myself.

Do you want to see what I worked on???

A bit of sewing and the lap size of Border Creek Mystery DONE!!!!   (well up to date with Clue Three)

Then moved onto the queen sized Border Creek - quarter square triangles - my favourite!!!   (NOT!!!)   However I have learned a few secrets to making AMAZING quarter square triangles and I LIKE THEM NOW. So the NEW me stuck to this task and got all 52 of them COMPLETE

Then a LOT of sewing and I am now up to date with Clue Three of Border Creek mystery - quaintly queen!!!

Since I was doing so well with those quarter square triangles - I moved onto the scrappy ones that I am making. I started with triangles that are cast off from joining border strips together. Some of these were partially sewn, but I got busy and sewed up what was ready and trimmed them all as well!!!!!

Trimmed to TWO different sizes here - 5 inches and 2 3/4"

A few were too small to get 5 inches and there were a number of them so they got cut to 4 1/2"

These guys will now go in a box for quarter square triangles. I have a purpose for them - just need a LOT more.

MORE triangles to sew together to make Half Square Triangles (these are cut offs from joining border strips)

Now somehow I solved the mystery of the iHome. For some reason now whenever I dock the iPad - it starts charging or is just connected if already charged. How that happened - I have no idea. I knew what the problem was on day one - just not sure how to fix it. Apparently it is magic because it fixed it by itself. See the screen is supposed to stay on - not go blank.

iHome - works like a CHARM!!!

Let's see - I did more yesterday. I got FOUR more blocks traced for the redwork quilt.

Four more blocks traced for red work!  (Only a gazillion to go!!!)

Now you know that I have "struggles" with technology from time to time. Well my light table was the same thing. Someone sold me this home made light box a number of years ago. It is BIG and it is heavy. And it was temperamental. There were times when you would turn it on and it wouldn't light up. You had to lift the glass and jiggle the bulbs. I really didn't have room for it as it is huge and so it literally was at the bottom of the stairs - on its way to a new home.

Light box - it's about 2 feet by 3 feet
While I was happy with the size - it was a pain. Then Marian got hold of the box and was tracing something. I do not know what she did with it, but the darn thing has worked perfectly ever since. I never told her that!!!!  So it resides at the bottom of the stairs beside the long arm and it works for me!!!!  I do have one issue with it - I need to find something to put on the inside of the glass to cut the glare. There is a piece of lightweight paper on the inside of the glass, but the paper is ripping. I was wondering if I used a glass etching product on it or maybe there is something that you use on bathroom windows. I guess I should go to the hardware store to see what they have.

Yes - it is going to be a "SAD" year this year. I am ACTUALLY looking forward to putting the Christmas decorations away and anxious to sort through them all. Clean up - get some shelves up in those storage rooms. I woke up thinking about that this morning. OK - I have a DISEASE. What can I say!!!!

Oh yes - I also got this quilt top ALMOST complete.

Just two border pieces left to sew on. They are cut and pinned - just ran out of time
This is one of our Monday Motivator quilts. I had to rush to get the last one done, so this one will be ready whenever one of our Monday girls gets stricken with prolonged illness. Unfortunately we have given away too many of them to the group, but with the exception of Kathie - all have pulled through with flying colours!!!!   I might even get it quilted before the end of the year. I still have THREE of my own quilts that I want to quilt before the end of the year. None of them are big, but have been hanging around for a while. Time to CLEAN UP!!!!!

So far - I am liking my 2012 shelf idea. OK - so it is NOT 2012 yet, but everything I want is on those shelving units. My problem is thinking about another project and adding to the shelves. NO - I must NOT do that. There is already too much on it right now!!!!!

I also managed to get a major item in the paperwork issue done yesterday. Yeah!!!!!!    There is hope for me!

Sparky enjoying one of her new Christmas toys

I also managed to get more of those black/white half square triangles trimmed and sewn yesterday. There is still a LOT to go and of course  - I am way behind!!!!   But I am working on it. Keeping them on the table and cutting a few when I pass makes it go by quickly. I tried that with the quarter square triangles as well. By the way with the quarter square triangles - I shall reveal all tomorrow. I have TWO major tips that will make those things so easy - you will want to make LOTS of them.

You will also be happy to note that not only did I make the turkey and the gravy for Christmas dinner, but I made turkey STOCK with the carcass. Oh yes - can't let anything go to waste. But I don't know how many times I told DH that I was making STOCK and when I went to clean out the pan - he wanted to know where the SOUP was. Maybe it is a hearing thing?????    So I hope to make SOUP today because despite the fact that this stuff simmered all afternoon - there is a ton - none of the water evaporated!!!!

HOMEMADE turkey stock

The snow FINALLY hit yesterday. While it was pretty - the temperature has turned it into an icy wonderland which is a pain.

Winter wonderland

I did NOT change the colour on that picture - just the lighting outside - predawn!!!   Note that ball is still in place. So far - Elaine 1 - Squirrels 1. They have NOT attempted to jump on the feeders. I know - be careful what I say!!!!!

Speaking of the squirrels - have a look at THE SENTINEL in our yard.

This is where the squirrels like to enter the yard - there is a BIG tree just outside the fence and one on the inside. Sparky is guarding the ENTRANCE - pretty funny.

Or she GUARDS the squirrel feeder if I have just put fresh peanuts in it!

Sammy just likes to investigate. She is not PATIENT

Well - I have one more file of paperwork that I MUST get through today and thankfully it won't take long.

Then - well the day beckons and I KNOW I will find something to fill the time.

Have a great day!!!!!


PS - Barbara - thanks for your comments on LifeTime Fitness. I am very afraid that what you mentioned is exactly what will happen. I will just wait and see. Thanks for the warning!!!!!!

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