Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll...........................................

EAT my way into your house!!!!!

Ooops - wasn't me who put that house on the floor!!!!!

I see some major reconstruction would be necessary - part of the roof, the front and the side wall. Oh yes - let's not forget an entire TREE - GONE. Devoured by that big black dog. Make the BAD big BAD black BAD dog. I mean really - who would think the dog would go for gingerbread!!!!!!

If this keeps up we will have no choice but to create her when we leave the house and she is NOT going to like that.

Yesterday was a LONG day. I had a MASSIVE quilt to do (100 by 122) - yes that is a HUGE quilt, but I got it done.

Customer quilt

I absolutely love this quilt and it was made from the batik strip exchange we did a couple of years ago. Well - I have other plans for my batiks!!!

I knew I was going to have to join the batting part way through this quilt. The batting was so big - I didn't want to fool with it before. So I improvised and came up with a portable ironing surface when it came time to join the batting with the fusible interfacing strips.

Joining the batting strips on the quilting machine

June Taylor ironing pad slipped between the rollers for stability and was a PERFECT surface for joining that batting. 

And once that was done - I then had to serge TWENTY FOUR gift bags for our guild. I was watching the clock because I was getting tired and thought - I can get all 24 done in 40 minutes!!!!   Just serging the three sides together and around the top. Things were going great when all of a sudden the serger stopped working. WHAT???????   Oh crap - I ran out of thread on the lower looper. Well - this serger (Babylok Enlighten with ExtraordinAir Threading) should be easy. I open up the door - take a quick peak at the instructions, thread the machine and try to stitch - NOTHING. I tried a couple of times and still NOTHING. I am NOT HAPPY at this point. So I whip out the book. AH - sometimes you have to hit the threading button TWICE until the thread actually shoots all the way through the system. That took a total of 10 minutes from the moment I realized I did not have thread. On my old serger - I remember that process took over ONE HOUR. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this serger. And then I finished the last two bags and was done by 9 PM.

I still have some stitching to do on the bags which I will do this afternoon, but I have a LOT to do this morning and no time to finish the bags yet, but they have to be done by tonight!!!   I KNOW - I KNOW - why do I leave things to the last minute.

On that note - I have a few things to tidy up this morning and then onto the next project.

Have a great day!!!!


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