Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sylvia's Bridal Sampler (Elm Creek Quilts) REVEAL

Is it Christmas yet??  I can't wait cause all this self induced "busyiness" will stop then!!!! I seem to have this bad habit of delaying things until the last minute and Christmas seems to be my deadline. Why I do that I have no idea, but I think I am in better shape than last year. I am afraid to go back and check last year's blog at this time and see what mess I was in!

Let's just say that there are NO MORE (sewing and class) days at my house for this year. Not that that was stressful since it is a cinch to get the studio ready, but it just means a day when I am NOT working on the things that need to be done. I have one more class at Cockadoodle this Saturday. Normally I don't do classes this close to Christmas, but you know that Christmas Club - they are fierce and wouldn't back down!!!!

Yesterday was the reveal for Sylvia's Bridal Sampler of Elm Creek fame. Wow - what a show n tell. There are 140 blocks in total. Technically the group should have 90 blocks sewn by now and then given another 10 yesterday. Then 10 more in each of January, February, March and April. We then have TWO months left to figure out how to sew them together. In June, the last reveal will take place and then I do NOT want to ever hear about Sylvia's Bridal Sampler again. Let me clarify that - I will be happy to look at FINISHED quilts, but no more discussion on how to sew those blocks!!!!

Let's get to the show n tell................................

Ruth with a pretty palette of blues, yellows and greens  (70 blocks complete) AWESOME job Ruth!!!!!!

Tish with her classic blue and white combination.  Spectacular!!!!!  (48 blocks done). Her sewing time has been severely restricted due to something called "work". 

Susan  with a beautiful soft palette. (96 blocks done) Yes - Susan was working on this project a bit before the group started. Very pretty!!!!!

Celia with a beautiful palette of golds and greens.  (79 blocks done) 

Celia is also thinking ahead to her sashing and wants to put the blocks on point. Yes - there are a LOT of blocks to put all of them on point. I think lots of people will be doing more than one quilt.   I LOVE the green sashing - it makes the blocks pop. It is VERY hard to see the true colours in these pictures. 

Mary Jane who has a LOT more blocks at the cottage.   Lots of blues, browns and purple in this combo. It looks awesome - can't wait to see all the blocks together.   I think she needs a BOX to hold ALL her blocks together!!!!   I just hope she finds them all!!!  

Pat is working in blues, greens and pinks. She has been busy with work and a couple of priority quilts so no time to keep up to date with these blocks, but her other commitments are DONE so she can get focused again. She has more blocks done at home. 
Dug this out of the archives - more blocks by Pat from May. 

Judy with a pink/blue/white theme going. She is NOT doing any more pink ones and we offered lots of advice in how to organize them. (74 blocks) and since she is only going to make 99 (for a double bed), she is not far from finishing!!!!!!

Janice is using civil war fabrics to make her blocks and it is gorgeous. Hmmm - note that she has a "neutral" background - not a shirting - I will have to think about that for my Dear Jane. (55 blocks)

Joanne has a pink/green/yellow theme happening. It is very pretty. Don't worry - we all nixed the purple block (6th row - second block). Although someone suggested she ditch all the other blocks and use just that one. HA HA!!!   Anyway - I love it and think it looks amazing!!!!   (71 blocks)

My blocks - and I am BEHIND - just like everyone else. My palette is orange/green and yellow. It is hard to know if you are going to like it when you see all those blocks on their own, but on the wall  - it looks not bad. (74 blocks).  I have the missing 16 cut out and ready to sew. They are now sitting by my sewing machine with the intention of getting one or two or more done each day. I really want to be done by the end of this year. 

Jeanette has her two quilts quilted!!!!!!    Well done Jeanette!!!    This is quilt one

And here is the second quilt. Awesome job!!!!!!

A few people were missing yesterday and just to refresh your memory - here is the colour palettes of those quilts................

This is Lois' show n tell from last month at Ruti's. A beautiful gold and brown combination

More blocks - she did a great job catching up and I think she is pretty much up to date - well as up to date as the rest of us. 

Marianne is taking a completely different route and using Christmas fabric for her quilt. One month she uses RED

And the next month she uses green (OK - so this has red and green), but you know what I mean. It is going to be interesting to see the end result. Going to need a calm sashing for sure!!!   I do love the colours!!!!

Let's go back - WAY BACK into the picture archive to find pictures for Carol and Vicki.............   I'll be right back....................

Hmmmmmmm - This is ONE block by Vicki. I have one more picture with FOUR blocks in it of hers. I will have to have  a chat with her!!!!! Vicki - where are the rest of your blocks???????  
Oh - here are the other four blocks by Vicki!!!

And these blocks are Carol's. 

Wasn't that exciting???   The group is doing an amazing job and I am really happy to see how many people are keeping up.

We had an amazing pot luck lunch as well after our show n tell. (we missed you Carol, Marianne and Lois!!!)

Pot luck lunch. It seemed that everyone with red had to sit on the left and everyone in neutral (greys, blacks and whites) were on the right. Ruthie was the only one out of sorts!!!!  

Cool lemon/cranberry cake shaped like a house. 

 Now the big problem will be how to stay motivated to get these blocks done. As you all know - it is very easy to set it aside and work on something else. I decided to put the quilt right in front of me. Since I do not need the design wall for anything else at the moment - I put up the blocks in the order they appear in the original quilt.

My blocks so far according to the original quilt. All I can say - I have a  LOT of work to do. 

 Holy cow - looks like there are more to do than I have done. Going to be a busy holiday season!!!!!   Looked so much better when they were all bunched together.

 Well I have THREE BIG quilting days ahead of me - I had better get started.

Have a great day!!



  1. Jeanette quilts are beautiful. I love the blue combo.

  2. Man that's a ton of blocks---good for all the ladies doing such a BIG project.

    Jeanette was smart making 2 lovely quilts---& Bravo ---for getting them both quilted.

    Lynn S. Vancouver, BC.