Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas Eve!!!!!

It's Christmas Eve and I am still reasonably sane (barely).

What can I say - I KNEW it was going to happen.

Yep - I got all snugly in my chair in the living room and after one hour of stitching binding down - BANG - I'm napping. I couldn't help myself - I was so snugly and the sun was out and it was getting warm under that quilt. The worst part - I had another nap later in the afternoon while still working on the quilt. The good news - I listened to three CDs and have about five feet more to go on the binding. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Getting worried cause I haven't heard from the customer despite e-mails and phone calls. Oh well - at least I met the deadline.

I even ventured to the mall yesterday. I know - what was I thinking?  Well - it really wasn't that bad. Yes there were a few line-ups at a couple of places, but I pretty much found what I was looking for and was out of there in a couple of hours. I still have a few more things to pick up today including some groceries and then I am set.

Now I did get a request from M to make a stocking for her boyfriend. At first she was going to make it and I just ran out of time to help her. Finally she said "would it be easier if you made it?". Yes - it would so I did.

Started out by embroidering his name on the cuff.............

Embroidering name on the cuff. This was a piece of cake since at this point - the cuff is still just a piece of fabric. But after it had stitched out the "E", I noticed that the lettering hadn't lined up properly (must have got caught on something and pulled it) and so I had to rip the E out and redo it. But I am good at this stuff and it was no problem!!!

Then I cut out the pieces and it was a challenge to figure out how to cut the cuff. What size and what should be the position of the name. I wasn't following a pattern - just making it up as I went along. Then instead of quilting the pieces - I just used fusible fleece, except one piece I grabbed wasn't fusible. I grabbed some spray adhesive instead - DRAT - this is WHY YOU NEVER BUY PRODUCTS and never use them. A FULL can of 606 DEAD!!!!!!    There was some gunk on the spray nozzle when I pulled the top off. Then I thought maybe if I soak the cap in hot water. Then I tried the nozzle thing without the cap on - NOTHING!!!!   Now I haven't thrown the can away yet - I have to wait until Marian gives me the go ahead. Remember the last time I did this - I gave her a can of spray starch to throw away and then we had to recover it from the recycling bin. But I think this one is toast - whatever is inside just won't come out!!!!!

The DEAD can of 606

Hmmm - I still wanted to stick the batting to the fabric somehow. So I rechecked the basket of "canned" products and found this can of adhesive spray. Hmmm - it works on fabrics so I used a bit and stuck the two pieces together. Interesting to note that the "specialty" product - (the 606) died, yet this can of adhesive has been around for 10 years (it is from Sheridan College days) and still works. Didn't have to do anything to the can. Interesting..............................     (I just know that I DO NOT buy any of this stuff any more - no gadgets, no sprays, nothing unless I know I will use it on a regular basis).

This can worked!!!!!

So back to sewing......................  After much thought and fiddling, I finally figured out where the cuff part with the name goes. The stocking is also lined with the seams on the inside.

Hmmmm - this is looking very weird

The finished stocking!!!!    Just as I planned it to be!!!!   Could have centered that name a tad more, but  I am happy happy happy with it. 

It is hanging in M's room from the light so she can see it when she wakes up!!!!   Hopefully I earn brownie points for getting it done on time. Yes - that is my new philosophy - get things done!!!   Get them out of the house, or whatever - but they need to be DONE!!!!!!

Speaking of M - Martha Stewart - EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!!!

Caroline was over yesterday and the two of them were busy in the kitchen making something. They had just exchanged Christmas gifts - clothes - which they immediately stripped off the old and put on the new. And THEN they hit the kitchen. I gave M an apron so she wouldn't get her new clothes dirty. Then I made her empty the dish washer.

M emptying the dish washer. She closes the door and I told her she wasn't done. What????   Yes - what about the THIRD drawer with the cutlery!!!!!   While it is a pain to load and unload that third drawer, I think it will keep everything nice and clean. 

Earlier in the day, M had scrounged through my scrapbooking supplies to get some supplies to make a book for Berke. (Berke being the boyfriend). After they had dinner, M was sitting at the table with Caroline. Note she is still wearing her apron!!!!!!   I love when everyone is happy at our house!!!!!   And having FUN!!!!!!

M scrapbooking while Caroline watches the process

While I wasn't allowed to "READ" what was in the book, I was given a quick tour of the book. Looks really nice and he better like it (and the stocking too!!!!)

Oh - I couldn't help myself - I switched all the sewing tables back to where they were originally. I know - change is hard for me!!!!   No there was a practical perspective to it - all the supplies (bobbins, threads, etc.) for the the machine are against the wall and it wasn't practical to have the machine far away from that cabinet. And this way I can survey my room instead of having my back to it. I am MUCH happier!!!!

On that note - I MUST get the list of things to buy finalized and hope to be at the first store at 9 AM when they open. Shouldn't take long and I might just get that binding on before I leave.

Have a great day!!!!!


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