Saturday, December 17, 2011

I've done the IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!

Yes - I do have down days, but I am happy to report that I did find the missing glove, the floor still isn't washed (yeah - I'll deal with it later - the girls did a good job of cleaning up the mess) and I still UP TO DATE on the quilting.

BUT the BIG NEWS is this - the studio is CLEAN. I have put everything away. Ooops - I lie - there is ONE lonely project left that needs to find a home. Now it isn't perfect, but there is NOTHING on the floor, no laundry baskets full of stuff - most things are in some sort of container - even if it is a plastic bag. I was so excited that's all I could think about last night when I finally went to bed. Couldn't wait to get up and get back to work. Well work meaning sewing - not organizing.

This is very exciting and I should invite the insurance guy back. I should try to get his pictures!!!!!   You would NOT believe it. Actually I have pictures - let me dig those up. Even the stash room is CLEAN - nothing on the floor but what is supposed to be there - I even took a video for you HOWEVER I can't seem to get my pictures uploaded this AM. I am thinking that my printer problems and the picture problems means the ports on the laptop are toast.

So we move onto my next area of frustration - the paperwork. Since I am NOT good at filing and sorting and throwing out - it is very hard to find bills, specifically the one for the laptop since it has a warranty on it. At this point, the easiest will be to call the store where I bought it - they should have the details on record. And now that my studio is clean - there is NO reason to not do the same with the paperwork - I CAN DO IT.

Honestly I never thought this would happen. I never thought I could actually accomplish this gigantic task. Now there has to be rules , but first let me share this with you.....................

VIRGO - The Perfectionist (Aug 23 - Sept 22) Dominant In relationships. Conservative. Always wants the last word.. Argumentative. Worries. Very smart. Dislikes noise and chaos. Eager. Hardworking. Loyal. Beautiful. Easy to talk to. Hard to please. Harsh. Practical and very fussy.. Often shy. Pessimistic.

This horoscope came in an e-mail that says I will have 7 years bad luck if I don't pass it on. Take that into account with the 7 years bad luck from breaking that mirror a couple of weeks ago and my life is toast!!!!  HA - I don't believe in bad luck, only bad decisions.

Most of that is BANG on. A few (beautiful????   - must be in the eye of the beholder - my dogs think I am beautiful!!!!)  Anyway - this is why there have to be rules and here they are.........................

1. I am allowed to buy new things, but ONLY if they have a home (and there isn't much home left)
2. I am allowed to buy fabric and supplies to finish off a project, although now that I can find everything - what could I possibly need to buy?
4, NO MORE BOLTS of fabric
5. Everything MUST be tidy before going to bed - didn't say it had to be put away, but has to be tidy (and I can't help myself)
6. I will ONLY work on the projects on the two shelves (I'll show you the picture when I can get it downloaded) and trust me - there is probably two years worth of projects on those two shelves - no fear of getting bored!!!
7. I will work on things to completion (no more tossing it aside because of whatever reason) and I am proving to myself that this can be done
8. I WILL follow my quilting schedule (yes - there might be an exception or two - but someone has to pay - either the customer for a job that requires bumping someone else or one of my projects gets bumped and then I have to give up time to get it done and I DO NOT want to do that
9. I am ALLOWED to say no and be tough.
10. I will educate people on those things that drive me crazy when they ask me to do things for them - like quilting their quilt.
11. Yes - I will be flexible, have fun and BE HAPPY!!!!!

Yes - you are thinking that the above is pretty rigid and how fun is that going to be?????   Trust me - I am a Virgo.

Here are a few other quotes I found on the net about Virgos which I think are appropriate...............

Another great quality about them is they are industrious. They like to keep busy. After an hour or two of lounging (even on vacation) they will have to find something productive to do. Needless to say, they get an awful lot done.

They work well under pressure and deadlinesbecause they are so well organized. 

If Virgos take this side of their personality too far, they can be very picky and overly critical. But when they are not in this highly critical mode, they can be interesting, fun, and witty.

Virgo's need to love what they do. If they are not happy at work, all other areas of their life will be affected. This is because Virgo's define themselves by their jobs.

They are the most responsible sign in the zodiac and will put in the extra hours needed to get the job done.

They are ruled by Mercury who is everything to do with communication.For this reason, many Virgos are writers and educators.

They are also good at anything that shows people how to live more efficiently so a clutter or time consultant are also good professions for them.

Many Virgos are research scientists and detectives because they are so adapt at observing human nature and putting clues together.

And of course, they are so health conscious that many doctors, nutritionists, and dieticians are born under this sign.
They love animals

I don't really believe in all that astrological stuff, but honestly there is a point. And there is NOT much that isn't correct when I read through several web sites!!!!!   Pretty weird. But true. 

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO     Next time you think - Oh she has too much on her plate, oh she has her fingers in so many pies - DO NOT THINK I am over doing it. This is WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY. My problem was when I became a mom - my organizing skills went out the window. It has taken me a long time to get them back. 

One other career I did notice that it said Virgos would be good at is repairing computers - HA!!!!   That's a LIE. Well - I could be if I would keep up with the technology, but who has time for that. 

Now I started to read The Happiness Project yesterday and found this interesting tidbit. "They say that people teach what they need to learn."   This is SO TRUE. 

When I started to teach quilting - I knew NOTHING - OK - so I knew a little, but I bought books, I read those books, I cut and made mistakes, I pressed and made mistakes, I sewed and made mistakes, but I LEARNED and then it was a breeze to teach. And now looking at the above - hey - it sounds like I was made to teach and write. Too bad I am discovering that this late in life. 

Well  - I have discovered it and now there is no turning back. 

On that note - I MUST find that bill for the computer - no I'll just call them because I have to get ready for my last class of the year. 

Oh - and MORE GOOD NEWS. I have finished TWO customer quilts in the last TWO days. Yep - right on track.  I have NEVER been so focused with the quilting and I am LOVING it (the quilting that is) I now have two pillow shams to quilt, one T-shirt quilt to make, quilt and bind, and TWO more quilts to quilt before Christmas. Like I said - DO NOT WORRY - I am on track and LOVING IT. I also got ONE MORE BLOCK done on Elm Creek quilt. Yeah - life is good!!!!!

Now let's see if we can get this computer working properly.  

Have a great day!!!!!!


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