Monday, June 6, 2016

A good day!

I had a blast this weekend.  No commitments which allowed me to have some flexibility in my schedule. Not only did I get to the quilt show on Saturday, but I had a long leisurely coffee with Diane on Sunday and we got caught up on all the latest news. It was great and she had the most amazing present for me EVER!!!  I didn't have time to take a picture of it, but you will not believe it when you see it.  That's for tomorrow.

Then I was back to working on my urgent quilt.  Can't be too urgent since I didn't work that much on it, but I did get almost half of the center part prepped and sewn. That's great considering that it's a lot of improv - well sort of and so it takes a bit of time to put it together.

My cutting station

And here are my scraps!

As I was sewing, I was reminded of a fabric that I saw at Village Square Quilt shop yesterday. Hmm - that fabric would be perfect for the backing.  They didn't answer the phone when I called, but Google said they were open on Sunday. I decided to head out so I could get the fabric.  I drove all the way there in the pouring rain, only to find that they are now closed on Sunday!  No worries!  It was a fun drive despite the rain.

Now here's a question for you - has anyone seen the 2014 Row by Row fabric in any store lately?  Not sure that I need/want any, but I have very little of it and I do want to make another quilt with the kits I got from 2014.

Row by Row fabrics for 2014

Then I picked up Sammy's ashes. That was the sad moment of the day - just when you think you are over the emotions, nope, all those memories and heartache came back. My poor sweet  Little Sammy. I had a little moment in the parking lot.

Then a quick stop at Chapter's to peruse the magazines, then picked up groceries and I was back home.

Despite all those interruptions, I did manage to get a lot done in the quilting department and I have to say, it was nice to not have to rush.

And I could have worked faster perhaps, but I was working on three projects at the same time. I know - silly me.  One was the ender and leader which is just squares and the other was a scrap quilt. Well, both of the extra ones are scrap quilts.  I love scrap quilts and I'm trying to get as much of these two done as I can before my lecture in a couple of weeks.

Bucket on the left for the scrap quilt, bucket on the right - pet mat filler

I forgot to take a picture of the enders and leaders, but I'm making good progress through the big box of 1 1/2" squares.  I may have to start pressing the seams soon so I can move to the next step which is making four patches.

And the really really good news of today?  I managed to clear a lot of space in the office.  Now, some of that was just repositioning things so not as much floor space was taken up, but I did manage to get some stuff sorted and cleared up.  I must remember the 15 minutes every day for this month!

On that note - I'm out of here.  Another crazy busy day and let's get started!

Have a super day!


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