Monday, June 20, 2016

A long long process

Yes, it's going to be a long process to get that studio in tip top shape, but I made a good stab at it yesterday. I was exhausted last night, but didn't want to get to bed too early or I'd blow my sleep routine.

Let's have a look and see what happened.

This is what the studio looked like in the morning.  A tad disorganized it would appear, but this was the result of packing and repacking for classes, lectures and shows over the last couple of months and not really having time to do much tidying.


I decided to start with the ironing board.  There was certainly no room for ironing anything so it seemed the logical place to start. It took me ONE hour to clear that space.

Ironing Board - BEFORE

Ironing Board - AFTER
 I much prefer the after image.  I didn't just move things, I dealt with them and put them away or whatever needed to be done with them.  I had fabric out to make pet mats and so I stuffed one that had already been made and then made two new ones as I still had scraps left over.  So I'm a bit ahead of the game with TWO spare bags to stuff scraps in.   Now I could fill them immediately, but no time for that. I'm just trying to deal with the scraps that I generate from my work.

One pet mat done - two bags to fill

Next up was the cutting mat.  Oh boy, some of this stuff has been here for a while. This is going to take some time.

Cutting mat - BEFORE

I worked pretty diligently on the cutting table, but at one point, I just threw my hands up!

Got worse as the day went on
 And this is how it looks tonight.  I actually put away a LOT of stuff from the cutting table and then it was convenient to put more stuff on the table so that is why it still looks messy. At least a lot got put away and some of this other is ready to process.

The cutting mat still needs work
 My other problem was that there was is no space to sit down and work.  I managed to shove some of this stuff out of the way, but that wasn't good enough.

One set of work tables
 Then I dug out a project to put on the wall.  Oh dear, I thought I had one block to sew and one more to cut.  Appears that I have lost a block?  Or perhaps I never got that one finished.  Anyway, I was hoping to take it to the retreat, but there is a lot of pieces. I'm thinking it is best to work on it here.

Quilt project on the wall
 I'm loving the look of that quilt. I think this is the first time that I see it up and I like it.

Work tables - AFTER
 There are five projects on the table - backings mostly or things to prep for long arm quilting. My goal is to try and get them done this week and KEEP that work table clear. There is more stuff to move off, but it is definitely better.  Hopefully tomorrow night, it will be in tip top shape!  A space to work?  Imagine that!

And in case you are wondering, I did NOT just move things.  I dealt with them. Some of that you'll see tomorrow.

So this is what the studio looked like in the morning.


Mid day
End of day
Hmmm - so it doesn't look like much progress was made, but in fact, a lot got done.  I'm very happy with the progress and I'm working on the 4th Everyday Tote bag of prepped projects for the retreat.  I know - there is no way I'll get them all done, but they will be prepped and I can work on them at home. At least, that is what I tell myself!

I came across two things of note.  This is a note from CherryWood Fabrics and I love it.  Have a read.....
Permission to USE your fabrics
I like that and I think we all have to remember that those beautiful fabrics we love today, well there will be more beautiful ones tomorrow.  You love it, you bought it - USE IT!

When I was at Fall Market, I took this class on making Espadrilles.  They gave us a kit and gave us a Size 7 because they thought we would be able to wear them.  Good grief - who is a size 7 at our age????  Anyway - this is up for grabs - FREE to anyone who wants it.  There are all kinds of needles, thread, fabric - whatever you need to make a pair of Espadrilles.  If you want it - e-mail me.

Espadrille kit up for grabs

I have more show n tell on the studio organization, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  

On that note, I'd better get moving.

Have an awesome day!!!!!


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  1. It appears your day was well spent. In looking at your pictures, especially the shots taken near the long wall by your ironing board I noticed something. It looks just like something I tend to do. There is always a few spots in my sewing room where I set things on the floor, even though I have an entire floor to use. That's almost what it appears you do as well. The before, during, and then after shots taken along that wall showed things gone from the first to the second picture, but other things put in the same spot, and then in the third picture, yet other things were in that spot yet again. LOL

    Since you mentioned it quite a number of times in the last few days of posts, I need to ask as there was no link or any mention as to where it may be found; you mentioned "my Everyday Tote bag" a lot. Is this a pattern you have created or one purchased elsewhere? I did a search on your blog for the "Everyday Tote bag" but in any other posts mentioning it, there was no information about it in any of them either. Help?

    Also, you have my dream ironing board! I would love to have one that wide and have looked at a few options. Buying one like that is very expensive I've found, but I also found a website/blog that created a big board and sells the instructions to make one like that which fits over top of a traditional ironing board so you can have the option to use it when needed. (Right this second I can't recall where that was or where I have the info hiding on my computer). But, to me even more important is to ask you about the base of the ironing board because I am SO tired of buying cheap ones that wobble and have to be replaced too often. Is yours one of those that is purchased as a unit to include the wide/big board and base, or is it two pieces? It appears that base to your ironing board might be a very stable one that I'd love to know where you bought it.

    Thanks for the help. Hopefully you can get the rest of your room finished soon. It looks great already and congratulations on 'dealing' with those piles, instead of moving them from one spot to another. That's the best way to clean up messes.