Friday, June 3, 2016

Change is good!

They say that change is good and sometimes I'm good with change and sometimes, I resist.  

But it's time to make some changes - well do things differently.  A normal Friday morning involves going to the gym near my house.  I work out, have a moment of reflection in the steam room and then on the road by 7:30 AM.  Then depending on the traffic, I could spend almost one hour driving to work. I really, really hate wasting that time. 

LifeTime Athletic - Mississauga

A while back, I mentioned that LifeTime was opening up a new location near my work. This was the best news.  The new facility opened last week and I decided to try it out this morning. 

It took me 30 minutes to get to the gym.  I could NOT have gotten there faster unless I really broke the speed limit.  Let's say, there was ZERO time waiting and the longest part was getting from my house to the highway! Well one third of the time.  That was EASY!!

Image result for lifetime vaughan
LifeTime Vaughn
The facilities are VERY different on the inside.  The locker rooms are the same - more or less.  Some new locking system that uses your membership card which I had to ask someone else how to use.  Just didn't push hard enough!

The equipment is all brand new with HDTV on all the cardio pieces.  WOW.   Beautiful large bright spaces - tons of windows. BRAND new different cycles in the cycle studio. I took a tour of the entire facility (OK - so not the men's locker room), and I'm in love!   Yes - I know I'm spoiled to go to this kind of a gym, but it's worth it to me and I get my money's worth from it.  We all have our priorities in life and this is one of them for me. I wish I was richer so I could partake of the Spa, Cafe and other services. I only go for those that are included for "Free" in my membership. 

So I did my workout, had a good look around, had a reflective moment in the steam room, shower and was in the car by 7:30 AM.  Instead of a potential 50 - 60 commute, I had maybe 10 minutes and that included stopping at Tim's (with a significantly shorter line than usual) and then I was at work.  

Guess what?  I'll be changing my routine.  I can gain about 30 minutes every day by doing this. Is that worth it to me?  You bet.  Will I do it every day?  Not sure. 

What else did I do that was new yesterday?  Went out to dinner before our guild meeting. Don't usually do that. But it was WHAT we had for dinner that was new.  Forget about the salads, forget about the burgers.  Nope - the four of us had BROWNIES!   Isn't that a hoot? 

Brownie to share with one other person
There were four of us and I'm going to blame this all on Ronda.  It was her fault and she had Lynn and Tish under her spell and they all agreed to eat just the brownies. I had no choice. But it was worth it!!!  

The other thing that is new is our garbage pick-up system.  One of things that I'm missing because I'm in the office all day is what goes on in my neighbourhood.  I used to be aware of stuff that happened right away instead of days later. But that's just life.  I still have a LOT more years after I retire to check out the neighbourhood.  

So we moved to the new cart garbage system in January.  I know - here I am finally getting pictures - MONTHS later.  For some reason, the truck came by late - after I got home from work and I grabbed the camera to snap some pictures.  I did feel for the driver as I watched him pick up several bins. One house, he had to get out to wing the extra bags of recycling that had been left beside the bin into the truck.  At the next house, he knocked over the recycling bin and all the bottles, cans, etc. went spilling onto the driveway.  Poor guy - so he had to pick them up by hand and throw them in the truck.  




It's rather a fascinating system. I still feel guilty as heck to put ALL the recycling into one bin.  I was still separating stuff even though it all went into the same truck!

So change is a really, really good thing.  I think we need to embrace change and I think it also helps to keep our brain active.  If you do the same thing everyday, your brain doesn't even need to work!  This way, my brain never knows what's going to happen that day so it better stay on its' toes!

On that note, I'm off to find out how else I can bring more changes into my day!

Have a super duper day!


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