Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sense and sensibility

Let's see, it's Day Five since Row by Row started for 2016.  I've got 16 plates. Three from the US and the rest from Ontario. All of those were purchased by myself except two - one was a gift, and one (against my wishes, but I'm OK with it) was a trade!   I just have to remember to get her something in return. See - my brain is already befuddled with extra details!

Hmmmm - can you tell which one was the trade?

I've even got a printout of the Ontario plates in the hopes? of getting them all.  Oh please - that would require ridiculous hours of driving and I would rather be quilting!

List of Ontario plates

Now the question is how to remain calm and sensible about this whole thing.  Remember - I do have a plan!  I almost caved yesterday and was about to ask a friend to pick up a plate for me. I even started to write a text to her. Then my common sense kicked in and I deleted the text.  I will be able to pick up this particular plate - it just means a bit of a drive. How badly do I want that plate?  It's a keeper so I might take the time and get it. How many days does this thing last?  I can only be good for so long!

I also got asked the other day about why I never post pictures of the homework from my classes - well.......  There is always so much to post or I don't have time to edit the photos. Between the Spring Market in May and now, I've taken close to 1,000 pictures!  OK - I really need to upload them every night and deal with them.  NOTE to self - get this office tidied up so I can do something!   It also works best if I have an editing session and then pictures are ready to go for the week.  I see that might be on the agenda for later today.

Today, I'm visiting one of the exhibits that was on display at Quilt Canada. The installation is called Cascade of Colours by the Beaconsfield Quilters Guild.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the rainbow of colors. It's stunning and I would love to have that in my house somewhere. OK - so I don't have that big of a house. Doesn't matter - it's gorgeous. And I should have taken a picture on set-up day because every time I went back to get a photo, there were people there!
Oh yes - I missed a good opportunity - my pictures are not the greatest!

Cascade of Colours display
The first part of the display

Cascade of Colours

I did take some close ups of particular pieces which are just stunning.  I think it is more beautiful by the fact that the makers were supposed to have the piece read as a certain colour from a distance (10 feet), but up close, the pieces are filled with all kinds of extra colours.

Detail of Cascade of Colours

Another section of Cascade of Colours

One more section of Cascade of Colours

 I didn't get the names of the makers for the individual pieces, but what a great show and the creativity and imagination that went into each - well I think they all had a lot of fun with it.

While I was out browsing the hardware store yesterday for supplies for a project, I HAD to stop by the paint chip section.  What do you think????

Paint chips

Hmm - I belong to FOUR guilds. I'm sure I can talk one of them into doing some kind of a projct with the paint chips.  I just have to come up with an idea as I don't want to copy the other one - well not exactly.

On that note, I have a bit of research to do this morning, look for some fabrics and then finish getting ready for my classes today.

Have an awesome day!!!!



  1. I saw the Cascade of Colour display at Salon 2016 in Montreal in May and had a lengthy conversation with some of the members. Very impressive display and talented members!

    1. Mary - lucky you to chat to the makers of that quilt project. It is absolutely stunning and the colors/techniques are brilliant! So glad we got to see it!