Tuesday, December 27, 2011


What does one do with oneself when all the quilts are picked up and none are due until 2012, the presents are all opened, the dinner is done?

I feel lost - I have NO DEADLINES for a couple of days.

Hmmmm - I just have to look around and I see that paperwork that has to be dealt with, the sewing projects, the books to read.

Well I am just enjoying NOT DOING A THING!!!!!

I did get a complaint that I DID NOT post enough pictures from Christmas so here are a few more..............

M opening presents - Sparky is wondering if it is for her

M and her sock monkey!!!!   So cute!!! - the sock monkey that is!!!

Sammy was distraught Christmas morning. She was shaking and panting. Poor thing - too much excitement!

M with her loot

Opening the stocking

Can you tell who complained??????

Later in the day - M surrounded by her iFriends!!!!!!!

Speaking of iFriends - M and I ventured out yesterday as we wanted to take advantage of some sales. And we ended up at FutureShop (to get her a case for the iPad). I bought this toy for my iPad.

Docking station for iPad

With the new apps I can listen to the radio over the iPad. The radio I had would get bad reception from time to time and it was horrible. This is great - it comes over the internet and is perfect. The speakers are great. It is supposed to be charging while in the dock, but I can't seem to get it stay charging - it makes the connection and then stops charging. Go figure - another technology stupid thing to deal with!!!!   But I like it!!!!   Now instead of finding that iPod for the playlists - I just need to put the playlists on the iPad. Although you could put an iPhone or iPod on the iHome. God - all these names!!!!

Now here is the update on my current red work project.....................

EIGHT blocks done!!!!

Four more blocks ready to be traced

Ninth block on the go
There is supposed to be some parts that get filled in with french knots. Hmmmmm - would be way faster to do punch needle. I think I will try it later - the punch needle that is - french knots take way too long.

I have really got a lot done in the last couple of days while listening to the audio tapes. I see that the one I just started last night has to be returned to the library - DRAT - so I must find another one. Perhaps I will try to download one from the library onto the iPad.

And here are my books I have read this year.......................

Books I have read - seeing the covers on the computer screen is much nicer than just reading through a list. I LOVE this software. Thanks to one of my readers for pushing me to use this software. I wonder if she ever got her movies on her version????

Yesterday we went to an open house. The host is a BIG kid and is big time into gadgets and new toys. Unfortunately I left my camera at home (I wasn't feeling well) so no pictures. You missed the helicopter that he operates from his iPhone. And did you know that if you are having a baby - there is a CONTRACTION app??????    Oh yes - there was a young couple who had a three month old and they used it during the birth!!!!    Then one of the other guys said - how many apps does the average person use - THREE????   WHAT??????   I exclaimed???   Well - I use way more than THREE apps on my phone or iPad and I am NOT a heavy user.  It was an interesting conversation.

And as I walk past the cutting table - I have these to trim.................

From Bonnie Hunter mystery - so many more to sew!!!!!

Well that is it for today. My sewing machine is beckoning me and I have the ENTIRE day with NOTHING planned. I can do whatever I want!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!


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  1. Nope, your reader(me!) still hasn't gotten her movies entered into the program. Such a slug!! :) This after Christmas lag time might be a good time to get that done. And what about getting that genealogy information entered into its program? Both good ideas, but I drug out the container with the pieces I started cutting for Bonnie's Christmas Lights pattern from a couple years ago. I think I'll work on that today.